Asgard Games Pt.1!

If you’re looking to jump into Marvel Crisis Protocol, or just need to fill out your roster with some fresh recruits or supervillains, please check out our Sponsor Board in Brum!

We have the second event of the weekend today, this time at Asgard Games in Walsall! It’s a much smaller event, just twelve spaces, and a few new players, so it’s going to be a good little event! Elliot is here, as well as Jon, Tapper, Luke and a couple other people I know. Maybe Elliot will take back the belt!

The former reigning Campion

Instead of bringing Criminal Syndicate, Elliot had his Avengers today. Tappers bought Midnight Sons, and Jon is bringing the Guardians out for a spin. Hopefully we’ll have some fun and thematic games, and we will see where the Belt lies at the end!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please comment with any thoughts you have on Ms. Marvel and where you might be trying her out! Board in Brum still currently has some sales on, including the Inhumans leader Black Bolt and his wife Medusa, which you can find here!

If you’re looking to expand your roster with some new Heroes for Hire, or take the dive into Marvel Crisis Protocol – Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need! Thanks again for reading!

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