Uncanny X-Men – Feature pt.4 – Domino

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Today we have the fourth article from Dom, as we continue to join him with his Uncanny X-Men journey. He is going to be taking a look at the lucky Neena Thurman, more commonly known as Domino!

Domino – Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk? 

Who is Domino, and what can she do?

Domino is a mutant with the ability to subconsciously effect probability in her favour by making improbable (but not impossible) things occur, causing her to appear to have “good luck” and her opponents to have “bad luck” thanks to something Wikipedia calls a “Probability Field”.

Domino character card by Atomic Mass Games

She isn’t the first member of the X-Men that someone might think of, as she’s traditionally more associated with Rob Leifeld’s X-Force, but in Marvel Crisis Protocol, Domino is a paid-up member of the X-Men and you should thank your lucky stars she is! Thanks to her superpowers, her damage output, and her survivability, Domino is one of the favourite members of my X-Men roster and she consistently outperforms her threat value. Let’s get into the card and see why I’m such a big fan.

Domino is one of the X-Men’s three-threat characters, and she has a consistent three across the board for Physical, Energy and Mystic defence. She moves Medium, and has an average five Stamina either side. Domino has three attacks, and each one has a particular usage depending on the situation she finds herself in.

Automatic Pistols is a Range three, Strength five, zero Power cost attack. If you roll a “hit” Domino gets to make another attack using Rapid Fire. Unfortunately, this attack only generates one Power so can’t be relied upon for power-generation. This is Domino’s main damage-dealer. It doesn’t look like much on the face of it, but the amount of shots you can get out when you’re firing four times is impressive. Not to mention how this interacts with Domino’s superpowers… 

Grenade Bounce is a Range four, Strength four, one cost attack. It ignores LOS and Cover. It also deals the special condition Incinerate automatically once the attack is resolved. If you roll a “wild” it also has the Explosive rule, which means that all enemy characters within two of the target suffer one damage. This is your main way of setting up a kill. The guaranteed Incinerate is fantastic as you can drop the token on a dangerous character and force them to roll one less dice against an onslaught of attacks from the rest of your squad.

Lucky Shot is a Range three, Strength six, three cost attack. Stuns the target on a “wild” and the target gains no power for any damage dealt. This is the least useful for me, and I can’t see many situations where I would use this over Automatic Pistols. Unless you absolutely need to starve an enemy of Power, I would generally steer clear of this one and take my chances with the Pistols.

Now, onto Domino’s main attraction – her superpowers. Firstly, we have Probability Manipulation. Essentially, before you resolve Criticals, Domino can spend any amount of power to count each “skull” rolled as a “critical” for attacking, defending or dodging. This ups Domino’s card from “decent” to “very good” in my opinion. Defensively, when combined with Storm’s leadership ability, she is very difficult to bring down at range. Offensively, her Automatic Pistols suddenly start causing a lot more damage, especially when you combine it with her next superpower…

Things Tend to Go My Way is Domino’s innate superpower. When she’s attacking or defending, enemies don’t roll additional dice for any “criticals” rolled. Suddenly, Domino goes from “very good” to “don’t leave home without her” for Uncanny X-Men players. Not allowing “criticals” to generate extra saves or hits against her just sends opponents up the wall as she breaks a fundamental dice rolling mechanic.

Why should I be using Domino?

I’ll try to put this as clearly and succinctly as possible, Domino is great. Out of the three threats for X-Men, she takes the pole-position in my opinion. She’s not invincible and I would advise that you don’t overcommit her to your opponents heavy hitters as, while she has great capabilities with her superpowers, she can get chewed up by the “big bads” easily, especially if she’s low on Power. Try to match her against a three or four threat, and she’ll really start to excel. 

P.S, try to get her a hammer or two on Fear Grips… and watch the colour drain from your opponent’s face when you’re rapid-firing with a six dice shot that can count skulls as crits.

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! I’m sure we will be hearing from Dom again soon!

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