Playing Web Warriors

I’ve played Web Warriors since I very first got into MCP – And I’ve never looked back. At the time of writing this, I’ve played 300+ games with Web Warriors. I’ve been to four events, and done really well at all of them against some great opponents. The events I’ve been too and how I’ve got on are –

Board In Brum, 30th August, 2020 – 30 Player event
I managed to keep a clean sheet going 3 – 0. This was my first ever MCP tournament and I played against Black Order, Cabal and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Board in Brum, 7th November 2020 – 24 Player event
This was another interesting event. We had to play in pods of six due to restrictions at the time. In my pod of six, I think I was the only player to not bring M.O.D.O.K! There were four games in this event, and I played against Guardians, Asgardians, Defenders and Black Order. I managed to go 4 – 0, and win my pod and the overall event! The Guardians matchup was interesting, I managed to pull back from a 12 – 2 lead, which still has to be one of the craziest games I ever played!

Elysium Wargames, 6th June 2021 – 8 Player event

Me and my friend Dan travelled to Elysium Wargames for this small event as we came to the easing of lockdown restrictions. The owner of Elysium is actually a friend of mine, and it was great to see a new store opening despite the current circumstances. I had three great games, playing against Guardians of the Galaxy and two sets of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood games were hard, and I played one of the TTS Accusers in the final. He was running Thanos, Magneto and Scarlet Witch. I pulled through and went 3 – 0, despite Thanos beating Gwen into a Spider pulp!

Board in Brum, 4th July 2021 – 48 Player event

This was the biggest Marvel event I’ve been to so far. Despite some problems with flooding, we managed to all have a great time, and I had some awesome games of Marvel. I played against Brotherhood, A-Force, Defenders and Cabal. The Cabal game was crazy, with characters being dazed from round 1! In the end I went 4 – 0, coming in as the runner up as a friend of mine who also went 4 – 0 edged it out with strength of schedule.

I hope this has given you a rough idea of the number of games I’ve played and the experience I have. I’m by no means an expert on MCP – But I know some stuff about Web Heads and Corvus/Proxima combos!

Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have!

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