Upcoming events and podcasts!

If you’re looking to jump into Marvel Crisis Protocol, or just need to fill out your roster with some fresh recruits or supervillains, please check out our Sponsor Board in Brum!

Over half term I’ve taken a break from doing any posts, and if any of you had been following along you’d know that I had been doing at least one post every day for eighty days. So due to being busy with college work, I haven’t posted in over a week – But I am definitely still here and about to start posting again! I still have managed to get some things done, and went to the UK’s largest MCP event over the weekend at Element Games! I went 4-0 with the Web Heads, but only came third due to the number of players and Strength of Schedule. I’ve got plenty more Marvel events lined up, and a bunch of Podcast features too which are going to be really fun!

Podcast features coming up
– Omnus Protocols, recording 7th November
– Monthly House Party Protocols, recording 9th November
– Marvel Crisis Protocol panel, Xavier Protocols, 15th November

If you have any questions you’d like answering on the podcasts then please feel free to comment them below! There are also still some great events coming up even as we come to the end of the year, including the first Team event I’ll be going to for MCP over at Board in Brum!

Events coming up
– Illuminati Invitationals, Board in Brum, 6th November
– Fear in the Dark Dimension, Boards and Sword Hobbies, 7th November
– You came through the Wong portal! 7th City Collectibles, 27th November
– Avengers Assemble team event, Board in Brum, 4th December
– Marvel Crisis Tournament, Asgard games, 12th November

A few of you might of seen some of my posts about the Illuminati Invitationals, which is basically a tournament where I invite all the members of my local crowd (The Illuminati) and then open up the rest of the spaces to the public. It sold out much quicker than I expected, as I had the full twenty four the day I posted! I increased the spaces available to twenty eight, and next time might even look at running it with thirty six spaces. It’s set to be an amazing event, with lots of prize support, so keep an eye out for the next one if your interested!

With almost all of the ticket money going to prizes, there is over £300 in prizes, trophies and vouchers for the first Illuminati Invitationals!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you’re interested in video content, then check out Wargaming Luke on YouTube as he shares his weekly Marvel videos!

If you’re looking to expand your roster with some new Heroes for Hire, or want to start off and take the dive into Marvel Crisis Protocol – Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need! Thanks again for reading!

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