Moon Knight!

Moon Knight is an unexpected, yet welcome addition to the Web Warriors. With the updated affiliation lists, we saw the addition of the Midnight Sons (The Punisher still has no affiliation!) as well as where Moon Knight and Blade would fit in. They were both added to the Defenders, and Blade slotted into the Avengers. Surprisingly, Moon Knight also snuck into the Web Warriors!

This means that in total, we now have eight Web Warriors!

– Amazing Spider Man (L, 5)
– Daredevil (4)
– Venom (4)
– Spider Man, Peter Parker (4)
– Spider Man, Miles Morales (3)
– Black Cat (3)
– Ghost Spider (3)
– Moon Knight (3)

Before we take a look at what new builds this allows, I just want to quickly go over Moon Knight himself.

Moon Knight character card by Atomic Mass Games

Moon Knight follows the same trend as many other three threat characters – Having 3/3/3 for his defences. He has a Medium move and is size two, with five health either side, so his base stats are pretty average.

His attacks, however, are quite interesting. His basic attack, Bo Staff, has the chance to stagger the target on a Wild+Crit+Hit roll. Granted, it is only a four dice attack, but the attack also lets him reroll any number of its attack dice.

He also has a second attack for zero cost – A range four, four dice physical attack. On the trigger of a single hit, the attack has rapid fire, and every time he performs this attack, he gains one power. This could be a nice way to build power reliably in the early game, and is an especially annoying attack when you factor in the fact that he has Stealth. This means he can potentially sit in a position where he is in range to use  his Throwing Crescents, but is too far away to be targeted himself. 

Moon Knight, also known as Meme Knight

His final attack, Avatar of Khonshu, throws seven Mystic dice, and after it is resolved Moon Knight is placed within one of the target. What’s interesting here is that the attack automatically pushes the target small if they are size two or less, before damage is dealt. This means that MK could potentially get a decent bit of movement from this attack, pushing his opponent and then placing within one. If positioned correctly, this could even be used to push the target off of an objective, but then place Moon Knight within securing range of it. The downside to this attack is that it does cost four power, and the push only affects characters of size 2 or less. 

The Chosen of Khonshu is a nice reactive superpower that gives MK some extra defence against Mystic attacks, and stops him being advanced, pushed or placed by them. This sadly doesn’t stop him from being thrown by them.

His second superpower is a bit random, as the Moon tells him its bidding – Which is mostly good. At the start of Moon Knights activation, he rolls one dice. On a Crit, he can make one additional action this turn that must be a Move action. On a Hit or a Wild, he adds two attack dice to his next attack roll. If it’s a Shield or a Blank, he gains one power, and if it’s a Skull then nothing happens.

The extra two attack dice could be very useful on his Bo Staff attack, really increasing the odds that he can get the Stagger. It also turns Avatar of Khonshu into a nine dice Mystic attack, which is pretty good in itself. The free move and extra power are always welcome, and ⅞ times you’ll be getting something that is at least useful in some way.

His last two superpowers are Stealth and Wallcrawler. These are both really solid superpowers, Stealth making him quite an annoying ranged character to try and deal with.

Now that we’ve looked at Moon Knights cards, it’s time to dive into the different list building options he opens up.

Stealth and Stagger Warriors
Now for the cheap cost of nine threat, the Web Warriors have a core where ALL of the characters have Stealth. This trio consists of Miles, Black Cat and Moon Knight, and this definitely looks like it might open up some new possibilities when building a roster. Two of these characters also have access to Stagger, which can be a game changing effect if dished out at the right time.

Fully affiliated builds
The Web Warriors can now do a six character, fully affiliated build, using Miles, Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Venom, Daredevil and Moon Knight for some Web Warrior goodness. I’ll have to try this team out at twenty threat, and see how I get on with it. It does take up a lot of space in the roster to run this, but I think it is definitely possible.

They can also now run a five character sixteen threat, with Miles, Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Moon Knight and any of the four threats. At the smaller threat value, the bonus for using All Webbed Up and having five characters benefit could be huge, giving your whole roster an extra two attack dice on any enemies with the Slow condition that round.

Web Warriors/Midnight Sons
The fact that both Black Cat and Moon Knight are Web Warriors and Midnight Sons affiliation means it’s quite easy to get the dual affiliation. The new Midnight Sons affiliation is quite interesting, and there are good Synergies with the Web Heads getting use out of the extra movement shenanigans, as well as Blade having a feast whilst Venom makes everyone Bleed with his Symbiote Tendrils. This is definitely a dual affiliation that I might take a look at, as Blade is another character I really like the look of.

Overall I think Moon Knight being added to the Web Warriors is a good, although strange, choice. The only experience I’ve really had with Moon Knight and the Web heads is the penultimate episode of the Ultimate Spider Man series, where Peter Parker essentially spends the episode telling Moon Knight he’s crazy. But if Khonshu wants him to be a Web Warrior, who are we to argue!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment any thoughts you have and follow the blog if you want to see future posts!


  1. that70sbloke says:

    Punisher isn’t in midnight sons. He still has no affiliation
    Some cool ideas here. Like you’re ww needed help!


    1. I could of sworn he had been put in with the Midnight Sons! Thanks for pointing that out!


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