Getting into MCP

Where to start? 

A lot of people have asked about how best to get into MCP – And the question I’ve heard the most is whether or not they should buy the core box. So in this article I’m going to break down why I think the answer to that question is a definite yes. 

The Core box

So, is it worth getting the Core box? The answer is, Yes! In order to play Marvel Crisis Protocol, you need your measuring tools and range rulers, dice, tokens, scoreboard, six crisis cards, eight tactic cards and ten characters. In the core box, you get all of that, as well as a decent little chunk of terrain.

So, using those values, we have something like this 

Dice £7.20
Measuring tools £14.40
Tactics/Crisis cards £15
Tokens and Rule manual £10
Ten character minis £75

That’s £121.20, which even then in my opinion is quite cheap for what you’re getting. If you buy the Core box straight from Atomic Mass Games, it is only £72.10, and you can find some third party retailers who sell it with a 10-20% discount!

This means your getting nearly double the value for what you pay, and you will get your use out of the contents, as you need most of it just to play. This also sets you up nicely to jump straight into the game, playing as either Cabal or Avengers with Red Skull and Cap as your leaders.

Avengers, Assemble!

What to buy next?

When building a team you only need 51% of your characters to be affiliated in order to gain your leadership bonus. In most games, you’ll have five characters, meaning three of these need to be affiliated. You can get the three characters by buying character packs or using the ones you already get in the core box.

I’ve listed below the two boxes I would buy for each affiliation alongside the core box if I was trying to get into the game. The characters with the bracketed ‘L’ are the leaders for each faction – You need these in your team to use their leadership bonus. All of these combinations of boxes will give you enough to play your chosen faction straight away.

– She Hulk (L), Shuri & Okoye

– Thor (L) and Valkyrie, Hela and Loki

– Captain America (Sam Wilson, L) and Warmachine, Hawkeye and Black Widow

Black Order
– Thanos (L), Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight

Brotherhood of Mutants
– Magneto (L) and Toad, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

– Sin (L) and Viper, M.O.D.O.K

Criminal Syndicate
– Kingpin (L), Omega red

– Doctor Strange (L) and Wong, Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Guardians of the Galaxy
– Star Lord (L), Rocket and Groot

– Black Bolt (L) and Medusa, Crystal and Lockjaw

Midnight Sons
– Blade (L) and Moon Knight, Ghost Rider

Spider foes
– Green Goblin (L), Mysterio and Carnage

Uncanny X-Men
– Cyclops (L) and Storm (L), Cable and Domino

– Black Panther (L) and Killmonger, Shuri and Okoye

Web Warriors
– Miles (L) and Ghost Spider, Venom

– Cable (L) and Domino, Wolverine and Sabertooth

Hopefully this post can help explain the benefits of buying the core box. If you are looking to get into the game, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s got to be one of the most enjoyable miniature games I’ve played in a long time, both in a casual and competitive environment. 

As always, if you enjoyed the article or found it helpful, please leave a thumbs up! If you didn’t, then feel free to leave a thumbs down! If you have any thoughts about getting into MCP, or any questions, just comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can! Thank you all for reading


  1. Thanks for explaining this Arun, great write up. I’m sure this will help lots of people getting their head around things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey man! Thanks a lot! Hopefully this helps to break down and explain it all to beginners, and give them an idea of what they need to get started! Thanks for reading!


  2. WOOKIEE says:

    Definitely very helpful!! Planning on diving into this this weekend by grabbing a core box, even though I want Daredevil so desperately badly!!


    1. Daredevil is such a great character. I’m sure we will be playing soon! Thanks for reading pal


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