The next event! No.6&7

If you’re looking to jump into Marvel Crisis Protocol, or just need to fill out your roster with some fresh recruits or supervillains, please check out our Sponsor Board in Brum!

This weekend we’ve got two events back to back – The first one is Saturday at Boards and Swords in derby, which is a 32 person event. The second event is at Asgard games in Walsall which is a lot smaller, having just 12 spaces – With a few new players coming down to learn the ropes. Both events should be really great, and there are a bunch of us going to both of them from the Illuminati.

Wait…The Illuminati?

So before anyone starts any conspiracies that Web Warrior Protocols is involved with the Illuminati, what I actually mean is basically a group of players that all play at Board in Brum. The group includes Web Warrior Protocols feature writers like Jon and Dom, as well as the players like Elliot and Ben that I go to a lot of events with. Much like in the Marvel comics, as we started off as a small group and I’ve slowly been recruiting new members behind the scenes, I decided to call the group The Illuminati. Who knows, we might even get fancy matching T-Shirts for events! Either way, The Illuminati has some great players, and I can always count on them for advice or to arrange practice games for events! In the future I might even look at starting a Web Warrior Protocols discord server, where I’m sure the members of the Illuminati could act as Moderators! With great power comes great responsibility though, so we will see!

Actual images of the Illuminati arriving at the Boards and Swords event!

As a lot of the Illuminati are going to these two events, I thought I’d share with you a couple of their rosters. Firstly we have Jon, who has previously done a feature article talking about the Uncanny X-Men, which you can find for yourself here. Jon has also joined me in the past on House Party Protocols, so if you want to give that a listen you can find that here or in my Podcast section!

Despite Jon’s love for mutants, he isn’t going to be bringing his X-Men along this weekend. Instead, as Jon can only make it to Asgard and it’s a smaller event, he is going to be brining a much more heavily themed list – Using lots of character specific tactics cards – But instead of X-Men he will be using the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Star-Lord (L), Angela, Gamora, Groot, Nebula, Rocket Racoon, Ronan the Accuser, Drax the Destroyer, Crystal and the Power stone

Team Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, Crew of the Milano, Daughters of Thanos, Loveable Misfits, Elemental Infusion, Deadly Duo and We Are Groot

Crisis Cards, Extract
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan – 17
Fear grips world as “Worthy” terrorize cities – 18
Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? – 19

Crisis Cards, Secure
S.W.O.R.D Establishes Base on Moon’s Blue Area – 14
Portals overrun City with Spider-People – 18
Mutant madman turns city centre into lethal amusement park – 18

Even though the Guardians have quite a bad reputation, I’ve got no doubts that Jon will do really well with them regardless. Jon is one of the best players I know, and even with Guardians I’ve got to keep my eyes peeled in case he sneaks up on me and catches the Web Heads by surprise!

Elliot is coming to both of the events, and he is bringing his Criminal Syndicate. After going 4 – 0 at Sanctuary, Ell’s aiming to do the same again – And I think he definitely can, especially with his new and improved roster!

Kingpin (L), Mysterio, Black Cat, Vision, M.O.D.O.K, Enchantress, Toad, Black Widow, Amazing Spider Man and Taskmaster

Team Tactic cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All according to plan, Marked for Death, Advanced R&D, Climbing Gear, Bitter Rivals and Grand Illusion

Secure crisis cards
Gamma Wave sweeps across Midwest – 15
Mayor Fisk vows to find Missing witnesses – 16
Terrigen clouds sweep over city – 20

Extract crisis cards
Mystic Wakandan Herb: Fact or Fiction – 15
Research Station Attacked – 16
Struggle for the Cube continues – 17

All of the changes Ell has recently made are highlighted in bold, to show what he has changed after the last event. Shadow Organisation has been replaced by the Grand Illusion, as I know Elliot had said he had never really found a matchup where he really wanted Shadow Organisation, but has had some great success doubling the Grand Illusion with Bitter Rivals. Luke Cage has been dropped and replaced with Vision, who I still think is one of the best four threat characters that we have in the game, despite being released early on.

As this means that Elliot no longer has anyone that can play Heroes for Hire, he’s swapped it out for Marked for Death – With how popular Black Cat has been becoming and with newer Characters like Moon Knight, being able to get rid of their stealth for one turn is huge. I’m sure that all of these changes will only make Elliot’s roster stronger as he moves forward and fine tunes it as he gets more games in at events.

I’ll be making sure to include how the other members of the Illuminati got on during the events in my write ups, so if your interested in seeing that just keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days! Hopefully one of them will be willing to write their own write up, which I can share with you all as well!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment any thoughts you have and follow the blog if you want to see future posts! Board in Brum still has some great sales that you can find over on their website here!

If you’re looking to expand your roster or jump in and get involved, then you can check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need. Thanks for reading!

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