RichMid team event – The Reverse Oreo!

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Over the weekend, Elliot, Ron and I featured as the team called the Reverse Oreo (You’ll giggle when you get it!) at the first big team event for Marvel Crisis Protocol in the UK, hosted by RichMidGaming! The venue, Boards and Swords Hobbies in Derby, was great as always, and the event went super smoothly. We were all both happy and surprised to keep a complete clean sheet across the event, each of us going 4 – 0 for a total of 12 – 0 as a team, or 16 – 0 if you count like Elliot!

Both the bottom and the top floor were rammed full of Marvel players!

We all had some really great games across the day, and not only did we win the event, but I also managed to snag highest ranked individual, as well as Elliot winning best painted for his Doctor Voodoo! You might also happen to remember Tony from some of my previous write ups, the current King of Wakanda, and he won the award for best table with his Ghostbuster themed board! I’ve never watched the film myself, but was surprised to see the statue of Quinn on the table!

It would of been really hard to try and do full write ups of all three of our games, so instead what I jotted down was just a few notes, who played who, who had priority and what missions they played, as well as the final score! The team pairing system worked really well, and the event as a whole was super smooth! So, if you’d like to see some of the matchups and Crisis pairings, read on! I’ve also included our Highlander rosters at the end in case anyone wants to take a look at those!

Round one – The Reverse Oreo vs The Good, the Bad and the Average!

For the first round we were matched against a team called The Good, the Bad and the Average. We won the roll for the team pairing system, so we started by putting Elliot forward on table one in secret. When we flipped cards, we saw that they had put Christian with his Asgardians down on table three. I chose to play the Asgardians as it would of been a hard matchup for Ron, and we put Ron in the middle to play the unknown. Before we knew it, we were all paired up and we had three games underway!

Table one – Elliot Woolley vs Ian Mann
Ian had priority, and he chose to take Extracts. Elliot put forward Gamma Waves and Ian chose Struggle for the Cube continues, Ian surprisingly picked 15 threat. Elliot had Sam led Avengers, and Ian had Defenders. The final score was 23 – 12 to Elliot, although it looked pretty close at one point as Ian had brought Hulkbuster, who looked like an absolute menace to deal with at such a low threat value.

Table two – Ron Walker vs Mick Rood

Mick won priority, and chose to take Extracts. Ron picked Mutant Madmen from his secures whilst Mick put forward Alien Ships Crashes in Downtown. Mick chose to play at 20 threat, and he ran a nasty looking Brotherhood team with Angela. In the end though, Ron’s spider foes managed to pull out a win, with the game finishing 16 – 7.

Table three – Arun Collier vs Christian Sales
I won priority, and chose to go with my Secures. I put forward Demons Downtown, and Christian picked Deadly Legacy Virus Cured – So we were locked into 19 threat. The game started with a big swing in my favour, as although Christian moved forward to grab two Legacy Virus’s with Angela during his first activation, between Moon Knight and Corvus I was able to daze her round one. This left me in a great position, holding all of the Virus containers from the start. At the beginning of round three, I was able to use Mission Objective to give the final Virus to Black Cat, and as she was then holding all three she was KO’d – but the score jumped to 16 – 3 in favour of the Web Heads and the game ended!

The top floor, which was also ram packed!

Round two – The Reverse Oreo vs Noobmaster69

For the second round, we were paired against Noobmaster69! They were all really sound players, and if there had of been a prize for most sporting I think we would’ve given it to them! We rolled off for the team pairing system, but when their captain Scotty got three Hits and two Crits, it was clear they had won! Once more we put Elliot forward in secret, and when they revealed they had put Defenders down on table three, we decided that I would play Defenders as their leadership could really punish Ron’s Spider foes. We were all paired up, and the second round started!

Table one – Arun Collier vs Robin Ashton
It turned out Robin was quite new to the game, so we ended up having more of a friendly game where I helped Robin with his characters quite a lot. We took our time, and although I ended up with the win, Robin told me he had really appreciated it and learnt quite a lot! I had won priority and put forward Skrulls whilst Robin picked Infinity Formula, so we had to play at 17 threat. He decided to try Midnight Sons for the first time after he had been playing Defenders previously, and the final score was 20 – 6 to the Web Heads once the dust settled. Later on when our team won the event, I gave Robin some of the Prize support, as he was a new player and had been a really good sport! He definitely would of had my most sporting vote if there was one, which is maybe something Rich could look at for the next event!

Table two – Ron Walker vs Robert Bell
Rob won priority, and he put forward Wakandan Herbs whilst Ron chose Mutant Madmen. They ended up playing at 18 threat, and although I didn’t manage to catch a huge amount of their game, it looked pretty fun – Ron once more being bullied by an enemy Angela. Rob had been playing Asgardians, but in the end Ron’s Spider foes managed to get the win – with a final score of 19 – 6.

Table three – Elliot Woolley vs Scotty Medlin
Elliot won priority, meaning this was the only round across the team where all three of us had priority. Elliot chose to play his secures and once more went with Gamma, whilst Scott chose Hammers with his Uncanny X-Men. This was another game that I didn’t manage to catch a lot of, and seemed like it was pretty close right up until the end, with the final score being a Sam Spam win on 20 – 14.

On the left are the Elemental Warriors, and on the right, the Bald and the Beautiful!

Round three – The Reverse Oreo vs The Bald and the Beautiful

In the third round we were matched against some familiar faces – Dan, Jonah and Jon, also known as the Bald and the Beautiful! I’ve played a few times in events against both Dan and Jonah, although I don’t think I’ve ever played against Jon! Regardless, myself and Jonah rolled off for the Team pairing, and once again we lost! We put down Elliot as our first on table three, whilst they put down Dan on table one. We decided that I would face off against Dan, and once more we would throw Ron into the unknown!

Table one – Arun Collie vs Dan Baxendale
For some reason, Dan never seems happy to be paired against me! Nevertheless, we rolled for priority and I won. After taking a quick look at Dan’s Crisis, I decided to go with my Extracts, and we ended up playing Demons Downtown and Skrulls. I chose to go with 19 threat, and once we had built our teams we set up to play. I found the Skrull early on, and thanks to Black Cat and Mission Objective I managed to hold onto it for the entire game. Thanks to pushes and pulls from the rest of my team, I was able to stop Dan from scoring the Demons, and at the end of round four Dan decided to concede. The score at that point was 9 – 2, but Rich gave me the extra 8 points as it counted as a tabling.

Table two – Ron Walker vs Jon Latham
On the second table Ron faced off against Jon, Ron once more losing priority. Jon chose Deadly Meteors, and Ron went with Spider Infected – Meaning they had no choice but to play 17! Surprisingly Jon chose to play his A-Force, but left She Hulk on the side-lines and went leaderless! I didn’t manage to catch much from this game, as by this point I was going outside to cool down once my games had finished, as it was getting really warm! The final score however was 20 – 8 in favour of Ron’s Spider Foes!

Table three – Elliot Woolley vs Jonah Rees

It was no surprise that it was Jonah that was put up against Elliot, as his Spider Foes featuring Carnage are a pretty good counter to Elliot’s spam. When discussing who would play who at the start of the round, we had already decided that if they had put Jonah down, I would play him, as he is a very good player. Nevertheless, Jonah and Elliot rolled for priority and Elliot won. Elliot picked Demons Downtown, and Jonah chose Struggle for the Cube. Luckily I knew that Cubes is a mission that Elliot likes to play with his spam, and although it seemed like a close game El managed to snag the win in the end, with the Avengers scoring 17 – 11.

The final – The Reverse Oreo vs Cathal’s Cutthroats

For the final round we were paired against Cathal’s Cutthroats, and we recognised all of their players from Discord and TTS. It was going to be a really good set of games, and all of us were eager to try and keep clean sheets. I rolled once more, losing the team pairing roll for the third time in a row! Regardless, we put Elliot face down on table three, and they put Norbert with his Sin/Cabal on table one. We decided Ron would be a good match to go against Norbert, so I was put on table two to face the unknown. Once the pairings had all been sorted, we began the final games – And all three of the Reverse Oreo’s lost their priority rolls!

Table one – Ron Walker vs Norbert Brunhuber
Norbert chose to go with his secures, and he and Ron ended up playing Spider Infected and Infinity Formula goes missing. Norbert had no choice but to choose 17 threat, and their game began. I looked over a couple of times to see Carnage causing, well, Carnage, as well as Green Goblin whizzing around and throwing Pumpkin Bombs. It seemed like a super close game, and in the end Ron managed to just edge ahead, getting a 16 – 14 win for the Spider Foes!

On the left, Norbert, and on the right, Ron the Giant!

Table two – Arun Collier vs Cathal Réamoinn
After I finally managed to pronounce Cathal correctly, we quickly talked through our rosters. Cathal went with his Secures, and he put forward Demons Downtown. Having to take my extracts, I’d chosen Hammers, and for the third time in the event I had to play against Midnight Sons. Luckily a couple of Impact Webbings helped to remove Strange from the game early on, and at the end of the game Miles, Moon Knight and Black Cat had all ran away holding Hammers. It was a great game, and the final score was 17 – 10 to the Web Heads! We spent some time talking about each others teams after the game, Cathal noting that he might of invested too much into killing Corvus and letting me play the rest of the game the way I wanted with my other five characters. It was great to finally put a face to a name, as I’d seen his name about on Discord a few times!

Game three – Elliot Woolley vs Sasa Milovic
Sasa chose to go with his secures, and they ended up playing the new Secure from the Baron Mordo box, Intrusions Open Across City as Seals Collapse. Elliot put forwad Struggle for the Cube, which I think created an interesting mix, as there was the potential for characters to take lots of damage just from the Objectives. They played their game at 19 threat, and it was another really close game! The final score was 16 – 1 4 to Elliot’s Sam Spam, and it meant all of our team had managed to go 4 – 0!

As I’ve already said, it was a great event, made even better by the great crowd of players that were down, even if Quinn was there! I had been a bit hesitant about team events in the past, but we had a right laugh and I’m looking forward to another team event next weekend, with the Reverse Oreo returning, swapping out Elliot for none other than our own Jon Harris! I’ll be sure to let everyone know how we get on, and it will be our first time using the new rules! Elliot, Ron and I even recorded a mini interview with Rich for his new weekly show, which you can find below!

If you haven’t already checked out Richs channel, check it our for loads of MCP goodness!

As I said earlier I’ve included all of our Highlander rosters below, and this has turned into quite a long article, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about the team event and how we got on! You can find out more about how building a team roster works in my last post, The Next Event No.11!

Elliot Woolley – Sam led Avengers

Sam Wilson (L), War Machine, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Vision, Doctor Voodoo, Black Widow (Core box), Beast, Valkyrie and Domino

Team Tactic cards
Avengers Assemble, Birds of Prey, Bitter Rivals, Brace for Impact, Follow me, Field Dressing, Heroes for Hire and Psychic Shielding Device

Secure crisis cards
Research Station Attacked! – 16
Struggle for the Cube continues – 17
The Montesi Formula found – 17

Extract crisis cards
S.W.O.R.D establishes base on Moons blue area – 14
Gamma Wave sweeps across the Midwest – 15
Demons Downtown! Has our comeuppance come due? – 19

Ron Walker – Spider Foes

Green Goblin (L), Carnage, Doctor Oc, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, Mysterio, Rocket Raccoon, Okoye and Angela

Team Tactic cards
Sinister Traps, Well-Laid Plans, The Grand Illusion, Doomed Prophecy, Sacrifice, All You’ve Got, Blind Obsession and Carnage Rules

Secure crisis cards
Spider Infected Invade Manhattan – 17
Deadly Legacy Virus Cured – 19
Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown! – 20

Extract crisis cards
Infinity Formula Goes Missing – 17
Mutant Madman turns city centre into Lethal Amusement Park! – 18
Terrigen Clouds Sweep Over City – 20

Arun Collier – Web Warriors

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Mystique, Toad, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality Gem

Team Tactic cards
All Webbed Up, Advanced R&D, Medpack, Climbing Gear, Lethal Protector, Mission Objective, Execute and Uneasy Allies

Secure crisis cards
Mystic Wakandan Herbs – Fact or Fiction? – 15
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership – 17
Fear Grips World as Worthy Terrorize Citizens – 18

Extract crisis cards
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on the Earth – 16
Portals overrun City with Spider People – 18
Intrusions Open across City as Seals collapse! – 19

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