Illuminati Invitationals and the Next event no.10!

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So the first Illuminati invitationals are officially under way, and we’ve had a great turn out. Sadly a couple of players had to drop out of the event at the last minute – But we still got twenty five players!

There’s a great mix of affiliations represented, Avengers still staying out in the lead with Sam led Spam. Four other affiliations – A-Force, Wakanda, Defenders and Brotherhood all have three players representing them, and then there’s a healthy mix from the rest of the affiliations. If you want to take a look at the actual lists, you can find the event on Longshanks here!

Although I’m not playing today, it’s great to see so many familiar faces throwing some dice, and it’s definitely the first Illuminati event of many. Luckily I will be playing tomorrow over at Boards and Swords hobbies, and as I haven’t shared it in a while I thought I’d post up my roster!

Symbiotes and Spiders

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Carnage, Toad, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and The Reality Stone.

Team Tactic cards
Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed up!, Lethal protector, Climbing gear, Mission Objective, Advanced R&D and There Will Be Carnage.

Secure crisis cards
Daemons downtown! Has our comeuppance come due? – 19
Mutant Madman turns city centre into amusement park – 18
Portals overrun city with spider people – 18

Extract crisis cards
Fear grips world as ‘Worthy’ terrorize citizens – 18
Skrulls Infiltrate world Leadership – 17
Spider Infected invade Manhattan – 17

With all these super wide Sam Spam lists, the sadistic Symbiote is back with a vengeance! After playing a few games again with Carnage, and getting more reps in with Moon Knight and Black Cat, I can honestly say I’m not running Corvus very often anymore. Going wide with the Web Heads has been super fun, and in the last couple of events I think I’ve only used Corvus twice. He is still a staple in my roster, and there are certain matchups where Corvus will come out to play. With changes coming to the entirety of the Black Order, I’ll be prepared to see Corvus have some changes or even a nerf – Even though I don’t think he needs it! I’ll be sure to make some notes and let you all know how I get on tomorrow!

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