Asgard Games pt.2

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Last Sunday a bunch of the Illuminati went to our first Marvel Crisis Protocol event at Asgard Games. This was Asgard’s first time running a Marvel event, and although it only had ten players in the end, Tom and Jane did a great job of running it. Seven of the players were from the Illuminati, whilst the other three were guys I’d met before who had just gotten into the game.

Everyone had a great day, the only complaint being that the rounds were slightly too short. I think each round was an hour and fifteen minutes, which was a little fast for the newer players, and for those of us who were used to having an hour and a half! Unfortunately despite having a great day and some amazing games, I hadn’t felt great since early Saturday and still felt under the weather, so I only really managed to make some notes during my third game with some help from Jenks afterwards. It’s a shame as both of my first games were really close, so I’ve tried to roughly capture what happened. I ended up playing three of the Illuminati who all knew what they were doing – And both Dom and Elliot nearly beat me! 

Game one – Web Warriors vs Uncanny X-Men

The first round went up an I was matched to play Dom, who won priority. He picked Deadly Meteors and I had Skrulls, and so we played at seventeen

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Toad and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Dom’s characters

Storm (L), Jean Grey, Domino, Beast and Lizard

Dom’s Tactics cards

Medpack, Brace for Impact, To Me My X-Men, Mental Domination, and First Class

I haven’t actually had a huge amount of reps with Meteors, although it’s sort of SWORD base lite. Dom found the Skrull turn one with Jean, which meant I had to double down on the Origin Bombs to try and out score him. At the end of the first, second and third round, I held more Origin Bombs whilst Dom held the Skrull. During the fourth round, Miles used a Venom Blast to make Storm drop the Skrull before swinging away with it. Toad then used a move and a Hop to put himself in a position to borrow the Skrull from Miles – Which was a mistake.

Sewer breath is enough to take out Spidey, yet alone Toad!

Dom’s Lizard moved and used a Strike and a throw to Daze Toad, and luckily for me Lizard didn’t have any power to pick up the Skrull. My Gwen quickly ran over and retrieved it, just before Venom was dazed by Storm and Dom took control of two Origin Bombs. The game ended 11-9, as we had to stop due to time. If Dom had managed to get the Skrull, then his score would of bumped up to elven and I would of only had nine, which would of left the Web Heads two behind! It turned out to be a super close game, and I’m going to have to stop teaching people to play before one of them ends my streak! 

Game two – Web Warriors vs Sam Spam Avengers

Game two I played Elliot, who had decided to try out his Avengers as it was a more relaxed event. We had played the day before in the final at Boards and Swords, so Ell was out for revenge. Elliot won priority, and chose to go with his extracts – Ending up with Deadly Legacy. I put forward Spider Portals and Elliot chose to play at nineteen threat.

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Moon Knight, Black Cat, Toad and Corvus Glaive with Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Advanced R&D and Climbing Gear

Elliot’s characters
Sam Wilson (L), Iron Fist, Vision, Hawkeye, Black Cat and Valkyrie

Elliot’s Tactics cards
Avengers assemble, Disarm, Medpack, Bitter Rivals and Heroes for Hire

I’ve never really been a fan of the idea of going six wide, but I wanted to try it again and I assumed Elliot would be six wide anyway. We both picked our teams and deployed. I managed to get the left and the centre Virus, as Elliot was worried I would move up with Gwen and use Advanced R and D to pull in anyone he sent for the middle. We kited around one another, Valkyrie moving up on the left to throw Toad off of the portal before securing it. 

Elliot was sure to check some of the weird interactions between Ricochet and Stealth

Gwen moved twice towards Valkyrie, hoping next turn to pull her away so Toad could retake the point. Captain America moved forward, before doing a huge four damage into Toad with a ricochet after throwing a shield at Gwen. Toad dropped the Virus he had picked up as he was unexpectedly dazed. Luckily for me Sam was Elliot’s last character to activate, so Toad just dropped the Virus on the floor. My Black Cat couldn’t quite make it over to grab the Virus, so it lay discarded within two of Toad.

At the start of round two Elliot had to go with Vision to avoid an angry Corvus, so an injured Toad grabbed the Virus cannister back and ran far, far away – which ultimately helped me win the game. As Miles was my other Virus carrier, I moved him towards Toad at the back of the board so I could out score Ell before he had chance to catch up. 

Elliot started playing much more aggressively as he tried to catch the Web Heads and Toad – dazing both Moon Knight and Gwen. Both Black Cats were very power hungry, eagerly awaiting the chance to steal an opponents Virus. In the end this actually ended up being a super close game that also went to time, and if Elliot hadn’t been super unlucky when rolling for the Spider Portals then the outcome might of been slightly different. The score ended 14 – 9 to everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Web Heads, and Elliot and I shook hands after yet another great game. 

Web Heads vs Avengers was a tough match up for both of us!

Game three – Web Warriors vs Black Order

Jenks and I met on the top table, and he had bought his Black Order and MODOK along to play. We rolled for priority and I won, glad I wouldn’t have to play into Jenks’s twenty threat list. I went with Spider Portals again and Jenks chose Alien Ship crashes Downtown. I picked eighteen threat and we built our teams,

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Jenks’s characters

Thanos with the Mind stone, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone and Lizard.

Jenks tactics cards
Mothership, Execute, Medpack, Brace for Impact and Bitter Rivals.

Turn one Miles moved up to secure the portal on my right, and despite getting it he rolled a skull! He got placed within two and I knew he was in trouble. Thanos activated, using the Mind stone and a Cosmic Portal to pull Miles in, before striking him and throwing him in front of a hungry Lizard. 

Pro tip – Spider-Men should generally avoid angry purple psychopaths!

My Corvus moved and found the core in the middle of the board, and Proxima secured the portal in my half. Then Jenks’s Lizard activated and left Miles on one health, and I realised I would probably be losing my leader very soon. Venom moved twice to be within Lethal Protector range of Miles, but Proxima hit him with a Spear Throw – Doing no damage but giving Poison to Venom, which meant next turn he wouldn’t have the power to use Lethal Protector. Jenks’s Corvus moved and took his home point, before he finished Miles off with a strike. Gwen abandoned any idea of Lifesaving Miles and instead moved to the left to get the me a third portal. The scores went 5 – 1, as Jenks just had his home portal.

Round two started with the Inevitable. Jenks’s Corvus activated, doing a Death’s Blow into Miles, which only dealt one damage but triggered the flurry. The flurry attack dealt three damage, meaning Corvus had enough to Glaives Edge. Miles only had one health left, and the Glaives Edge strike finished him off, getting Jenks a VP. Jenks was too far to use his Husband and Wife, so my Corvus activated – Dazing the enemy Proxima, using an Atom splitter to get the power to then do a devastating Death Blow. 

A Glaives Edge Death Blow is still one of the most devastating attacks in MCP

Jenks’s Thanos moved to try and secure my home Portal, but fell just short. He had already used a Cosmic portal and the Mind stone to move my Venom out of position, which meant Venom wasted the turn moving back into the middle of the table and shaking his Poison. Jenks’s Lizard moved to my left and threw Gwen, but once more Jenks was just short of where he needed to be to take one of my Portals. As we went into turn two the score was 10 – 3 to the Web Heads. 

Turn three started with Thanos who once more moved Venom out into the void, before attacking my Corvus. He did no damage with his first strike, but then did two damage and threw Corvus into a wall with the second. I activated my Corvus, Med packing and trying to avoid the inevitable Mothership and Execute combination from the mirrored couple. I checked and realised Mothership couldn’t be played on Lizard, so rather than retaliating against the Mad Titan, my Corvus moved twice over to the left portal, far enough from both Corvus, Proxima and Thanos that I wasn’t too worried about him. I took one damage for not attacking – But was safe for now.

James Corvus activated and moved twice to be within one of mine, before playing Mothership with Proxima. Proxima then activated, doing a strike into my Corvus which dealt no damage. She then played Execute with a Quantum Starburst, but she only managed to push through three more damage – Leaving my Corvus with two Stamina remaining. 

Success… My Corvus lived!

My Gwen activated, pulling Lizard away from my Corvus, before moving and taking Jenks’s home portal. The last activation for Jenks was Lizard, who only had three power. He moved up to my Corvus and spent three power for his spender – Cold Blooded. Jenks rolled seven dice into my Corvus, and I thought I was about to lose him. Jenks only rolled three successes, and as I blocked one the damage was then reduced to one, leaving my Corvus alive. As Lizard had no power and was relying on dazing my Corvus to make him drop the core, Jenks couldn’t interact with the portal he was now next to. This meant the score rocketed to 16 – 3, as I held all of the Portals and my Corvus just managed to hold onto the Power Core. This was one of the quickest games of Marvel I had ever played!

Losing Miles on turn two was huge and had me worried for a moment, but in response I just skirted the board and danced around the Black Order. James had invested so much into killing Miles and ended up completely out of position to try and take back the portals, meaning the rest of the Web Heads could outscore him before he really had a chance to respond. 

It was a really great event and the only downside was that I hadn’t felt too well. I was happy with another 3 – 0 outing for the Web Heads, and it meant I finally got the Longshanks bade for a twenty five win streak, even though my actual record is now 37 – 0. We will definitely all be returning to Asgard, and hopefully next time we can get a few more players down!

I finally got the big twenty five badge!

As always please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please comment with any thoughts you have on Ms. Marvel and where you might be trying her out! Board in Brum still currently has some sales on, including the Inhumans leader Black Bolt and his wife Medusa, which you can find here!

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