Feature article no.2 – Pete Kijek

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We have the second feature article by Pete Kijek – In his first article he talked his plans for getting into Marvel Crisis Protocol – To build a team of heroes who are often seen battling out on the streets against gangsters and crime lords! You can find that article here, but rather than talking about his hopes overall, today Pete is going to discuss some of his first takes and impressions after jumping in and trying out the street level Heroes!

Street level Heroes – First takes

Greetings to the Merry Marvel Marching Society, and everyone else reading through the Web Warriors Protocols website! It’s Wookiee here, back with another action packed instalment of my Street Level Heroes series. Firstly, I want to thank you for all for the feedback on the first article – it was great to hear from so many other new players who, like myself, were looking for that certain hook to get them into starting their MCP journey!

As I previously promised, I did indeed get myself some new recruits for my starting roster – Daredevil and Bullseye, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and also Black Bolt and Medusa – although the last two are really are for my partner as she starts collecting Inhumans and the Uncanny X-Men. This means I now have four new additions to my roster, giving me a healthy nine characters to choose from – and I suddenly thought to myself, I can always add in an Infinity Stone to bump me up to 10 for the time being (oh yes, Moon Knight and Blade, you will be mine…. YOU WILL BE MINE!!)

So, my starting character line up is looking like this
Captain America (L), Black Widow, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Bullseye, Baron Zemo, Daredevil and Crossbones

I don’t think it’s a bad starting line-up to look at, and I can always replace the Infinity stone with another character from the core box just to make up the numbers for now. So, now that I have a roster, I need to get some games in! But what do I expect my characters to do? Well starting with Daredevil let’s look at his cards, I’m sure by now you can tell he is my favourite!

So, he’s a four threat character with eleven health split across his healthy and injured sides. He moves Long, which is great for manoeuvrability, especially when you add in that he has the Wall Crawler ability. His defences are three across the board, counting Blanks as successes against Physical and Energy attacks thanks to Radar Sense, which is pretty good for a guy who is basically a blind acrobat. His basic attack is pretty standard, a range two strike that throws five dice, allowing him to build power whilst dishing out Stun to his opponents

His Baton Hook attack is pretty neat given that you don’t have to spend any power to use it – and it ignores Cover and Line of sight. If you roll a Wild, you can use the Push to move enemy models out of position when you need it, or just to pull them closer to the rest of the team

Devils Deliverance looks super sweet on paper, but it has a cost of five power to use, so I can’t imagine it getting used that often! But, in a pinch, if you’re surrounded and have the Power to spend, I can see it helping you to create space to slip away with the aid of your allies, whilst still doing some serious damage!

On his injured side, Daredevil stays the same for the most part – His stamina goes up to six rather than five, and he swaps his Reactive counterattack superpower – Man Without Fear – for Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is a great for its two power cost, as it will basically allow you to get a free Strike or Baton Hook in without using an action – With the downside that if you roll any skulls in the attack roll, you’ll be taking one damage. I can see damaged Daredevil being a lot more effective than healthy Daredevil.

So, is he going to be my tank or star player character? I don’t think so. But I’m hoping he will be an awesome support character, useful for grabbing Secures because of his speed, and using his Baton Hook to pull enemy characters into the path of the slower but harder hitting characters like Crossbones or Luke Cage.

Daredevil also comes with Bullseye, his arch nemesis, in the box, and I kind of like the idea of the two of them forced to fight side by side, so lets have a quick delve into his card

Slightly cheaper at three threat, Bullseye is slower and only has ten health across his entire character card. He might seem like a bit of a dud compared to Daredevil, but lets see what he has that can “hit the bullseye”

Straight away, I see Hit and Run for two Power. I think this could be used to attack someone on a couple of health before moving away or into cover, which could be really handy. He has more movement shenanigans with Parting Shot, which again seems really handy to keep him out of harms way. When attacking, Bullseye is guaranteed to chip at least one point of damage from his target, regardless of successes. This is thanks to his I Never Miss ability which costs one power each time you use it – it would be nice for this to be Innate, but we can’t have it all I guess?

Throwing Knife looks like a cool little builder. It essentially allows you to ignore Cover and put a Bleed on the target if you roll a Wild. It is only four dice, but by picking the right targets you should still be able to push through some damage.

Pin Cushion is a really thematic attack, as if you ever saw the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, then you’ll remember Colin Farrell’s Bullseye straightening out paper clips and then firing them off in quick succession into a guys throat in the bar. This is another Cover-negating, Bleed-dealing attack, but this time, you get to fire twice thanks to Rapid Fire. This attack seems pretty good, albeit at a rather high cost of four power.

It’s worth noting nothing changes for Bullseye once he’s damaged, which is neither good nor bad, perhaps a little bit ugly, but then I guess how many different ways can you represent a character whose only ability is that he never misses his target? 

What would I expect from him at a first glance? A support character again, ready to try and snipe anyone who gets to close to your Heroes holding objectives, or even get lucky and go on the hunt for an enemy character holding an objective you want, using Pin Cushion to nail them to the wall.

So there we go, that’s my first takes on my favourite Street Level Hero in Marvel Crisis Protocol. Please let me know what you think, if my assessment has made you rethink how you’ve been using these two, or if I’ve completely missed the mark! You can join me back here soon as I’ll be talking about my first impressions of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the Heroes for Hire! But for now… Excelsior!

It’s great to see that Pete is enjoying MCP, and it’s interesting to see how a newer player looks at characters! I’m sure we will be hearing from Pete again some time soon, so keep your eyes peeled if your enjoying his Street Level Heroes series!

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