Cosmic Avenging Pt.1!

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Today we had yet another really great event, this time at Boards and Sword in Derby! I managed to play four great opponents, including both Ben and Elliot from the Illuminati! I went 4 – 0, still keeping the clean sheet, now upto 34 – 0! Elliot went 3 – 1, as we played in the final and the Web Heads just pulled the Criminal Syndicate about and outscored them! Elliot still managed to snag third place with his high strength of schedule, so it was great that we were both in the top three again! The rest of the Illuminati did really well too – Jenks went 3 – 1, Oz went 3 – 1 and Ben went 2 – 2 after we played round one. 

Tapper surprised us after the last event, bringing in the Illuminati Belt for Board in Brum. The belt has a few rules, but the main one is that if there are more than two of the Illuminati at an event, including the current Champion, whoever places higher takes the belt. As Elliot won last weekend he’s had it all week, but I was more than happy to take it off of his hands after our game!

I’ll have a full write up in a couple of days as we have another event tomorrow, and I’ll talk about how each game went and what I played into. For now, I can tell you what the Illuminati took affiliation wise!

Elliot – Criminal Syndicate 3-1
James – Black Order 3-1
Oz – Criminal Syndicate 3-1
Ben – A-Force 2-2
Myself – Web Warriors – 4-0

We are starting to see a lot more Criminal Syndicate players, and Black Cat seems to be everywhere. It will be interesting to see if they continue to grow in popularity, and how Elliot gets on with them moving forward!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please comment with any thoughts you have on Ms. Marvel and where you might be trying her out! Board in Brum still currently has some sales on, including the Inhumans leader Black Bolt and his wife Medusa, which you can find here!

If you’re looking to expand your roster with some new Heroes for Hire, or take the dive into Marvel Crisis Protocol – Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need! Thanks again for reading!


  1. petewookiee says:

    Good stuff dude, and well done to all!!

    I’ll just sit here quietly painting Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist…..


    1. Street level heroes for the win bro 👏


  2. Although we didn’t play each other it was great to meet you and the crew at BASH. I think our paths will cross a little bit more in the future.


    1. Definitely pal, I’m sure we will play at some point!


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