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So as Web Warrior Protocols continues to grow, I’m really happy to see that people are actually reading and enjoying my content. Before launching the site I was worried that people wouldn’t be a fan of it and that it wouldn’t get many views – But I’ve just tried to be honest about my opinions and thoughts and post every day! It’s been great to see that the site got over six thousand views in its first month, with nearly three thousand unique visitors. I’d love to beat that this month!

So as the site grows it’s great to speak to other content creators, and meet new people in the Marvel Crisis Protocol community. I’ve had a few people message me about rosters and what I think of their builds, which has been a really cool way to engage with different people! I’ve even had someone asking if they could do some featured articles for the site, so soon we will have some more feature content to post up! If you haven’t already checked out the feature section, Dom has been smashing out his Uncanny X-Men articles, which you can find here!

I’ve also met Will from House Party Protocols and Lexa from Morlocks over Discord and Facebook. They’re both really sound and friendly, and after speaking to them both, I actually recorded my first ever Podcast episode with Will, and will be featuring on Morlocks later in September to create a roster focused around a certain violent antihero!

You can listen to my first Podcast below, or check the episode out and download it from HPP’s Podbean here! I’m pretty excited to announce that moving forward I’ll be joining House Party Protocols for an episode once a month! Me and Will will be recording our second episode next Tuesday, with a friend of mine Jon talking about his X-Men! It should be available to listen to from the following Thursday, although I appreciate that a Walsall accent isn’t for everyone!

HPP 062 – The Sorcerer Supreme Blasts Bolts at the Web Warriors House Party Protocol – The Marvel Crisis Protocol Podcast

In this Episode, Will is joined by Arun from Web Warrior Protocols!  The gang starts off by discussing the way Arun uses his WW and how he plays a different style from what Will is accustomed to.  The results speak for themselves as Arun has an impressive competitive record.  They also talk about ways to approach things casually as well as building a community.  Finally, the guys discuss the recently revealed Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme!   They discuss the myriad ways this iteration differs from the previous and some ways you might get him going on the Tabletop!  Enjoy! We have a Patreon Connect with us on Facebook @housepartyprotocol Discord – HPP_Greg or HPP_Will Email us – housepartyprotocolpod@gmail.com The Gamer's Guild Blacksitestudio.com – HOUSEPARTY15 War Colours BATerrain – Joshua Russell

It isn’t just Podcasts that I’m hoping to show up on. I met Rich, from RichMidGaming at an event a while back, and if you haven’t already, you should check out his YouTube channel! I’ve been speaking to him recently about some different rankings and a way to rate different affiliations, which I’m sure will pop up on his channel soon! I’ll also be featuring on his channel in a Live panel discussion about Crisis Cards soon, with a couple of other guys including Chris from That70sgame!

I’ll still be doing my best to post daily content, and as I start college next week it might be a case of a few more feature articles to make sure we get a post a day. Nevertheless, you’ll hopefully be hearing more and seeing more of Web Warrior Protocols popping up on different channels and Podcasts! Thankyou to everyone who has supported the site so far, and I might even have to get a Patreon like House Party Protocols have! You can check out his Patreon, where you can get access to the HPP discord here!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have, and any comments on how I did in my first Podcast!

If you’re looking to expand your roster or jump in to Marvel Crisis Protocol, Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need. Thanks once again for reading!


  1. petewookiee says:

    This is absolutely fantastic!! I’m so glad the blog has really taken off – as a new player, this has come at just the right time to help me get my head around the game and its’ intricacies!! Keep it up bro!!


  2. Edward Pitt says:

    I’d just like to concur with petewookiee’s comments; for someone just looking to get into the game this website is a fantastic resource and an enjoyable read. Keep it up!


    1. Thankyou very much Ed!


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