Sanctuary games Pt.2!

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Yesterday was my 8th Marvel Crisis Protocol event, and yet again I wasn’t disappointed! We had four great games of Marvel at an awesome venue, and all in all it was just a great day out. Everyone I met was super friendly, and all the staff made our group of players from Board in Brum feel super welcomed.

Today I’m just going to do the full write up of all my games, including the first two games where I broke my core and didn’t have Venom! So, if you want to know how I got on or a little about the people I played, keep on scrolling! This one really is a long write up, and I tried to keep a lot of notes!

The man, the legend, the bringer of Ribena: Quinn

Game one – Web Warriors vs Inhumans 

For the first game I was paired against a guy called Liam. Liam was relatively new new the game, and one of the Sanctuary locals. We rolled for priority and I won, so I chose my secures. I was left with a choice mutant Madman and Spider Portals, so went with the Spider Portals. Liam had picked Spider infected – So quite nicely we played on a slider infected battlefield filled with Spider Portals! I chose eighteen, and we both built our teams. Liam told me that despite being an accountant, his maths brain was off for the weekend, so when building his roster he had gone with a seventeen threat team. Once I saw this I suggested he swapped out Black Widow for Baron Zemo, as that would give him the full eighteen! Liam thanked me and we set up for the set up for the game.

My characters
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive with Reality and Proxima Midnight

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Liam’s Characters 
Black Bolt (L), Medusa, Lockjaw, Crystal and Baron Zemo

Tactics cards 
Sacrifice, Last minute save, Brace for Impact, Elemental Infusion and Bitter rivals

In the first round Liam had some unlucky rolls, he tried to get his home portal but didn’t roll the successes. This out him on the back leg, and Corvus moved to the far left to grab a spider infected on his way and interact with a portal. Crystal went Proxima, finally managing to get Liam’s home point. Proxima moved to the other side of the board, and got the right portal for me too. Liam moved to gather the spider infected on his side, and I took the chance to move up and steal the middle spider with Miles. Gwen grabbed the last spider Infected on my side, and I risked the two dice interact on my home portal with Venom – Getting one success and securing it. At the end of this turn, Liam had his home portal and two Spider infected, whereas I’d Managed to quickly seize control of three Portals and three spider infected – Meaning the score went to 6 – 3.

Turn two started with Proxima dazing Black Bolt, letting me steal another Spider Infected. I managed to hold onto my three Portals, having to retake the one on the left after the spider infected had dragged Corvus away in the power phase. Crystal nearly dazed Venom with her Elemental onslaught, setting him on fire with a Volcanic Surge and then hitting him with a Hydrokinesis. Venom took the momentary pause in the Elemental storm to counterattack, tearing of a chunk  and healing himself. At the end of turn two I held four of the Spider infected and three of the portals, so the scores bumped up to 13 – 5. 

Round three started with almost all of the Spider infected kicking and pulling heroes across the table. Miles did a Web swing to get back into the action and do a six dice kick into Crystal, only managing to get one damage through and no wilds. He tried to kick her again, still getting no damage and no Wilds for the throw. Medusa moved to try and hit Venom who was swiftly Life Savered to safety, leaving Medusa with no targets. Venom activated, attacking Crystal… Dealing one damage. Black Bolt finally let out a whisper, and obliterated Proxima, stealing back a Spider Infected, but he didn’t get the roll to take the portal. Corvus savagely set about Baron Zemo, and in response Crystal finally finished the Symbiote, dazing him in a hail of elements. Miles, Gwen and Corvus all still had Spider infected, and I still held three Portals – So despite having two dazed heroes I scored another six, and the score jumped to 19 – 8. 

This was a great game one and Liam was a great opponent. We talked about his roster briefly afterwards, and Liam decided he would try and get as many reps in with the Inhumans ready for the next event. We shook hands and eagerly awaited the second round draw, and I decided to sample one of the Donuts that Sanctuary sold!

They’d sold out of Ferrero Roche slices, so I tried the Donut of the Day!

Game two – Web Warriors vs Wakandans 

Round two, the draws went up and I had none other other Elements Tony Moore. We rolled for Priority, and Tony won, choosing to go with his secures. The last time myself and Tony played he had Brotherhood, but today he had bought along his Wakandans.

Tony went with Sword base – And I was glad I’d made the changes to my roster when I did. I had chosen to take Hammers, and Tony chose fourteen threat. This was the first time I’d ever played fourteen threat at an event, and the first ever time I’d played without Venom at one.

My Characters 
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Proxima Midnight and Toad

Team Tactics
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Advanced R&D.

Tony’s Characters 
Black Panther (L), Storm, Shuri and Enchantress

Team Tactics 
Medpack, Wakanda Forever, Climbing Gear, Mission Objective and Advanced R&D

Tony suffered in the first two turns, mainly because I had five models to his four, letting me grab the Sword base back once he had activated. Turn one we both had two hammers each so the scores went to 5 – 2 to me. 

In the second turn Tony went first, but after Enchantress had been pushed by the Sword base, she had to move to make an attack into Black Cat before trying to flip a sword base. She succeeded in flipping the base, and did two damage to Black Cat. Tony played Wakanda forever, Storm hitting Toad with lightning bolts and Panther pushing Proxima away. Shuri used her Gauntlets to shoot Black Cat, dealing another damage and pushing her back. A couple activations lacerated, after suffering three damage, Black Cat now had four power – So she double moved over to Storm, used her Master Cat Burglar skills to steal her Hammer and then flipped the far right Sword base. Toad had already been dazed by Storm, but I still had the last activation and kept control of the sword base and three Hammers, taking the score to 11 – 3.

The Wakandan power couple in all their glory

At the start of turn three Tony used his two power on Panther pounce into and Daze Proxima – but he didn’t have the power to take her Hammer as I’d simply starved him by not attacking him. Now in striking range of Miles, Panther made two attacks into him – But did no damage as the Web Head ducked and dodged. This left Panther with no power, and Miles stood next to a hammer, which he picked up before Web Swinging and doing an eight dice Web kick into Panther. Panther went down, slumped next to the unconscious body of Proxima, and at this point the Web Head victory was in sight. Toad used his move and an attack to push Storm off of a Sword base, which he interacted with and stole, before using a hop and Climbing gear to move and take the middle point – Meaning I controlled all three of them. Once more Enchantress had been pushed out of the fight by the Sword base and some Impact webbings, so she moved once but couldn’t get to any of the Sword bases – So she tried a beam attack into Toad and Gwen. They both took a damage, but it was too late, as the I scored another six, leaving the final score as 17 – 4 in favour of the Web Heads. 

Me and Tony talked a little about Sword – And how I was surprised to see him only go four wide. It was time for lunch, and I’d already been munching a Donut and an Ores Milkshake!

Tony described my drink as ‘Diabetes in a cup’!

Game three – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate

Game three I played John Donaldson – We had spoken on Facebook and had some mutual friends but hadn’t ever played before! He gave me his twitter handle which is @Johhnyd6992 if you want to give him a follow, and after a little chat we rolled for priority. I won, and went with Blues as I didn’t want him having free reign of the Secures as he had Criminal Syndicate. He got rid of Daemons downtown which would of been my ideal choice into him, so I instead went with Spider Portals as it had worked for me earlier. John picked Montesi Formula, and I once again went with eighteen threat. 

My characters
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive with Reality and Proxima Midnight

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

John’s Characters 
Kingpin (L), MODOK, Black Cat, Baron Zemo and Viper.

Tactics cards 
Medpack, Aim Lackeys, Bitter Rivals, Cruelty and Climbing Gear.

Turn one went pretty quickly. MODOK took Jon’s home Montesi, and stood in front of his home portal. This meant Gwen could move, Impact webbing him and pull him in. This left MODOK sat stuck in the middle of the board, vulnerable for the next turn. John got his home portal and the two on the side, and I got my home portal and the center and my home book. This meant at the end of turn one it was 4 – 3 to John.

It’s always trouble when Kingpin meets the Web Heads!

Turn two and Corvus and Proxima had both set up to do a hail of attacks into MODOK. Between them they put him down to four health, his cancelling Wilds really saving him. John straight away went with MODOK, and John used Bow to the will of MODOK to pull Venom and Proxima in, lining up for a four character Montesi beam attack. Venom was the final character caught in the attack, and I used his defence reroll to get rid of one of my successes to make sure I had enough to do a So Many Snacks We are Venom. Venom rolled a whopping six damage to MODOK, and unable to use his rerolls MODOK was dazed, losing his second action. Miles had been dazed in the Beam attack, so Venom picked up the book had to pick up the book that MODOK had dropped. Kingpin moved to finish off Proxima who had taken three damage during the beam, and she went down despite her Martial Prowess. At the end of the second Turn I had all three Montesi and one portal, so this time we scored the opposite to the first round, taking us to a tied 7 – 7

At the start of round three I still had priority thanks to Husband and Wife, so I went with the Deadly duo. Corvus finished off MODOK with a Death’s Blow, and then between him and Proxima they dazed Zemo too. This ultimately gave Jon priority but I think it was worth it. I had played All Webbed up with Miles at the start of this activation, but because MODOK and Zemo were KO’d and Dazed, it only affected Kingpin. Kingpin activated and moved to safety before shaking the slow, meaning I didn’t get any extra dice from All Webbed Up but did manage to get Kingpin to withdraw and shake. At the end of the turn I scored five after using Gwen to steal another Portal once Viper abandoned it. I was still holding all three extracts – so the score went to 12 – 9 as John still held two points. 


The last turn of the game started with Zemo, who charged and did a double strike onto Venom. Venom interrupted midway to So Many Snacks We Are Venom. This meant he healed enough to survive before Zemo could cut him down, but Zemo still managed to steal my home portal. Proxima and Corvus were miles apart – But Proxima still went next, dazing Kingpin and trying to take John’s home portal – But she rolled three blanks! Viper used a move and a Grappling Hook to get within striking range of Gwen, who she actually managed to Daze! Viper took her Montesi book, and took another Portal back for John. Miles used a Web swing to secure Proxima’s Portal, and then two moves to grab back the portal that Viper had just stolen. John passed, and Venom just moved away to safety, not wanting Black Cat to steal his book. John’s final character, Black Cat, then went – But didn’t have the power to steal Corvus’s book and Grappling Hook to safety, so she instead moved to take the portal Proxima was on. She only rolled one success, but it was enough as Proxima was Unhealthy! Corvus was the final activation, and with no targets I’m range he just went and reclaimed the Portal John had stolen. At the end of the turn John had two Portals, but I had all the books and two Portals – So the score went to 17 – 11.

Myself and John talked about each others rosters, and John explained he doesn’t get chance for many games. I suggested he start coming down to Board in Brum, and he joined the Elusive Illuminati so we could arrange some games in the future! 

Game four – Web Warriors vs Avengers

As there were only 22 players, there were only three people on 3 – 0. Sadly I got paired down, meaning I couldn’t go for first place due to Strength of Schedule being the tiebreaker. I still thin SoS is the best tiebreaker to use, and it was just a shame that we had an odd number of tables. Nevertheless, this was my going to be my 30th tournament game, so I still had it all to play for!

I lost priority and my opponent Vikash picked Secures. He went with Sword base and I chose Spider infected. Similar to my last game at my last event, my opponent was playing Sam Spam Avengers – So I kind of knew what to expect. Vikash went with fourteen threat, and we built our teams.

My Characters 
Miles (L), Gwen, Black Cat, Proxima Midnight and Toad

Team Tactics
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Advanced R&D.

Vikash’s Characters 
Sam Wilson (L), Iron Fist, Black Panther, Okoye and Rocket Raccoon

Team Tactics
Fiel Dressing, All You’ve Got, Avengers Assemble, Battle Lust and Bitter Rivals

This was only my third ever time playing Sword, but I was pretty confident with how it worked. Turn one I had two Spider Infected but Vikash got two of the three Sword bases, and I just had Toad left to go – So he could either get the last spider Infected on my side or try and steal a sword base. Luckily as Vikash had attacked Proxima and done one damage, I was able to use Advanced R&D to give Toad one more power, so he was able to get the Spider infected, and roll to steal the Sword base, which he got, giving me a big lead of 6 – 2.

Twoooooaaaaaaaaddddddddddd!” – Dan Hughes

At the start of round two the spider infected moved Miles, Toad, Iron Fist and Sam – Proxima being the only model that didn’t. Rocket started off by shooting Gwen, doing two damage before stealing the middle point. Gwen played all Webbed up, using two Impact webbings to push Okoye and Rocket back, before taking the middle point back herself. Okoye moved back in, striking Gwen but doing no damage. She then interacted, stealing the centre point once more for the Avengers. Toad Hopped into action (See what I did there!), moving and then attacking Okoye, getting the Wild for the push but dealing no damage. He spent his one power to take the centre back, and it was once more mine! The rest of the turn played out, and I still had three spider infected and two Sword base, so I scored another 6 going now to 12 – 4.

Turn three started with Black Panther. He used Mantle of the Black Panther and attacked Gwen twice, pushing her out of range and away from the Sword base. He then played All You’ve Got, leaving him with no power. He did a strike into Black Cat and rolled only one success, which Black blocked – Meaning he did no damage as he couldn’t use his rerolls he paid for. He still had to push her away, so he had no targets for his second action and ended up just Dazing himself, without being able to roll for the centre point as he had no power. Miles Web swung into the middle, planning to Daze Rocket and Okoye who were both on one wound – But he also dealt no damage! Rocket moved up, used Field dressing on Black Panther and attacked Gwen, but she blocked his attacks and luckily survived! 

Sam threw his shield at Black Cat, but he used the push which then put her out of range for his second attack. Black Cat used Troublemaker to give Iron Fist a Stagger, which meant when Iron Fist activated he had no choice but to just move onto the middle objective. He managed to take it, and there was very little space left around the centre objective – Rocket, Miles, Iron Fist and Panther all within one. I had Proxima left to go who was on the far right, and as I had the base on the right side and Vikash had the left, there was only one thing to do. Proxima moved and used a spear throw to hit Iron Fist, which let her place within one of him, just in range of the centre point. She rolled for it and got it, meaning I scored the base again and the score went to 18 – 6.

I’ll definitely be back for more… Donuts

This meant I’d managed to go 4-0 which I was more than happy with – And it now meant I’ve had thirty tournament wins with a clean sheet! Elliot, who I’ve been playing a lot lately, also went 4-0, and he won the event! I came in a close second, and you can see the full standings below – Along with what different affiliations there were. It was a really great event with an amazing venue, and I’m sure I’ll be back there for more of their monthly tournaments!

We ported the event onto Longshanks after it was originally run on

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please comment with any thoughts you have on Ms. Marvel and where you might be trying her out! Board in Brum still currently has some sales on, including the Inhumans leader Black Bolt and his wife Medusa, which you can find here!

If you’re looking to expand your roster with some new Heroes for Hire, or take the dive into Marvel Crisis Protocol – Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need! Thanks again for reading!


  1. RoockieBoy says:

    Well done! SWORD is definitely something to be prepared in roster building. I played it twice this weekend and lost both times… First time I chose it, as my opponent had Defenders and he couldn’t get to 5 wide, but his Strange got 6 successes out of 5 dice (no need for agamotto) in his first attack dazing Miles, and 7 out of 7 (stole Miles’ hammer) in his 2nd attack next round KOing the poor guy, so I lost horribly. 2nd game my opponent chose sword and I interacted 5 times with a 50% chance and only got 1 success amd 4 failures, while my opponent interacted 4 times with a 50% chance and got 3 successes and only 1 failure. That’s a really big game changer as you get 3VPs and a push… not really liking sword at the moment… 😂


    1. I really don’t like SWORD personally but for now it’s part of the game, so I’ve had to learn to play around it, the problem is no matter what you do as you’ve seen it comes down to fifty fifty dice rolls


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