Multiverse of Madness

So, what an event! Multiverse of Madness was a great event, at a great venue, with awesome trophies and prize support! Dominos for lunch is always a great shout too! This post is a bit lengthy, going through all of the games from yesterday, so read on if you’d like to know how the Web Warriors fared at my 6th event.

All of the Prize support at the event

Game one – Web Warriors vs Wakanda

We rolled for priority and my opponent – Nav – Won, as although we rolled the same number of successes Nav had got Wilds and I only had hits! Nav chose to take the extract, leaving me with secures. Nav put forward Hammers, and I chose Daemons Downtown – Nav picked to play at nineteen threat. Our rosters were

Nav’s Roster

Black Panther (L), Okoye, Shuri, Scarlet Witch, Angela

All You’ve got, Field Dressing, Wakanda Forever, Disarm, Bitter Rivals

My Roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality stone, Killmonger

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Usurp the Throne

I knew from the start that I had to try and isolate either Scarlet Witch or Angela. Round one, Killmonger went and grabbed the hammer to my right, and in response Angela moved up and grabbed the hammer to my left. Gwen moved in, doing an Impact webbing and gaining one power, and then pulling Angela small towards her. Venom picked up a hammer, made a Strike against Angela and actually did five damage! Surprised, Venom Web Snared Angela in and threw her into a car, dazing her and making her drop her hammer. Corvus was the last to go for me, and he picked up my home hammer and secured my home objective. Nav had secured his home objective and the central one – Leaving the score at 4 – 3 at the end of round one, Corvus, Venom and Killmonger all holding hammers, and Scarlet Witch carrying Navs home hammer.

The beginning of round two was insane. Angela was in a bad place, so she had to go first. And she really went crazy!  She managed to daze Venom and steal a hammer back, using Angelic assassin to then do three damage to Gwen. She then used All You’ve got, finishing off Gwen and Dazing Corvus too, stealing his hammer! She was then KO’d, and dropped the hammer she had now stolen back. Shocked, Miles went next, eager to grab one hammer before Scarlet Witch got a chance to triple up. He grabbed the hammer, before moving back to stealthily stand on my home objective. Nav repositioned the rest of his team, picking up a hammer on Black Panther. Scarlet Witch moved to make an unsuccessful attack against Killmonger. Killmonger retreated back to my home objective, taking in the carnage that had unfolded. We had two hammers each, but Nav still had his home and the centre Daemon, so the scores went to 7 – 7.

The vicious Asgardian Assassin, Angela

At the top of round three, a very unhappy Corvus activated. With ten power, he did a Death blow into Scarlet Witch, and the flurry into her as well. This was enough to drop the Red Witch, and Corvus took her hammer happily. He then did a Glaives edge Deaths blow into a burning Shuri, once again getting the Flurry which he used to attack Okoye, dazing them both. As the tables had turned, Nav tried to bring down Corvus, who was lifesavered into range three of Venom who then popped Lethal Protector. Panther did a couple of damage to Venom, who counter attacked dealing two damage himself. Venom then activated, throwing Panther towards Miles, who did then dazed Panther during his activation, stealing his hammer. This meant I was holding all the hammers and the Daemons, and moved to 14 – 7.

In an attempt to take out some of my characters, Nav activated Scarlet Witch, and played Wakanda forever, but sadly didn’t bring any of my characters down. Venom played All Webbed up, KO’ing Okoye. Panther tried to fight off Miles, who tanked the incoming damage thanks to his re rolls. Miles then went, and managed to KO the King of Wakanda. At the end of this round, the scores moved to 21 – 7, and Nav inputted the results, and when we realised he had put 23 rather than 21, we spoke to the TO who said he would try to change it – But that it didn’t really matter as the event was using Strength of schedule and not VP difference.

Game two – Web Warriors vs Guardians

For game two I drew up against Dave Grant. By now, Dave must really dislike me, as I’ve played him at three events and managed to emerge victorious each time. Joking aside, me and Dave get on well and had a laugh. He won priority and chose extracts, leaving me with secures. He chose Hammers and I chose Portals overrun with Spider infected – Meaning we had to play 18 threat.

Dave’s roster

Star Lord (L), Thanos – Time and Reality stones, Gamora and Nebula

Medpack, Crew of the Milano, Loveable Misfits

My Roster 

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Brace for Impact

The game was pretty close early on, at the end of round one the scores being 4 – 4 – Myself holding Hammers with Corvus and Proxima, and my home and the left portal, whilst Dave had hammers on Star Lord and Thanos, also holding his own portal and the one to my right.

Round two saw us both trying to be quite cagey, but Corvus and Proxima managed to Daze Nebula and Gamora, whilst Star Lord dazed Gwen. The scores once again moved up evenly, to 8 – 8.

How Thanos must of looked, moments before dazing half of my team!

Round three is where the real scrum began. Gamora leaped in and then attacked Venom, who fluffed his counter attack dealing one damage. With her second attack, Gamora managed to Daze Vemom. Gamora then played Follow Me, and Thanos followed in, holding his own hammer, and dazed my Proxima and Corvus, taking both of their hammers along the way. At this point I thought it was going to be an uphill battle, but Miles swung in, kicked Gamora dealing four damage and KO’ing her, and then Venom blasting Thanos. Thanos dropped all the Hammers, and Miles picked up the one he could, whilst Star Lord and Ghost Spider fought it out on the far right of the board, away from the central scrum. The scores bumped up to 11 – 11, two of the hammers on the floor with no one able to pick them up.

Round four and Proxima and Corvus double activated – Both picking up a hammer, and dazing The mad titan. The rest of my team moved around stealing the Portals and cementing the win. At the end of that round, Dave still had his one hammer, but I was holding the other three and had stolen all the portals. The score bumped up to 18 – 12, and Dave vowed to one day beat me!

Game three – Web Warriors vs Black Order

This time I was playing against a beautifully painted Black Order roster. George, my opponent, deservedly won Best Painted at the end of the event. We rolled off for priority and I won this time, taking Secures. Not wanting a fight in the middle of the board, I went with Portals overrun once again, and George chose Alien Ship crashes downtown. I chose 18 threat, and we both built our rosters

George’s Roster

Thanos (L) – Mind stone, Corvus Glaive – Reality stone, Proxima Midnight and Baron Zemo

Mother ship, Grievous Wounds, Execute, Bitter rivals, Medpack 

My Roster 

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Brace for Impact

There was very little combat during this game. Early on my Corvus found the core, and the rest of the game I tried to starve George of power and keep him out of position. His Corvus was pushed and thrown all over the board, and I think he only managed to make two attacks the entire game. Thanos beat up Ghost Spider, but the rest of the game was mainly movement shenanigans and the Web Warriors doing their Shenanigans, Venom not attacking most turns, just using the power he had from being attacked to push and throw Corvus Glaive and Proxima in opposite directions.

The four faces of the Black Order

Early on George’s Proxima gained Poison from my own, meaning she couldn’t even pay to Mothership her husband over. The game ended 17 – 7 to the Web Warriors, George’s Corvus sitting in one of the table corners, where Venom had put him on time out.

Game four – Web Warriors Vs Black Order, again!

The final game was also against Black Order. I played against Tim Marsden. We rolled for priority, and I luckily won again, so I took my Secures once more. Not wanting to play Daemons Downtown, I chose Mutant Madman turns city into Amusement park, whilst Tim took Alien Ship crashes downtown – Sad that I had discarded Research station from his hand.

Tim’s roster

Thanos (L) – Time and Mind stones, Corvus Glaive – Reality Stone, Proxima Midnight

All you’ve got, Medpack, Mothership, No Matter the Cost, Climbing Gear

My Roster 

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Brace for Impact

Tim went one threat down, and I took the team that had been doing well for me all day. At the start of our game I was feeling lightheaded, and had to take a moment to get something sugary to eat. Tim was super understanding and an absolute gent, and even helped make sure I was putting out the right power and damage on my characters early on. I made a huge mistake round one, picking up the Core with my Corvus and leaving him out of range of my Proxima, meaning I couldn’t steal back priority. However, I had left him in range to be pulled, thrown and placed towards Tim’s deployment by Thanos. His Corvus, now in range of mine, Dazed my Corvus and took the core. This left the score at 3 – 2 to Tim at the end of round one, as I had both the traps in my half and Tim had one of his.

My Corvus was in a really bad position, and I expected him to die straight away as Tim double-activated with his Corvus and Proxima. Miraculously, My Corvus only took three damage! We were both super shocked, and the Dice gods must have been smiling on me, as I really expected to pay heavily for my mistake.

Uno, Reverse!

My Corvus activated, and in an Uno reverse card moment, butchered Tim’s Corvus, stealing the core back and moving as far from Thanos as I could. I stole the third trap, and the score went up to 9 – 4 to me.

In round three my Corvus finally got what he had coming. He was KO’d, giving Tim a VP, and once more Tims Corvus stole the core, and Proxima then double activated and dazed my Venom. Miles, the absolute legend, decided he had had enough. He did a Web Swing into the fray, kicking and dazing Thanos. With the power he got, he played All Webbed up – And did a Venom blast into Corvus – Intent on stealing back the core. What happened next neither of us expected. Miles rolled four hits and four Crits on the first nine dice, followed by three more successes from the Crits – Absolutely vaporising Corvus. This was overkill, and the Gwen moved to take the final mutant trap, Proxima picking up the core and moving away from Thanos. This left the scores at 15 – 5.

Miles woke up that morning, and chose Violence!

Tim had priority, and tried to chase down Proxima. Using Martial prowess and a Web Warrior re roll, she managed to survive, quickly being Med packed after. I still had Lethal Protector and the entirety of my team to go with, holding all objectives, so Tim decided to call it there – The score being 21 – 5 at the end of that round.

Tim was a true gent, and we must have spent half an hour talking through the crazy swings of the game, each other’s rosters and our gaming experiences. I genuinely had such a great game with Tim, that he easily had my Most Sporting vote – And he managed to win Most Sporting and place Third! Me and Quinn were both 4 – 0, but strength of schedule pushed me up above him, two of my opponents had gone 3 – 1 and the other two went 2 – 2. Quinn came second, biting at my heels, vowing to one day take me down.

All of the winners from the event

There were some other great awards – ‘I can do this all day’ which was given to the player who lost the most models across the weekend, and ‘Dance off, bro!’ which was given to the player who dazed the most enemy leaders with their own. Overall it was a great event, but the funniest part was at the very end. The guys at Boards and Swords raffled off five sets of store credit (Totalling £110!) and the final draw drew a player who had already left. I jokingly shouted that I’d have it on his behalf, and everyone who was still there voted for a redraw. They did the redraw with the random number generator – And it came up with number one – Me! I was well chuffed, and picked up some Malifaux bits and bobs. 

1st place trophy, which the Web Warriors proudly bought home!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! I gained everyone’s permission to post and talk about our games, as well as use the photos Boards and Swords provided me with. Thank you all for reading!

If you’re looking to expand your roster or jump in to Marvel Crisis Protocol, Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need. Thanks once again for reading!


  1. Edward says:

    Wow! Well done, both for the result and the excellent storytelling; it felt like I was watching at times. Hoping to get into MCP myself soon, and this just whets my appetite even more!


    1. Thankyou very much Ed! Hopefully we can get some games in soon!


  2. RoockieBoy says:

    Congrats on the win! Well done! It’s been quite some time since I went to a tournament, and I really miss those days when I could attend to big x-wing tournaments. I hope MCP keeps growing like it is doing and we can have some of that in the early future.
    Congrats for the cool blog!
    P.S. In your 2nd game it looks like you tried counter attacking with venom after being dazed by Gamora… that’s incorrect, isn’t it?


    1. Hey man! I get why what I put originally could be a little confusing so I’ve gone back and clarified what actually happened! I also hope Marvel keeps on growing, and we keep getting more and more events!


      1. RoockieBoy says:

        Makes more sense now XD
        Looking forward to reading more batreps.


      2. Haha your welcome pal! And I should have some more up after this weekend!


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