Feature article no.6 – Dom Leon

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We have another instalment of the Uncanny X-Men feature articles today, and this time Dom is talking about none other than Wolverine. With his own standalone films as well as plenty of features across the MCU, Wolverine is one of the most iconic X-Men of all time. We aren’t sure if he will be getting updated along with some other characters next month, so today Dom is going to be talking about his current card.


Who is Wolverine, and what can he do?

Wolverine is one of the most recognisable X-Men heroes, and one of the most popular characters across the Marvel universe. He first arrived in the world of Marvel via issue #181 of The Incredible Hulk in the 70’s. Initially envisioned as an assassin created by Canadian government scientists, he was immediately popular with readers. A visually striking character decked out in bright yellow and blue costume with a spiked black headpiece, and of course, most uniquely, a pair of razor-sharp knives protruding from his fists. Wolverine’s next appearance was as a member of a new X-Men team, and he’s been a key character ever since. His story is a sorrowful one, a man with a past that he can’t remember, experimented upon, brutally mutilated and weaponised.   


As one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, it’s not at all surprising that Wolverine hacked and slashed his way into Marvel Crisis Protocol. Wolverine arrived alongside his arch-nemesis, Sabretooth, back in November of 2020.

Sadly I’ve found that Wolverine is the least useful of all of the Uncanny X-Men – And it’s such a shame that an iconic character can’t quite pull his weight on the tabletop. He’s got extremely specific use cases for me, but he’s generally a bit of a let-down with not many upsides. I do pick him in my roster, but he’s rarely used. I’d like to note that this article exclusively focuses on Wolverine in the Uncanny X-Men, as I have not used him in X-Force or Avengers. 

That’s a shame, why do you think that Wolverine doesn’t work?  

Wolverine, on the face of it, looks good. He brings an above average four threat stat line to the table, with some interesting powers and attacks.

Wolverine character card by Atomic Mass Games

With a slightly below average set of defences at 4/3/2, it’s a similar defensive profile to Cyclops, and is the joint highest affiliated Physical defence in the Uncanny X-Men so far. He has a robust seven stamina on his healthy Side, and five on his unhealthy side, giving him a bulky total of twelve. He’s got Healing Factor two, and he’s also immune to Stun. This seems like a solid statline, and it really is. He can take the hits that others in the roster can’t – You just have to keep him away from Mystic attacks!


Wolverine has two attacks that stay the same either side, and his basic attack is called Adamantium Slash. It’s a range two physical attack that rolls five dice, and on the trigger of a Wild you get Pierce, as well as the target getting Bleed once the attack is resolved. Wolverine gains power equal to the damage dealt – and all in all this this is a perfectly fine basic strike for a 4 threat character.

Next up we have Wolverines spender attack – Berserker Barrage. This attack costs three power, and it’s a range three Physical attack that rolls seven dice, with a possible throw at the end if you deal damage and the target is size three or less. It’s pretty good at blending up an unfortunate character who’s allowed Wolverine too close into their personal space, but the nature of this attack and requiring to deal damage for the throw does leave plenty of room for a complete flub. 


Wolverine has three superpowers on his healthy side, one Active and the rest Innate. Wolverines one Active superpower costs three power, and it let’s him hit the catchphrase button and claim I’m The Best At What I Do. He can make a move action, followed immediately by his basic attack action, and any Wilds rolled during the attack count as two successes instead of one. This is essentially a slightly better version of charge, with the limit that you can only use his builder when doing it.

Wolverines second Superpower is Adamantium Skeleton – Which is an Innate power that basically means that he is treated as a size three characters when determining if he can be thrown or pushed by an effect or special rule. When colliding with another character or terrain feature, he also counts as size three, so you have to be careful of him being thrown into his friends – As that’s an incoming four damage.

Finally Wolverine has Healing Factor (2) and Immunity (Stun). With his large health pool of seven on his healthy side, the Healing Factor can give him some real stopping power. Immunity Stun is nice for if your playing Mayor Fisk witnesses, and it means Wolverine never has to worry about a limit being put on his power gain.

It’s worth noting that on his inured side, not only does Wolverines stamina drops down to five, but he also gains the Wild Rage superpower. This means he can’t interact with or hold objective tokens, but he does get to add attack dice to his attack rolls equal to the damage he has suffered.this can be pretty handy to boost up his builder, but with only five stamina you do have to be a little more careful.

I feel that X-Men want to keep their opponents at an arm’s length and avoid protracted combat with some of the absolute blenders of the game. Wolverine just does not understand the assignment. It makes sense that this is the way he has to operate, but it doesn’t fit the general ranged play of the faction. The obvious counterpoint to this is clear, and that is simply that he gives the X-Men something that they don’t have. 

The trouble is, he’s just not very good at what he does and he definitely isn’t the best. His reliance on dice is high and he lacks rerolls or a native Throw. If you’re looking for a four threat beatstick, you’d be much better off with an out of affiliation pick – either Medusa or Killmonger.

Okay, so it seems like you don’t think Wolverine is up to par. Why do you take him in your squad?

Well, he’s an Uncanny X-Men affiliated character who can perform well on the Cosmic Cubes extract mission. That’s it. That’s the only reason.

As angry at it might make him, Wolverine sits out a lot of the fights on the table top.

It’s nice to have a character who can pick up two Cubes in turn one, take the damage and heal once he activates. Unfortunately this does mean that he just meanders around the backfield trying to avoid getting his head shattered by Scarlet Witch. It’s a strategy that I’m slowly moving away from, and as a result it means that Logan is likely to find himself dropped from the team. 

It’s a shame that this is his only role for me. I’d love to hear from other players who’ve managed to make Logan work for the Uncanny X-Men, because I’d like to keep him around if I can justify it. 

It’s good to see Doms opinions on Wolverine, and hopefully sith either some new updates or Tactics cards Wolverine might see more play. I don’t think Wolverine is neccesarily bad, he just doesn’t fit the style of the rest of the Uncanny X-Men. Maybe once Collossus releases, the two can team up to terrorize the mid board and throw out Fastball Specials!

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  1. Tapper says:

    Really enjoy running him in defenders, but Strange boosts his defences and can give him energy or mystic attacks.


    1. Yeah I think the Defenders leadership gives his basic attack the push it needs to be quite useful. Still heavily Wild reliant, but being able to put his Mystic defence to 4 rather than 2 stops him being a liability


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