Madness in the Multiverse Pt.2

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Yesterday was Madness in the Multiverse at Board in Brum, and it was yet another great event! With 22 players, it was great to see that all the terrain had been given a size and set up properly following the guidelines in the core book! I did a brief summary post straight after the event that you can find here! This is a full write up of the games, and how they all went! There were four games across the day, against four different affiliations, which is a big change to the last event where Thanos just seemed to be everywhere!

Game one – Web Warriors vs X-Force

We rolled for priority and I won, and I chose my Secures as our Extracts were very similar! My opponent, Lewis, chose Hammers and I went with Spider Portals – This meant we were going to be playing 18 threat no matter what, and both missions used the D deployment!

Lewis’s Roster

Cable (L), Domino, Deadpool, Sabretooth and Lizard

Medpack, Bitter rivals, Pretty sneaky sis, Cat and Mouse, X-Ceptional healing

My Roster

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality stone, Proxima Midnight

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Usurp the Throne

It was good to see someone using X-Force at an event, as I don’t think I’ve played against them before. Turn one was surprisingly bloody. Corvus and Proxima took my home hammer, and the one to my left. Sabretooth in response ran up to take the one to my right – And the spider trap was set.

Gwen used her long move to end within 4 of of Sabretooth, before shooting an Impact webbing (Doing a surprising two damage!) and pulling him in with the power she gained. This left Victor within three of Venom, who then did a double Strike into him. The first attack dealt two damage, and Lewis used X-Ceptional healing to stop Sabretooth from being dazed by the second attack and only take one damage. Venom, who was now up to four power, threw Sabretooth into a building which dazed him, and happily picked up his hammer.

After playing Cat and Mouse round one, Cable was able to pick up a Hammer before unloading a double Plasma Rifle into the unsuspecting Gwen. Despite having cover, Gwen quickly folded under the onslaught of fire. The scores at the end of round three were 5 – 3 to the Web Heads.

The rest of the game was such a blood bath I didn’t get chance to take many notes, the X-Force damage re roll really helping to negate my Web Warrior re roll. At the end of round two, both Gwen and Sabretooth were dead, and Deadpool and Domino had both been dazed! The score at this point moved up to 8 – 8.

Round three was another bloody round. With myself still having priority, Corvus and Proxima activated, killing Domino who was all out of luck. Deadpool told the kids to look away, as he made spider steaks out of Miles, dicing him up with Maximum effort. The scores bumped up once more, this time 13 – 11 to myself.

The final round of the game was once more a massacre. Corvus dazed Cable and Proxima dazed Lizard, meaning I had all of the Hammers and three of the portals after rolling some interacts. Deadpool, aware of the carnage unfolding, once more turned Miles into a spider fillet, killing him with another Maximum effort. At this point there was only Venom left to go, who pulled Wade in with a web snare and told him We Are Venom. At the end of round four, the score jumped to 20 – 12 – Lewis just controlling the one portal that Venom couldn’t reach.

Game two – Web Warriors vs Brotherhood

For game two I drew against Dan Baxendale, with his awesomely painted roster that won best painted. We rolled off for priority, and the Web Warriors won again. I went with Secures, and we played Demons Downtown with Dans Hammers. It seems these celestial Hammers were just showing up all over the place!

Dan’s roster

Mystique (L), Magneto (L) and Thanos with Time and Reality stones.

Medpack, Magnetic refraction, Deception, Asteroid M,

My Roster 

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Proxima Midnight

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Brace for Impact

Sadly from this point on I didn’t take many notes, as the game was super close and I had to pop away a couple of times to help with some rules queries on other tables. I knew early on I had to get rid of deception, so I took the big risk of putting Proxima into the middle of the table holding a Hammer. Like clockwork, Mystique moved up and pulled her into range three of Magneto. I didn’t expect to lose Proxima, but she went down nonetheless to the hail of metal and debris. Magneto picked up her hammer, and Thanos had already been on a journey to collect two. In return Mystique was pulled in and Dazed by a vengeful Venom. Miles had the fourth hammer, and Dan had used Mystique’s leadership to hold his home Demon. At the end of the first round, the scores bumped up to 4 – 4.

Once more, Thanos inevitably had two hammers!

Round two was pretty crazy. Thanos went first, and beat Corvus into a pulp. Venom attacked Mystique – Leaving her with one wound left! She in return rapid fired Venom down, him unable to use So Many Snacks. Miles moved in from the side and finished Mystique. Gwen and Proxima both managed to escape the violence, whilst Magneto repositioned himself. I didn’t record the score at the end of this round, but I’m pretty sure we were close with Dan taking the lead of 6 – 9.

Round three saw Thanos go first, playing Bitter rivals. He dazed Gwen, before setting sights on Venom. He left Venom with one wound, the Symbiote struggling to stay in there. To Dan’s confused, Venom then activated, but rather than attacking he used a Web Snare to pull Thanos within 2 of miles, before moving twice to be behind Magneto. He used a Web Snare to pull Mags Medium, and then threw him Medium with his Klyntarr rage – Removing him from the game for a turn. Miles had saved the power up for a Venom Blast, which did an incredible six damage to Thanos, which left him dazed! He had already taken some damage despite Medpacking earlier on and the Mad titan fell. Miles took both of the Mad Titans hammers, using his final power to Web swing and then move as far from Thanos as possible. The scores at this point went to 11 – 11, Magneto still holding onto his hammer, which he had used to KO Venom and get an extra VP before Thanos was dazed.

Round four and an angry purple Thanos pursued Miles. He had to move twice, only getting one attack off, which the Web Head managed to survive. Miles and Gwen tag teamed the Mad Titan, moving him out of positon, and despite almost having Proxima finished by Magneto, the scores at the end of that round went up to 15 – 12, Dan just having his one Hammer still.

Round five, with Miles far off and safe, Thanos set his sights on Gwen and managed to take her out, as well as doing some damage to Corvus. Proxima and Corvus double activated, with Proxima fluffing her rolls against Magneto but Corvus finally finishing the Titan. Magneto moved in and ripped Proxima limb from limb, and the final score was 19 – 14. This was a really great game and too close up to the end!

Game three – Web Warriors vs Black Order

This time I was playing against none other than Old Man Jenks. Despite not even being thirty, we will forever called him Old Man Jenks. Jenks won priority, and we ended up playing Gamma Shelters with yet again more Hammers! Gammers it is! Jenks chose 15 threat

Jenks’s Roster

Thanos (L) – Mind stone, Corvus Glaive – Reality stone, Proxima Midnight

Medpack, Bitter rivals, Execute,

My Roster 

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Brace for Impact

Similar to my third game at the last event, there was very little combat during this game. I kited Jenks’s team, pulling his models off of the secures. Round one I had three hammers (Miles, Corvus and Venom), and my home point, whilst Jenks had his home, the central shelter and one hammer – Putting us both on 4 – 4.

Round two saw more shenanigans from the Web Heads. The Black Order couldn’t stay on any of the objectives it needed to, and despite Corvus and Proxima managing to catch and daze my Gwen, the scores moved to 6 – 10 in my favour. Jenk’s still had just his one Hammer on Thanos, whilst I had three and moved on to the centre and my home point – Jenks’s Corvus too out of position to score anything and Proxima holding his home shelter.

Round three and Corvus and Proxima went once more – Leaving Gwen with two wounds left and dazing Venom with a crazy Death’s decree, Glaive’s edged Deaths blow! Corvus took Venoms hammer, his glaive dripping with Symbiote blood. Miles saw his opportunity, and using All Webbed Up and his hammer, attacked Thanos. In a complete shock to both myself and Jenks, the Titan fell, and Miles took his hammer and Web Swung onto Jenks’s home Gamma Shelter. Gwen pulled Proxima off of the centre point, but didn’t have the power to displace Corvus after doing a freestyle beatdown and a Strike into Proxima that flopped. At the end of round three, as the dust settled, my Corvus walked on to my home Shelter, and the scores went to 16 – 9, giving the Web Warriors yet another win against Black Order.

Gwen, landing perfectly after doing two attacks into Proxima that did absolutely nothing!

Game four – Web Warriors Vs Samvengers!

The final game was also against Chris from that70sgame. Sadly I took literally no notes from this game – It was super close and intense and I didn’t get chance too! Chris has told me he had plenty of notes and will send them over once he did his write up. Chris one priority, and chose his Extracts, not wanting to risk playing Skrull’s. He chose Struggle for the Cube and I picked Demons Downtown. Chris decided to play 19 threat, and we built our teams.

Chris’s Roster

Captain Sam, War Machine, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Vision

Avengers assemble, Bitter rivals, Medpack, Heroes for Hire, Field dressing

My Roster 

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive – Reality, Killmonger

All Webbed up, Medpack, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Brace for Impact

Chris went wide with six models, and this was my first time playing against Samvengers. Chris used Iron Fist and Avengers assemble to get the middle Cube and then move back to the rest of his team. Seeing an opening, Gwen darted across the table and grabbed the Cube that was on my left near Chris’s deployment. I don’t think Chris expected this, and despite Hawkeye’s best efforts Gwen survived, Venom moving up to be in Lethal Protector range of her. At the end of round one I think the score was 5 – 3 to myself, as I held three cubes and my home and the centre Demon portal.

Round three saw Chris in a desperate attempt to kill Corvus. Despite only rolling one defence dice due to Bitter Rivals and Incinerate, both Killmonger and Corvus survived four beam attacks from an All You’ve got Vision! This surprised myself and frustrated Chris. there was a bunch of other stuff that happened, and the scores went to around 7 – 9 I think, with myself still having the lead.

The last two turns were very intense, and I’m hoping Chris can help clarify exactly what went down – I don’t want to miswrite what happened! Miles ended up with three Cubes, and the score at round three saw me at around 13 VPs, whilst I think Chris had 11. Miles dazed in the power phase, along with Venom who was still holding a Cube. Gwen grabbed three of the Cubes, pulled War Machine out of position and ran for the hills. She was nearly caught by Captain America who airlifted War Machine towards Gwen, but Corvus managed to just hunt down the War Machine before he had chance to get the Ghost Spider. The score at the end of the game was 18 – 12, the Web Heads holding all five Cubes for the big boost in VP’s that they needed.

All of the winners from the event

I managed to get first again, edging it out over Jon on SoS, with another great event and great venue that did MCP proud. Chris who I played in the last game came third, with Dan from game two winning best painted. Tony’s daughter won a well deserved most sporting, and we all gathered for a photo.

I was really happy to see I had finally climbed my way up the Longshanks ratings, now at No.1 with the Web Heads and friends! With a 16 win streak on Longshanks, and a 26 – 0 record including the IRL games before Longshanks, I can feel Quinn and Jed biting at my heels to end my reign. I’m sure someone will soon, but for now I’m gonna enjoy the glory!

Web Warriors 4 lyfe!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! I gained everyone’s permission to post and talk about our games, as well as use the photos Boards in Brum provided me with. Thank you all for reading!

If you’re looking to expand your roster or jump in to Marvel Crisis Protocol, Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need. Thanks once again for reading!

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