7th City Games pt.1

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So today was my 11th Marvel event, and like all good things my streak had to come to an end! I won my first two games, and going into the third game my tournament record was 39-0. Sadly though I lost my third game against the one and only Tony Moore! I’ve beat him twice in events before, and he told me no one beats him three times – And he was right! It was a great game, super close, and there couldn’t have been a better person to lose against! I’m just glad it wasn’t Quinn or Elliot, as I’d never live that down!

I managed to bounce back and win my final game, once more playing Elliot who went 2 – 2 in the end. I went 3-1, so I still was able to podium, grabbing third place! Ill have a full write up tomorrow about how the event went, and the details from each game! There was only ten players in the end, but it was still a good mix of people and affiliations! Im going to have to re start a streak, although I’m more than happy with 40-1 after eleven events!

Elliot had his game face on going into round four!

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