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Today I’ve got a feature article from a friend of mine, Darren McNally. Instead of a character review or a tactics breakdown, Darren is going to be talking about an event that he attended recently and how he got on across the day.

Tournament rundown

Last weekend was the second monthly tournament at Union County Games in Exeter. Let me just start by saying that these tournaments have some of the best and most well thought out boards I have seen. All of the boards are individually themed from different Marvel Comics, and each board has a printed sheet letting you know the size of each piece of terrain on it, and also tiny stickers showing the different Crisis point setup locations which helps to make the set up really fast.

The roster that I took along with me was Black Order, and here it is for you to all see

Thanos (L), Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Magneto (L), Scarlet Witch, Mystique (L), Toad and the Mind, Time and Reality stones.

Team tactics cards
All you’ve got, Field dressing, Mothership, Execute, Blood to Spare, Asteroid M, Deception and No more Mutants.

Extract Crisis
Alien Ship crashes downtown (20)
Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction? (15)
Skrulls infiltrate world leadership (17)

Secure Crisis
Demons Downtown! Has our comeuppance come due? (19)
Infinity Formula goes missing! (17)
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 (17)

There was a good variety of different Affiliations at the event, with Midnight Sons getting an outing for the first time as they had only been released for 24 hours.

Game one

My first game was against Steve, a local player playing with Asgard. I managed to win priority, and as he had Sword base it swayed me to choose secures. My plan was to try and play Black Order all day and fourteen is not a great threat for them, although it is playable. I ended up choosing Infinity Formula and Steve picked Skrulls – So I knew this would end up being a bit of a brawl. I chose seventeen threat and we both made our rosters, before rolling some dice. This was a really good game with Steve using his team tactics cards to great effect and finding the Kree on the last turn of the first round, meaning it was going to be a difficult game for me. Luckily though I managed to win on turn six, scoring enough points to take me up to the fabled sixteen.

A snapshot from the first game

Game two

Game two was against a guy called Johan who was playing Defender’s . This game went very well for me, and I’m not saying my dice were hot… but they definitely were. Again I won priority, narrowly managing to avoid Sword base yet again. This time when choosing my secures, I had discarded Infinity Formula so I decided to go with Riots spark Extremis instead. The B set up would hopefully keep his team spread out a little more, which would benefit me in picking them off. Jonah chose Struggle for the Cubes, and one again I chose seventeen threat.

This game was decided very early by dice, mainly extremely spikey dice on my part. It was still a great game with an awesome opponent, and the final score was was 16-10 taking me to two wins.

Johans defender roster

Game three

My third game of the day was against Quinn and his Brotherhood team. I’ve actually played against Quinn a few times on TTS, and he is also my team captain for an upcoming event, so this game was all about bragging rights.

For the first time I lost priority and Quinn picked Secures. I chose Wakandan Herbs and he chose Spider portals. With eighteen and seventeen to choose from, Quin wisely picked eighteen threat knowing that I would play my seventeen threat Black Order which I had already played in my previous games.

This was a super close game. We both made a couple of mistakes that swung the game one way, then the other, and at some points you couldn’t really tell who was doing better. In the end it came down to Vision trying to survive, but he just wasn’t able to hold out against the onslaught that was Corvus Glaive and Proxima. The final score was 16-10.

One of the collector themed boards

Game four

The final game of the day was against another Brotherhood player, this time against Chris Williams who is also known as cjwqtr on discord and TTS. We have played before so I knew this was going to be both a challenging and enjoyable match, no matter the outcome.

I won priority, and again I picked Secures and discarded Infinity Formula – So I went with my backup seventeen, Riots spark Extremis 3.0. Chris chiose Mayor Fisk Vows to find Missing Witnesses, and I once again decided that we would be playing seventeen threat. Like the rest of my games, this was another phenomenal match – There was so much carnage and destruction it was glorious. The final score, however, was 16 – 9 too my Black Order, meaning I had successfully gone 4 – 0 with them!

Going 4- 0 meant that I managed to snag first place! This was an awesome day and it was great to finally meet people I have been speaking to and playing with over the internet during this last eighteen months. The final standings are below if you would like to see how everyone else got on! Thanks for reading!

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  1. petewookiee says:

    Love the themes on those boards, especially the one featuring the Firehouse, Hook and Ladder Company 8 building, and of course, the unforgettable Ecto 1!!!


  2. Argentbadger says:

    Nice write-up, thanks for taking the time to share it. What team did you end up picking for round 3? You mention that 18 threat is not very comfortable for you so I’m interested in what ended up being so successful.

    Congratulations on the win!


    1. Hey man, thankyou! I’ll let Daz know that you’d like to know what he took, and hopefully I’ll be able to reply it here for you!


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