The next event! No.9

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So today we are off to another event – This time at Sanctuary games again! Although the characters in my roster have stated the same – I’ve shuffled the tactics cards about a little and made some changes!

Team Tactics – August

All Webbed Up, Medpack, Brace for Impact, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Execute, Usurp the Throne and the Whims of Chaos

Team Tactics – Now

All Webbed Up, Medpack, Brace for Impact, Lethal Protector, Climbing Gear, Advanced R&D, Mission Objective and Marked for Death 

So as you can see their have been quite a few changes. The threat of Execute and Usurp the Throne are good, but I rarely use them. Mission Objective, Marked for Death and Advanced R&D all open up new and different options for Missions and different objective plays. I’m not too sure if I’ll use these cards any more than their predecessors, but they definitely give me some more options.

There’s four games today and hopefully I get on pretty well, there’s a lot of us from the Illuminati again – So I’m sure at least one of us will do well… Right? 

Illuminati, Assemble!

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