Sanctuary Games 2 and the future of WWP

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So yesterday we had another amazing event at Sanctuary Games, and with a decent turn out of twenty players there was a good crowd. I went 4-0, facing Tony in the final round, and the re match was on! During two of my games, including the final, I had to play SWORD base and the amount of stress that gives me hurts my soul. Between not feeling great and some really intense games, I struggled to take any real notes for the majority of the games. I did grab what we played each game and the final score – And some photos from each game as well – So you’ll have to bear with me as it’s not going to be the full write up like I usually do.

On the way back from the event, I was talking to Dom (The Uncanny X-Men feature writer) and Damien who is the other local Web Head, about what I want for the site and the direction it should go in. When I started the site I didn’t to get many views at all – and I also didn’t expect to see huge changes to the first fifty characters and some changes to roster building and how the game works – And although doing character reviews and breakdowns are useful – They’re done a lot. So I’m going to try and steer more towards specific tactics, breakdowns of rosters and affiliations competitively and some more specific ‘How to’ type articles and videos. Hopefully this is going to include me being able to record and post some gameplay, and I might even start using TTS to record some stuff as it’s much easier than setting up a table in person. I’m more than happy to listen to all feedback, and will still do event write ups, feature articles and occasional character breakdowns!

I’d like to continue posting daily, but as college takes up a lot more time alongside seeing my son, I might have to drop down to a couple less a week at some point in the future. I’m also going to be restructuring the sites layout, as in just over two months I already have eighty articles, so I want to make the site much easier to navigate and explore.

Without any further ado – Here is the breakdown of how the games went yesterday

Game one – Web Warriors vs Sam Spam

Round one I was matched against Timo – And we had played before at a different event. I won priority and picked my extracts, hoping Timo wouldn’t go with Swords and that I could choose Hammers. The complete opposite happened – As I discarded Hammers and Timo picked Swords – From the two reds I had I chose Skrull’s, hoping Timo had gotten rid of SWORD or not chosen it. When I saw the scoring and how static it would be, I decided to push for the low threat value of fourteen – Much to Timo’s surprise.

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Moon Knight, Black Cat and Toad

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Mission Objective

Timo’s characters
Sam Wilson (L), Iron Fist, Vision, Black Widow (Core box) and Okoye

Timo’s Tactics cards
Avengers Assemble, Heroes for Hire, Bitter Rivals, All You’ve Got and Field Dressing

This was a super close game, as I was able to find the Skrull early on despite Timo controlling the base from an early stage. By the end of the game we were both down to four characters, and Moon Knight managed to just clutch the Sword base, using an Avatar of Khonshu to push Timo’s only model off of the middle point before interacting with it. The final score at the end of the game was 14 – 9 as we had to finish due to time.

At one point three of my characters struggled to take the middle point from Widow!

Game two – Web Warriors vs Midnight Sons

Game two I was matched against a guy called Ashley, who was bringing Midnight Sons. I asked who he had that was affiliated Midnight Sons – thinking they only had like four characters – Before he ran me through his roster which included all eight of their affiliated characters! I won priority again, and I went with my Secures after the trauma of SWORD base. We ended up playing Hammers and Spider Portals – Which meant it was eighteen threat no matter what. We built our teams and got ready for the game.

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality Stone.

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector.

Ashley’s characters
Blade (L), Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Black Cat and Ghost Rider

Ashley’s Tactics cards
Siege of Darkness, Medpack, Heroes for Hire, Follow Me and Disarm

This game was also super close. Round one it was 4 – 4, and round two it was 8 – 8. At the end of round four the score was 14 each, but going into round five I had a plan for a big swing. Venom started by Dazing Ghost Rider by throwing a size three building at him, before moving twice to take the last portal on the right. On the left, Ash’s Moon Knight struggled to try and damage my Proxima, and she survived with just a couple of wounds. Miles used a Web Swing to kick Ash’s Moon Knight into Blade, which Dazed Moon Knight. Miles picked up the Hammer Moon Knight had dropped, and then used Venom Blast to KO Blade. Corvus, Proxima and Gwen secured the rest of the portals, and at the end of round five the score went to 22 – 14 to me.

Ashley’s fully affiliated team

Game three – Web Warriors vs Asgard

Game three it was me against a guy called Christian. Christian had bought with him his Asgardians, which are an affiliation I hadn’t played against in a long time. Once more my streak of winning priority continued, and I chose my Secures. Christian put forward Kree Power Core, and I chose Spider Portals – So I picked eighteen threat. As it was into Asgardians and based on the mission, I wanted to try something different to my normal eighteen threat list.

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Moon Knight, Black Cat and Toad

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Mission Objective

Christian’s characters
Thor (L), Valkyrie, Enchantress, Baron Zemo and Black Widow (Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D)

Christian’s Tactics cards
Odin’s Blessing, Rainbow Bridge, Medpack, Doomed Prophecy and Unearthly Rage

This game was pretty close early on, but Zemo found the core round two which I quickly stole with Black Cat. After that it just became a matter of pushing and throwing the Asgardians away, and Christian could never quite get to Black Cat to take the core. Moon Knight was the absolute MVP this game, and although he was Dazed and Interrogated by Black Widow early on, he spent the rest of the game just dodging death and tying up Valkyrie and Widow over on the left, leaving me with a five vs three fight on the right. The final score of the game was 19 – 13, and Thor and Widow had both been KO’d by the end for Christian, and I’d lost Toad after he did a mad dash for an objective.

As you can see, Black Cat is standing right on the far right as she has the Core. Venom and Miles are between her and the Asgardians – Using throws and pulls to keep people at bay. Gwen is to the left of Black Cat, using Impact Webbing against anyone that gets too close and in a position to Life Saver Black Cat if Zemo tries to charge through, and even if she uses Lifesaver, she is close enough for Black Cat to use Mission Objective if need be. At the top, Moon Knight is harassing Christians team with Throwing Crescents, and he can use the Avatar of Khonshu to push away anyone else that tries to push through,

Game four – Web Warriors vs Wakanda – The Re Match

So the final game came and there were only two of us on 3 – 0, myself and none other than Tony Moore. He had delivered my first defeat at an event last week at 7th City, so this was the re match. I lost priority, and Tony put forward the dreaded S.W.O.R.D base against my Hammers. Tony picked fourteen, and I took some serious time to look at both his roster and my own – As skimming over this last time is what I felt lost me the game. We revealed our teams, and got ready for the re match – It was my chance to reclaim victory and it was Tony’s chance to bring our record against each other to 2 – 2.

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Moon Knight, Black Cat and Toad

Tactics cards
All Webbed Up, Medpack, Advanced R&D, Mission Objective and Brace for Impact

Tony’s characters
Black Panther (L), Shuri, Storm and Enchantress

Tony’s Tactics cards
Wakanda Forever, Medpack, Advanced R&D, Mission Objective and Climbing Gear

As you can see we both bought very similar tactics cards – I would normally bring Climbing Gear over Brace but new how annoying Panther’s pounce could be. Early on this game frustrated me a lot (No fault of the wonderful Tony’s!) as round one I rolled four times to interact with the middle SWORD base, and got a blank, a block and two skulls. I wasn’t very impressed, and that put me on the back foot from early on as the round ended with Tony being 5 – 2. At the end of the second round we scored the opposite – This time the score went to 7 – 7.

At the end of round two it was neck and neck!

The game was super close, and at this point both Enchantress and Shuri had been dazed, as well as Gwen and Miles. At the start of round three Gwen was KO’d but luckily I was still on equal numbers to Tony. Round three ended on 12 – 9 to Tony, so it was very hard to make decisions – I was three threat down and three points behind. Round four I managed to get a hammer onto Toad, as well as holding one on Black cat – so at the end of the round I had two hammers and the SWORD base – meaning the score went to 14 – 14 in my favour.

The final round started with Miles going nuts – He used a Venom Blast into Storm – Which dazed her. He picked up her hammer, and used a Web Swing to Kick Enchantress – Paying the two to ignore her defences. It meant Miles had dumped all eight of his power that he’d saved up across the game, but it ended with Enchantress being KO’d and Storm dazed, and I now held three of the four Hammers and the S.W.O.R.D base. Tony’s Panther tried to Daze Toad, but Toad lived on one health – So Panther pounced to finish him. Toad passed his hammer on to Moon Knight with Mission Objective, and Black Cat was lucky to survive the second strike from the Hammer wielding Panther. As Panther was now stood alone on the left point, he paid to take it back. Black Cat went next, using a grappling hook and two Cat Claws to finish Shuri – Who had only been on two health. Thanks to Pierce from the Cat Claws and the extra dice from her Hammer, Black Cat was able to finish Shuri. Panther still had a hammer, and two SWORD points.

Moon Knight activated, gaining a power from the Moon. He started by using Throwing Crescents into Panther to gain two power – Putting him up to six. With his second action he spent four to use the Avatar of Khonshu attack into Panther – And although it only dealt one damage I was able to push Panther to a place that meant I was still able to place within one of the SWORD point. Moon Knight paid his a power, taking the point back and meaning I controlled the SWORD base – So I scored six to Tony’s one – And the game finished 20 – 15 to the Web Heads. Tony only had Black Panther and Storm left on the table, and all Miles, Toad and Moon Knight would all of been on their unhealthy side. Black Cat’s Bad Luck superpower had really helped her survivability against the Wakandans who all had lots of re rolls.

Tony and myself are real rivals now – The record is 3 – 1 to Web Heads!

It was another great event and I look forward to going back to Sanctuary. I recently decided to start collecting Pokémon cards with the store credit from winning events, and as this is my 9th event win, I’m sure to find a rare card worth some money soon! Hopefully in twenty years time, the Pokémon cards will be worth a fortune!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you’re interested in video content, then check out Wargaming Luke on YouTube as he shares his weekly Marvel videos!

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  1. Alexander says:

    Love the content. Are there any youtube videos where I can watch you play?


    1. There aren’t any yet! I do want to do some though maybe using TTS!


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