A tournament in the works…

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So a few weekends ago I actually went my first Age of Sigmar tournament with some friends – And the event was hosted by The Honest Wargamer. Somehow I found myself at the top table, but actually lost to Nagash in the finals! It was a great game against a guy called Owen who definitely deserved the win, possibly one of the cleanest and fairest players I’ve played in any game system. I still managed to snag an award, which is always nice!

If you’ve played Age of Sigmar or 40k, you’ve probably heard of the Honest Wargamer. If you haven’t, then here is a quick excerpt from their Website –
“We aim to be the best independent source of tSports coverage in the world. Helping new and experienced players grow and develop their communities, supporting events and covering the growing worldwide tSport movement. We also aim to deliver quality and unbiased gaming tips, meta-analysis and entertainment to the growing community of people around the world who want fair and non sponsored content.”

I hadn’t met Rob before this event – The guy who runs the Honest Wargamer – But I had heard some things from his time working at Games Workshop and how he now runs the Honest Wargamer. After the event I started discussing his venue and the potential it has, and how his idea of an honest channel for both 40k and AoS is similar to what I want to establish for Marvel with WebWarriorProtocols.

It’s very early days, and I’ll be talking to the guys from the Honest Wargamer again about it soon, but we are looking at running a 16 person Marvel tournament there in the future, where we would be able to stream and record the top four tables each round! It still is early days, but we could possibly use this as a way to get all the different content creators in one venue rolling some dice, or get the top Longshanks players to throw down! I’m sure whatever we decide to do, it will be a great event!

Their venue is in Nottingham, and it really is a great facility – The top four tables are all in sound proof pods with their own mic’s and cameras, and there is even a commentary booth! I’ll have more information about this soon, I just thought I’d share this now to let people know it’s something we have in the works and will hopefully be able to do soon!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! I’m sure we will be hearing from Dom again soon!

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  1. Edward Pitt says:

    How very cool! Hmm, after I’ve dipped my toes in properly this may be something I look into… Thanks so much for the run-down, it’s always interesting to hear about these kind of things.


    1. I’ll be bringing you to some events sooner or later Ed, whether you like it or not! 😉


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