Cosmic Avenging Pt.2!

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This Saturday just gone I returned to Boards and Swords for my second event there. With 31 players it was a really good turn out, and I was excited for yet another great Marvel event. I hadn’t felt too well, so I almost forgot to take notes some games, but between my opponent and myself I was able to flesh it all out! As with all the tournament write ups, this post is quite long, so strap in if you want to know how the Web Heads got on!

Game one – Web Warriors vs A-Force

Game one myself and Ben Harris were matched, which was pretty unlucky considering the night before I’d finished editing and scheduled an article that was a breakdown of his roster and play style! Nevertheless, we rolled for Priority and Ben won. Ben chose his secures, and I could of sworn he told me to use my secures, as when we put forward cards we both revealed a blue! Ben graciously let me shuffle and redraw an extract – So we ended up playing Hammers and Terrigen Clouds, at the big twenty threat!

My characters
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Toad and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Bens characters

She-Hulk (L), Jean Grey, Black Cat, Okoye and Medusa

Ben’s Tactics cards

Stalwart Determination, Patch Up, Special Delivery, Climbing Gear and
Mental Domination

Ben started off by moving Medusa forward to grab his home Hammer, and I then activated Toad. Ben used his pass after Toad had grabbed the left Hammer, and that meant I was able to get both wide Hammers. Miles swiftly moved to grab the one on my right, and I think Ben realised he might have been better moving up to grab it. It was a really difficult position as I had so many options he couldn’t really afford for me to be pulling in whoever he sent to grab the Hammer, which is why he passed in the first place. Ben then used the A-Force version of Drop Off – Special Delivery – To get his She-Hulk onto the far right Terrigen cloud. Miles moved up, despite the big green fighting machine, meaning at the end of the turn I had both Miles and Black Cat securing the right cloud compared to Ben’s She Hulk and Okoye. This meant no one scored the one on the right, and as I had two of mine on the left to his one, I was able to secure that. At the end of the first turn the score went to 5 – 1 in my favour as I grabbed my home Hammer with Corvus.

Amazing terrain from game one, by Matthew Austen

Turn two, Ben’s Black Cat was suffering from her own Bad Luck. She had moved twice turn one, to contest my Terrigen Cloud on the left – And this meant she started the round within one of Toad. She had her two power from both turns, and did a Cat Claws into Toad – But she blanked out, rolling no successes. This was pretty big, as she could have stolen my Hammer and ran away if she had just dealt one damage. My Black Cat on the other hand took the perfect amount of damage when being hit by Okoye, meaning she was able to move and steal Medusa’s hammer. At the end of the round, there had been lots of characters pushed around despite Jean’s best efforts to stop them, and I had Corvus to activate last. To Ben’s surprise, rather than doing Death’s Blow into She-Hulk, Corvus made two moves followed by a Climbing Gear to contest the far right Terrigen Gas cloud. As Ben only had Okoye securing it, neither of us scored the right Cloud. I held the left and all four hammers, and still had the left Gas cloud – So the score jumped to 11 – 1

Round three started with Okoye trying to finish off the half dead Corvus, but Corvus rolled well and she didn’t get any damage through. She also missed the Wild trigger for her spender, which was unfortunate, as it left an angry Corvus looking down on her with a full two actions. I laid into Ben’s Black Cat, and Medusa did a couple of flurries into mine – Both Black Cats were dazed and Ben had a Hammer drop within range one of She-Hulk. Corvus activated and Dazed Okoye, but She-Hulk quickly grabbed the Celestial Hammer at her feet before moving in and Dazing Corvus, using SMASH to buff her strike up to ten dice. She took his Hammer and was in range to score the right Terrigen gas cloud. Venom fluffed a roll into Medusa, and Gwen used her Web Lines to make sure I was still securing the one Terrigen cloud, Miles kicking Jean and dealing a couple of damage. At the end of the turn we both had a Gas Cloud and two Hammers, so the score moved up to 15 – 4.


Turn four She-Hulk went first – And I thought that was it for Corvus. She did two Strikes buffed by Superior Weight Training into Corvus – And as she held Two hammers it was two eleven dice attacks. Ben rolled.. Badly. Corvus rolled well and along with Invulnerability only took three damage from all twenty two dice! It was time for Corvus to extract his revenge – And he now had ten power. He started off with a Glaives Edged Death’s Blow that dealt seven damage… Then a Flurry which dealt four damage… This gave him enough to Glaives Edge Deaths Blow again, this time doing eight damage… and another flurry that dealt two more. Ben didn’t seem at all impressed that he only rolled one block in all of his Defence rolls, and if you hadn’t been counting that was a total of twenty one damage. She-Hulk hadn’t taken any damage previously, and she fell to the sheer obscenity of my exceptional dice and Ben’s bad rolls. There wasn’t much time left for game one, so we quickly played out the rest of the Round. It had been pretty clear that my huge lead early on had decided the game, but Ben managed to pull back some points and we ended up both having two Hammers and a Gas cloud each once more at the end of turn four, so the scores went to 19 – 9. As much as Ben was shocked by the dice, he admitted that a few mistakes early on meant he wouldn’t of been able to close the VP gap anyway. Myself and Ben are really good friends, so we shook hands and prepared for the next game, although I’m sure Ben wanted to SMASH Corvus!

Game two – Web Warriors vs… Web Warriors!

I won priority for round two, and was playing a player called Doxey who also had Web Warriors! I went with my Secures, and picked Spider Portals – Whilst Doxey picked Spider infected! How fitting, considering we both had Webheads! I chose eighteen threat and we built our teams 

My characters
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive with Reality and Proxima Midnight

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Doxey’s characters 
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Amazing Spider Man, Enchantress and Valkyrie

Doxey’s Tactics cards
Medpack. Brace for Impact, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up and Spider Tracker

Turn one I had moved to get three Cubes and three Portals – Thinking I’d get that big lead of 6 – 3. Doxey had other plans though but, and used Advanced r and d to give Enchantress the power to steal one of my Cubes after a double move – So the score was a much closer 5 – 4

Enchantress, with all the Extracts she’s stolen!

At the end of turn two, we had switched scores, with no real damage being dealt, just lots of pulls and throw. This time Doxey had two Portals and three Cubes, and I only had two Portals and two Cubes. The score moved up to to even 9 – 9

Turn three started off with my Miles dazing Enchantress – Taking back another Cube. Doxey was really unlucky, and when trying to take two Portals rolled one short of securing them with a skull in each roll – So I could place his characters at range two. Venom took the opportunity to daze his ASM – Venom denying all his rerolls being really useful. As Doxey had abandoned his Portals to try and take mine, I decided that rather than attack his characters I’d use the rest of my team to steal his Portals. At the end of the turn I had all four Portals and three Cubes, so even though Doxey still had two Cubes, the score jumped to 16 – 11 in my favour.

Game three – Web Warriors vs Wakandans

Game three I won priority against Wakandans played by Timo. I picked my secures as I didn’t want to have to play Gamma Waves into the Wakandans, so we ended up with Spider Portals and Research Station. I chose eighteen threat, hoping my regular team would see me through! 

My characters
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Corvus Glaive with Reality and Proxima Midnight

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Timo’s characters
Black Panther (L), Shuri, Okoye, MODOK and Enchantress 

Timo’s tactics cards
Field Dressing, All You’ve Got, Wakanda Forever, Bitter Rivals and Escort to Safety.

Round one I sent Proxima to the left and Miles to the right – Securing both outer Portals. Timo had played a much more reserved game, sending Shuri and Okoye halfway up to the researcher. Venom moved twice to secure the researcher- And Enchantress moved up to Lure him towards MODOK. My Corvus secured my home portal and then moved onto the researcher, and then MODOK activated. As Venom was out of range three, he couldn’t use So Many Snacks, so MODOK used two Psionic Blasts and Dazed the Symbiote. This gave Timo a lead in terms of Dazing models, but as I held the researcher and three Portals the score bumped to 5 – 1 in my favour.


An angry Venom started round two with an All Webbed Up. He did a tendrils attack into Okoye, dealing three damage, and a Tendrils attack into Shuri dealing four, leaving them both on one wound. He used Climbing Gear to move back away from MODOK, before Web Snaring both Okoye and Shuri and then throwing them into each other to Daze them both. Revenge! The blood bath had only just begun.

Timos Enchantress activated, dealing some damage to Gwen and Corvus. Gwen had seen what happened to Venom – And she had had enough. She unleashed an Impact webbing into Enchantress, paying to reduce Enchantress’ defences. Thanks to All Webbed Up gwen was rolling two extra dice – So with her six dice she rolled four hits and two crits! I added the two crits, getting another hit and a Wild – As Enchantress had only blocked one she was pushed away and Dazed! Assassin Gwen! 

IMPACT webbing! Assassin Gwen strikes again!

MODOK, witnessing the fall of the Wakandans and Enchantress, moved up. He did a single Psyionic blast into Venom – But it was enough to KO him in one hit! I’d never lost Venom this early! 

At the end of the round I still had the researcher and three Portals again, as Timo had been too busy fighting off the Webheads to try and go and capture objectives so the score went to 10 – 2.

Round three Shuri started off the brawl by dazing Miles, a huge sonic crush dealing six damage to him (He only has five to start!). Corvus angrily activated, and KO’d both Okoye and Shuri – This game was just pure violence! Panther struck Gwen, dealing three damage and then stealing a portal, before moving onto the Researcher. Gwen pulled him away from the Researcher and moved to take back the portal that Panther had just stolen. Enchantress activated, moving back to Timo’s home portal, as she was chased by Proxima who finally joined the brawl. MODOK once more activated, Dazing both Gwen and Proxima! With only three models, Timo couldn’t reach any of the portals, and after Panther had been pulled off of the Researcher, Corvus had still scored it. We scored the same once more – And now it was 15 – 3 to the Web Heads 

Panther was left alone, his sister and bodyguard falling to the Web Heads

At the start of turn four, Proxima went on doing a Quantum Starburst into Enchantress, dealing four damage and giving her Stun, Poison and Bleed. Enchantress then activated, shaking Bleed so she didn’t die, and then doing three damage into Proxima with her basic. Timo then played Wakanda Forever, and as Panther was the only remaining Wakandan he made a strike into Miles, dealing no damage but pushing him away. Enchantress then played all you’ve got – And she managed to finish Proxima but was then KO’d herself! Gwen pushed the Panther away, moving so she was in a position to Lifesaver either Miles or Corvus onto the Researcher. Panther moved, trying desperately to secure two portals, but failing with one and securing the other, before pouncing into Corvus. Gwen activated, moving to reclaim the portal I’d lost and then pulling Panther away from the researcher before moving onto it. Surrounded by death and violence, MODOK went mental. He unleashed a Psionic blast into Gwen, KO’ing her instantly. He turned his attention to Miles, and unleashed another Blast which was the end of him. Corvus moved up within striking range of Panther, leaving the King of Wakanda with one wound. Corvus was still within range of the researcher, and I still held three of the four Portals, so the score went to 20 – 4. Although there was a big gap in Victory points, I’d never had such a brutal game, with only three models out of ten left on the board at the end of turn four. 

Game four – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate 

Finally me and Elliot were to face each other! Elliot won priority, going with his Secures. He chose Mayor Fisk and I chose Hammers from my Extracts. Ell decided that we would play at sixteen threat, and after me trying to talk Elliot into playing eighteen threat, we shook hands and built our teams!

My characters
Miles (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat and Proxima Midnight

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Elliot’s characters
Kingpin (L), Toad, Black Cat, Mysterio and Enchantress 

Elliot’s tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, Bitter Rivals, Marked for Death and Climbing Gear

After three games and not feeling well from the start, I didn’t manage to take many notes as I was focused on playing the game. Because we were playing Witnesses, we ended up splitting into smaller teams either side of the board. On the left, I had Proxima Midnight and Ghost Spider against Kingpin and Toad, and on the right I had Black Cat, Miles and Venom facing off against Enchantress, Mysterio and Elliots Black Cat. At the end of round one, Elliot went to 4 – 2, we both had two Hammers and despite drawing the point on the left, Elliot still scored the witness to my right.

At the start of round two there was a brawl on the right side of the table, Miles being dazed by a hammer-wielding Mysterio and Elliot’s Black Cat being taken down by Venom. As Elliot’s Black Cat had Stun from the Witness, she only gained one power from being dazed. On the left side of the board, Kingpin tried to daze Proxima, but failed due to her martial prowess. Proxima activated, and managed to daze Toad, which swung me another hammer. Gwen used Web Line to pull Kingpin off of the Witness, moving to secure that herself. The last activation was my Black Cat moving onto the left side of the board, meaning I now had Gwen, Proxima and Black Cat against Kingpin and an Injured Toad. As I held three hammers and one Witness, whilst Elliot had just the one hammer and his witness, the scores moved to 7 – 7.

Elliot started round three with his Black Cat doing a troublemaker into Venom before moving back to safety – Giving Venom a stagger. On the left side of the board, Proxima, who was now holding two Hammers KO’d Toad, before moving away to safety. Enchantress activated, finishing off Miles but failing to Daze Venom, and she was Dazed by Venom’s So Many Snacks We Are Venom which was buffed to eight dice thanks to the Hammer he still had from the early game. My Black Cat on the left used a troublemaker to stagger Kingpin, so when he activated all he could do was shake it and move back onto the researcher. On the right, Mysterio moved onto the Researcher, holding Elliot’s one hammer. I still had both Gwen and Venom to activate – Gwen moved onto the left Witness, using Impact webbing into Kingpin to gain a power before pulling him out of securing range. Venom shook his stagger, and moved onto the right witness, using a Web Snare to pull Mysterio away from securing. This meant I had three hammers and both witnesses, so the score jumped to 16 – 7.

I desperately need to grow back a beard!

After the game Elliot said the real turning point for him was Toad being dazed and dropping a Hammer, which I have to admit really helped with my game plan. I’d hoped to daze him in round three, but having him go down in round two to Proxima was a more than welcome surprise. Winning against Elliot meant I’d gone 4 – 0, and I managed to secure first place as my Strength of Schedule was so high! It was another great event, and I was worried that after all the hype to me and Elliot finally playing in an event, he was going to end my streak!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please comment with any thoughts you have on Ms. Marvel and where you might be trying her out! Board in Brum still currently has some sales on, including the Inhumans leader Black Bolt and his wife Medusa, which you can find here!

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