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Yesterday I went to my second tournament at Elysium Wargames, and despite the long drive up it was a great event. The level of play from all of my opponents was really high, and it was a really enjoyable event overall. This is my first write up of an event, so I took some notes each game and hopefully this is a half decent attempt.

Game one – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate

Game one I was matched against Ben Salmon. We rolled for priority, and I won the roll off. Ben chose Alien ship crashes Downtown, and I went with Daemons Downtown – Downtown was not the place to be! I chose 19 threat and we both built our rosters.

Ben’s Roster

Kingpin (L), Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight, Black Cat, Omega red

Execute, All according to plan, No matter the cost, Doomed prophecy, Blind obsession

My Roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Killmonger

All webbed up, Medpack, Lethal protector, Brace for impact, Climbing gear

The first turn of the game my Corvus double moved to the far left and found the core on his first roll. This put pressure on Ben straight away, but he had deployed the majority of his team on the right side. He moved Omega Red up into the centre of the board, who then took an Impact webbing and Web line from Ghost Spider, pulling him in. By the end of round one, I was scoring the central and my home objective, whilst Ben had his home Portal. Omega had been dazed after Killmonger moved up and attacked him with a Vibranium strike, earning him a kill token.

Omega Red was killed round two, and the rest of the game was my Web Warriors kicking and throwing the Criminal syndicate away, whilst Corvus moved towards my back point to secure the core. His Corvus managed to break through after killing my Venom, and then dazed my Corvus – stealing the core. My Miles did a Web Swing, followed by a Venom Blast, and quickly recovered the core, before moving back to safety. The final score was 16 – 8 to my Web Warriors. Finding the core turn one with Corvus really made it difficult for Ben to keep up with the score because of how low scoring Daemons is.

Game two – Web Warriors vs Web Warriors

Game two was a Web Warrior mirror match! I drew against James Moring. Although we had the same core to our rosters, the rest of our Rosters were quite different. James won priority and chose Riots spark over Extremis 3.0, whilst I put forward Hammers. James picked 18 threat and we both built our rosters. 

James’s roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat and Loki – Mind Stone

All webbed up, Medpack, Lethal protector, Disarm, Field dressing

My Roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight

All webbed up, Medpack, Lethal protector, Brace for impact, Climbing gear

This was a super close game – With people being pulled off of objectives all over the place and Hammers being dropped and stolen. My Miles had some spikey rolls and managed to murder Loki by the end of turn 3, but that didn’t stop Black Cat stealing two of Corvus’s hammers and running away. The game was so give and take and in the last round, my Corvus managing to kill his Venom is what ultimately swung the game.

I also learnt that Venom can be a Lethal protector… To himself. This is a really interesting way to give Venom an extra little bit of movement. I still think I’ll be saving it for protecting his friends! Really great game where we were both in it right until the very end, where I managed to get all the hammers and secure all the points. I’ve listed the score at the end of each round below, with mine on the left.

Round one – 4 – 4
Round two – 8 – 6
Round three – 10 – 12
Round four – 15 – 15
Round five -19 – 19
Round six – 27 – 19

Game three – Web Warriors vs Defenders 

In the third game I drew against Chris Pemberston. This is the second time me and Chris have played at an event, the first time being way back at the first Marvel event at BIB. He had gotten on quite well so far, also going 2 – 0 with his Defenders. We rolled for priority, and I won the roll off. I went blue and once more I chose Daemons Downtown, whilst Chris picked Research Station Attacked!. I went with 19 threat, not wanting to play against Defenders at the lower threat value.

Chris’s Roster

Doctor Strange (L) – Soul stone, Valkyrie, Iron Fist, Vision and Shuri

Field Dressing, Medpack, Pentagrams, Advanced R&D, Bitter rivals.

My Roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Killmonger

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector Brace for Impact, Climbing gear

I’d considered taking Usurp the Throne this game, but knew that Strange could be swingy and hard to kill. Chris played Pentagrams round one, allowing for his entire team to come through the portal onto the centre objective. For the first two rounds, neither of us scored a single point as we matched each other on all objectives, however Killmonger managed to both daze and kill Valkyrie after she was Web lined in.

After that, with a character down, Chris couldn’t stay on the objectives as I pulled, kicked and threw him off of them. I made sure to do everything I could to keep Iron fist well out of the game, knowing that gaining an activated token could really ruin my day. Killmonger went charging around, and claimed an impressive four Kill tokens by the end of the game. With Miles and Corvus escorting the researcher where I needed him, the game ended with a 16 – 0 win to me. 

Game four – Web Warriors vs Spider Foes

The final game of the day was actually the quickest one I played. I matched up against Quinn Duggan, who I know is a very good player – We once tried to play over TTS but our computers mutually died, so this was the rematch to settle the score- with lots of fighting talk pre game. I was surprised to see Quinn running Spider foes – But it made it a cool looking matchup as the Web Warriors faced down their notorious enemies across the table. I won priority, and chose Spider Portals whilst Quinn went with hammers. I picked 18 threat, and we both chose our rosters.

Quinn’s roster

Green Goblin (L), Venom, Mysterio, Kraven, Carnage

Lethal Protector, Advanced R&D, Blind Obsession, Field Dressing, All You’ve Got

My roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector Brace for Impact, Climbing gear

Round one and two had very few attacks in them. Corvus and Proxima double activated, with Corvus grabbing the hammer and portal on the left and Proxima grabbing my home one. Quinn then went with Green Goblin, who threw a Pumpkin bomb at Corvus. Seeing my chance to get an early lead, Miles moved up to grab the hammer on the right.

Quinn then went with Venom, who double moved towards Miles. He used Advanced R&D to take the power from Green Goblin, who gave his Venom the power to Web Snare my Miles. Seeing Miles was in danger, Gwen moved up and shot an impact webbing into Venom. This meant that when Quinns Kraven went to attack Miles, I could lifesaver him to safety.

At the end of round one I took the lead, going 4 – 3, after Quinn claimed his home and the right portal, as well as picking up a hammer with Carnage. As I still had priority, the second round I went with Miles who moved to safety. With the majority of Quinns team on the right flank, he had to double move with a lot of his characters. Gwen claimed my home portal, and at the end of round two we went to 9 – 6

Turn three started with Miles cementing his safety by moving away once again, but staying within three of my Venom in case I needed Lethal Protector. Quinn went with Carnage, who absolutely murdered my Venom with a sadistic glee Strike, and he then Painted the town Red, moving up to attack Miles twice. Luckily, with some good rolls from Miles he managed to survive, Proxima and Corvus double activated, moving to daze Green Goblin and take Quinn’s home portal. Quinn moved his Venom and Mysterio to try and deal with Corvus and Proxima, who shrugged off most of the damage.

This left me with just Gwen, who moved up to Kraven. Kraven had taken a couple of damage in round two, and Gwen used all Webbed up to get her basic Strike up to 7 dice. She dazed Kraven, and got the free move from doing the attack – Which she used to move and take the final portal. This left me scoring all of the portals and holding three hammers, taking the score to 16 – 7 at the end of round three. Quinn had gotten unlucky with the match up, my Web Warriors being able to mostly kite his team and still score the mission. 

After four really good games. this meant that I was the only player to go 4 – 0, with three of my opponents going 3 – 1, and placing 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The level of play across the event was super high, and my second game was one of the craziest games I’ve ever played. The prize for 1st place was a £40 voucher, which I actually used to get a Tattoo instead as one of the owners at Elysium also owns the Tattoo parlour next door. Big thanks to Ellis for running the event, and hopefully this write up hasn’t been too bad! I’m sure we will be visiting Elysium again soon!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! I gained everyone’s permission to post and talk about our games. Thank you all for reading!


  1. that70sbloke says:

    Comments are working!


  2. Bil says:

    What’s your full roster?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Bil! So if you go to my homepage my full roster is in the post titled ‘The next event’. Thanks for reading!


  3. Argentbadger says:

    Nice report, thanks for sharing. It looks like 18 threat is quite a sweet spot for you, allowing that very tight list with Miles, Gwen, Venom, Corvus and Proxima. At 17 would you take the same without the reality stone or swap further?


    1. Hey man! Thanks for reading! So at 17 I tend to change my list quite a bit – I’ll run Miles, Gwen, Venom and then Daredevil/Killmonger with Baron Zemo. I never take Corvus without his stone 🙂


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