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If you’re looking to jump into Marvel Crisis Protocol, or just need to fill out your roster with some fresh recruits or supervillains, please check out our Sponsor Board in Brum!

Today instead of a normal article I just wanted to run through a couple of interesting things. Firstly, today I started a HE course in Fine art and Design, and although I’ll still be posting daily content, the timing for each article may vary a little. I’ll have a couple more feature articles to help with the days when I’m bogged down in drawing and artsy stuff!

Secondly, I’ve now added a Podcast page to my site! Although Web Warrior Protocols doesn’t have it’s own Podcast yet, doesn’t mean I won’t be showing up on others! I’ll be featuring once every month on House Party Protocols, and I actually filmed my second Pod with Will yesterday! I’ll hopefully be popping up on Tales of Crisis, as well as some other Podcasts as the site grows!

If J.J.Jameson started a MCP podcast, would you listen?

The final point, and the one that might interest you most as a reader, is that Board In Brum now have a sale live on a bunch of their Marvel boxes! If your looking to jump into a new affiliation, five of the boxes containing leaders have been reduced down, as follows!

Black Bolt and Medusa – £32 down to £27.50

The Inhumans added an interesting new leadership to the game with their release. King of the Inhumans essentially lets characters move around power, similar to the tactic card Advanced R&D. They haven’t seen a huge amount of play at events, but I think they are very powerful, my friend Dan doing rounds with them and actually having a 6 – 0 record with them against my Web Heads. Yikes! This box also has one of the craziest tactics cards in the game – Bitter rivals. It lets you pick an enemy, and all other enemy models within three of it lose a dice when attacking and defending, so if you want to boost your eight a lot of people are taking this every game.

Sin and Viper – £32 down to £27.50

Sin and Viper are a great box to buy if your looking to play Cabal straight out of the core box. Sins leadership is very different to Red Skulls, and although Red Mayhem might take some getting used too, it can be really powerful. Focusing around objectives, during the clean up phase there is a chance that the secures will push away enemy models, and that enemies holding extracts will have a taste of Hot Potato and suddenly drop them. Another box with a great Tactics card, Illicit tech is a single use attack that Sin or Crossbones can use. It’s a range five energy attack that dishes out a bunch of Incinerate. Oh, and Sin and Crossbones get to double activate, similar to Corvus and Proxima!

Magneto and Toad – £36 down to £30

At six threat, Magneto is an absolute power house. With access to unlimited throws if he has the power, and the ability to place his own terrain on the board, a world of metal is inevitable. From the Ruins… means that once per turn, you can choose to dish out power equal to the size of terrain features destroyed in a single interaction. So if you throw a dumpster at a car, which are both size two, that’s four power. You can only do it once per turn, but that is still an insane amount of extra power gain. Toad is also a great two threat, and I’ve actually recently added him into my Web Warriors. Brotherhood of Mutants are super popular right now, and definitely a great way to jump into competitive MCP!

Amazing Spider Man and Black Cat – £32 down to £27.50

As a Web Head myself, it’s always great to get more Web Warriors. Amazing Spider Man’s leadership dishes out a bunch of Slow, and can even displace the enemy. You can maximise the bonus of this by taking all the fast move Web Warriors – Amazing Spider Man, Black Cat, Ghost Spider. Black Cat is a hidden gem I couldn’t get to work for a while, but now she has a home in my roster!

Cyclops and Storm
– £32 down to £27.50

Cyclops and Storm are the only box in the game that gives you two leaders for one affiliation. They both have interesting leaderships that do different things, although for me I would always take Storm’s. Cyclops is a great backline character, and with a surprising four physical defence he is harder to put down than you’d think! You also get the Mutant Madman mission in this box, so if you fancy fighting for control over mutant sized bear traps, this is the mission for you! Both Dom and Jon have done a bunch of great feature articles talking about the X-Men, so you can check them out if you want a little more insight!

If you don’t have enough choices here, or just want to bulk out your roster – You can never go wrong with the goodest boy or some Heroes for Hire. Both the Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and the Crystal and Lockjaw boxes have also been reduced from £32 down to £27.50! These can be a great way to flesh out your Inhumans, or add some nice tech pieces into any of the rosters above. The Iron Fist is one of the best attacks in the game once you’ve got the power, as it throws 9 dice and gives the target an activated token. Nevertheless, either of these boxes can really add some punch, some conditions or some good boy teleports to your team!

Board in Brum even offer free postage on orders over £50, and these sales are only here whilst stock lasts, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to get a BIB Bargain and jump into a new affiliation!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you have an article you would like featured, or would like to support the site, please feel free to contact us!

If you’re looking to expand your roster with some new Heroes for Hire, or take the dive into Marvel Crisis Protocol – Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need! Thanks again for reading!


  1. Edward Pitt says:

    Fantastic – best of luck on your course! I’m sure you’ll continue to put out excellent articles, though, so don’t worry about that. I’ll definitely have to have a look at the shop soon, some of those models are really tempting…


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