The next event! No.8

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This weekend myself and Elliot are lined up to go to yet another Marvel event – This time at 7th city games in Nottingham. As you can see from the featured image, they’ve got some great prize support in the form of custom trophies and awards, as well as goodie bags for every player and store vouchers for those who podium! 

As always I’ll be running Web Heads, and Elliot will be taking his Criminal Syndicate out for another spin! We’ve had a few games this week, and I know we are both really looking forward to getting four more games in and seeing how we get on! It’s been a couple of Next Event articles since I’ve posted my own roster, so I thought I would post it up along with what Elliot will be running! As always my roster has changed very little, however Elliot is trying out a couple of new things! 

My Roster – Web Heads!

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Killmonger, Toad, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive and the Reality stone

Team Tactic cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up, Lethal protector, Climbing gear, Advanced R&D, Usurp the Throne and Execute

Secure crisis cards
Portals overrun city with Spider people – 18
Mutant Madman turns city centre into amusement park – 18
Demons downtown! Has our comeuppance come due? – 19

Extract crisis cards
Spider infected invade Manhattan – 17
Skrulls Infiltrate world Leadership – 17
Fear grips world as ‘Worthy’ terrorize citizens – 18

There are still so many Web Heads I want to see! Looking at you, Noir!

As I said, Elliot’s bringing his Criminal Syndicate, and he is going to be trying out a couple of new things! I’m sure he will get on well with them, and it’ll be interesting to see if he plays the Hood and his card character specific card – Hoods Gang

Elliot’s roster – Criminal Syndicate

Kingpin (L), Mysterio, Black Cat, the Hood, M.O.D.O.K, Enchantress, Toad, Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man and Taskmaster

Team Tactic cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All according to plan, Shadow Organisation, Advanced R&D, Climbing Gear, Bitter Rivals and Hood’s Gang

Secure crisis cards
Gamma Wave sweeps across Midwest – 15
Mayor Fisk vows to find Missing witnesses – 16
Terrigen clouds sweep over city – 20

Extract crisis cards
Mystic Wakandan Herb: Fact or Fiction – 15
Research Station Attacked – 16
Struggle for the Cube continues – 17

Kingpin and Spider Man have a similar relationship to me and Elliot!

It’s going to be great to go to a new venue, and hopefully we will meet some more players who really love the game, as well as seeing a couple of familiar faces like Tony and Ron! Regardless of how myself and Elliot get on, I’m sure we will have a awesome time! I’ll be sure to let you all know how we got on in a full write up, and I might even try to grab some numbers of the most taken cards and characters! My guess is that Black Cat will be one of the most popular, and we will still see an abundance of Bitter Rivals and All You’ve Got!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you’re interested in video content, then check out Wargaming Luke on YouTube as he shares his weekly Marvel videos!

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