RichMid charity event and giveaway

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Although I’ve been a lot quieter the past week or so, I thought I’d take the time today to talk about a charity event and giveaway that I’m taking part in that starts tomorrow. If you didn’t already know, my friend Rich from RichMid Gaming is running a charity event that starts tomorrow

For the event Rich is running in a MCP Marathon where he has 27 hours straight of gaming against eighteen of the different content creators and players for MCP. All of the donations in support of his crazy marathon are going to the amazing Candlelighters charity. Of course it isn’t practical to run this in person, so it’s being held over on TTS and streamed to his YouTube channel.

Who are the Candlelighters?

In case you don’t know who the Candlelighters are, to quote their site –

At Candlelighters, we support families facing children’s cancer in Yorkshire. We get involved in all sorts of different projects to help ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances.

What we do – Candlelighters

Cancer is something that will of effected lots of us, and both myself and Rich have our own histories with it. Rich’s brother sadly passed away when he was sixteen to cancer, and my Mum died last year after a long battle with Cancer to. Currently my partners Grandad is undergoing treatment for his cancer – So it’s a raw and real issue that we all will have some experience with.

I think we can all agree it’s especially heart-breaking to see young people suffering from such a terrible disease, and that’s why the work of such charities like Candlelighters is so important. You can find more about the Candlelighters on their site here.

How can you donate?

If you would like to support Rich’s charity event, then you can donate through the Just Giving page HERE. You can find more details about the event over on Facebook on the event page.

The giveaways

Thanks to some amazing donations, their are some great prizes to win too as part of a giveaway in the event. If you donate as little as £5 your in with a chance of winning some of the following:

Elysium Wargames – Hulkbuster character box
Union County Games – Dormamu character box
Blackgate Games – Initiation League OP Kit
Leodis games – £50 of vouchers
Cog’O’Two – Set of Rulers and tokens
Web Warrior Protocols – Venom character box

I haven’t told Rich yet, but I’ll also be buying a Venom that he can raffle of for the event from Web Warrior Protocols. So even if you don’t normally donate to these type of events and charities, pleas take the time to have a read and take a look, and donate even if it is just for the giveaway. It was a shock when we found out my Mum had cancer, and before we even knew it we were at her funeral. I’m sure if you ever have a niece, nephew, son or daughter that’s effected by Cancer, you would like to have the support of an amazing charity like the Candlelighters there to help.

I just want to say that Rich should be really proud about what he is doing, and I will be donating and look forward to our game at 11pm tomorrow!

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