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Yesterday we had another Panel to Play, and this time it was looking at Clea! Clea is the last model we have been waiting to see from the Mystics vs Dormammu reveal, and she has plenty of text on her card for us to dive into!

Mystic Vs Dormammu sets by Atomic Mass Games


Clea is more than just a regular human being, her mother a mortal and her father one of the Faltine – Creatures of raw magical energy. Because of this, Clea can control mystical powers in a way that few others can.

Clea character card by Atomic Mass Games

Starting off by looking at Clea’s basic stat line, everything is pretty average except for her defences – She has five stamina either side, moves medium, and is size two. Most three threat characters simply have 3/3/3 for their defences, whereas Clea comes in with 2/3/4. This means she wont like having things thrown at her, but she’ll be able to tank some of the Mystic attacks coming her way.


Clea has two attacks on her character card, the first of which is Demon Claws of Denak. Costing zero power, this is a range three Mystic attack that throws four dice. After the attack is resolved Clea gains one power, regardless of damage dealt. On the trigger of a Wild, the target gains the Bleed special condition once the attack is resolved. As far as basic attacks go, this one seems pretty weak, only throwing out the four dice. It is however Mystic, which is still currently the lowest average defence, although with the new Mystic wave Clea might struggle to do much damage with her Demon claws.

The second attack Clea has access to is Icy Tendrils of Ikthalon. Costing three power, this is a range four mystic attack that throws six dice. Although it has a lot of special rules – They all require different triggers to go off. If you roll one wild, the target gains the Slow special condition. If you get a Wild and a Hit, the target also gets Stun. If you get a Crit, a Wild, a Hit and a Block, then the target also gets the Stagger condition. Most of the time you’ll be getting the Slow and the Stun off, and although I don’t think you can plan around getting the Stagger, it will be nice when it goes off! Slow and Stun are both good special conditions to be handing out and I think the range four Mystic attack will catch some characters out!


Clea has four superpowers on her character card, three of which are Active and one which is Innate. Her first power, Descendant of the Faltine costs zero power but is an Action. Clea gains three power, but then has to roll five dice. For each failure (Skull) rolled, Clea suffers one damage. This Superpower can only be used once per turn. This is a pretty risk reward way of quickly getting Clea some power, and a lot of the time you’ll only be taking one damage as a trade off. There will be times where the dice will be dice – And you’ll find yourself nearly Dazing your own model! If your wondering why this Superpower looks so familiar, it’s because it is a carbon copy of Red Skulls Cosmic Cube Superpower.

Oshtur’s Mighty Hand is Clea’s second Superpower. For three power, she can choose an interactive terrain feature or an enemy character, both of size two or less and within range three, and throw them small. This is a solid Superpower, as throws are always good for dealing chip damage and displacing enemy models. Clea does look like she might have some power generation problems, but Descendant of the Faltine means she can always guarantee that she will have the power to use her Superpowers.

Her last active superpower is Vapors of Dormammu. Again, costing three power, Vapors lets Clea choose herself or another allied character within range three and place them within two of their current position. Notably, a character can only be placed by this superpower once per turn, meaning Clea can use this Superpower to place multiple different characters a turn. It will cost her a lot of power, but let you seriously reposition members of your team. There is also no restriction for targeting allies carrying objectives, so Clea can use this to teleport a Cube carrier or Herb runner to safety.

Finally, Clea has one Innate superpower – Immunity (Incinerate). I’m not too sure why she has this immunity, but I’m guessing down to her Magical heritage and time spent in the Dark Dimension. Regardless, Ghost Rider can only weep with jealousy as Clea ignores the Incinerate condition. This is actually a really powerful Immunity to have, and will make Clea great for scoring a home portal in Demons Downtown.

Clea looks like she is going to be an interesting addition to the Convocation, and although she doesn’t have anything crazy she does have some interesting abilities. I don’t think you’ll be using her to try and dish out huge amounts of damage, but she will be useful for throwing out conditions, repositioning your own team mates and occasionally throwing around some terrain and enemy characters.

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have on Clea, and where you might be planning to try her out!

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