The next event!

In a couple of days, myself and two friends will be going to another event at Elysium games. I just thought I would briefly list my Roster and talk about what it does!

Miles Morales, Ghost Spider, Venom, Daredevil, Scarlet Witch, Killmonger, Baron Zemo, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and The Reality Stone.

Team Tactic cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed up!, Lethal protector, Climbing gear, The Whims of Chaos, Spider Tracker and Usurp the Throne.

Secure crisis cards
Daemons downtown! Has our comeuppance come due?
Mutant Madman turns city centre into amusement park
Portals overrun city with spider people

Extract crisis cards
Fear grips world as ‘Worthy’ terrorize citizens
Spider infected invade Manhattan
Struggle for the cube continues

This is the roster that I have now been playing for a while. I got into the game when Venom, Miles and Ghost spider had just been released – So they have been my concrete core ever since. The other charactes have been added overtime with a few tweaks and changes – Before Scarlet Witch my five threat was Angela. My core makes up a healthy ten threat, which means I can easily make the threat value of any Crisis using the rest of my roster.

Outside of my core three, I have
– Two three threat characters
– Two four threat characters
– One five threat character
– And Corvus, who can double as a four or five threat character, but will always be played with the stone.

This means I can do the following, with slightly different options

14 threat – Core plus a four
15 threat – Core plus a five
16 threat – Core plus two threes
17 threat – Core plus a three and a four
18 threat – Core plus both fours, or a five and a three.
19 threat – Core plus either four and either five.
20 threat – Core plus both five threats.

Hopefully I’ll get on pretty well using this roster. It’s still only my second event using Scarlet Witch instead of Angela, but I’ve got plenty of reps in with her now and I’m pretty sure she can carry her own.

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have!

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