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So normally when doing an event write up, I would break down each game from the day in detail. However I only took very brief details for three of my games, and so I thought I’d go into some more detail about the super close game I lost again none other than my friend Ron himself, and sort of breakdown and analyse where I think I went wrong 

Myself and Ron are good friends, so when we drew each other we already knew it was going to be a blast. Ron won priority, and picked his Secures as our Extracts were quite similar. This was fine by me, as there was only really one of Ron’s secures I didn’t like which was Terrigen Gas. We shuffled our cards and picked Crisis at random… 

The Terrigen is here…

We ended up playing Terrigen Gas Clouds and Spider Infected – And I already knew Spider Infected was Ron’s favourite mission. I almost forgot that I had the choice of threat value, and having not played the updated Spider Foes I wasn’t quite sure which was worse for them. I think this is where I made my first mistake, as when choosing threat values I chose 20 threat – Wanting to try out seven wide and not realising just what options that gave Ron.

My seven wide roster was 

Miles Morales (L), Gwen, Black Cat, Moon Knight, the Hood, Mystique and Toad

Team Tactic Cards
Medpack, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear, Advanced R&D and Hoods Gang 

You’ll notice that I had Hood, who wasn’t in my roster that I uploaded yesterday. That’s because I had to make a last minute change after I was no longer able to borrow a painted Iron Man – So I borrowed Hood from Ron instead! This was my second time ever using the Hood and first time with his TT card, but I felt confident taking him as he is similar to some other characters I’ve played.

Ron chose to take 

Green Goblin (L), Doc Ock, Lizard, Toad, Mysterio and Ghost Rider

Team Tactic Cards
Sinister traps, Well Laid Plans, Medpack, Marked for Death, Deal with the Devil

Ron had a bunch of Tactics cards I hadn’t seen in a long time – Or at all in the case of a couple. I knew what Sinister Traps did, but wasn’t that familiar with Well Laid Plans or Deal with the Devil. I took a quick look, and realised to avoid Deal with the Devil I just had to not KO Ghost Rider – Which seemed easy enough. I didn’t pay much attention to Well Laid Plans, assuming it had a range restriction and that I’d be able to play around it.

The first round of the game was brutal. Ron passed straight away so Toad moved and grabbed the middle Infected. Ron now had to go with a character, so he sent his Toad to sit on the Terrigen Cloud to my left. Miles moved to get the Spider Infected to my left, setting off the Sinister traps. Miles took two damage, which seemed OK for now. Miles used a Web Swing to get back to grab the Spider Infected, and Ron’s Doc Ock moved up the table across from Miles. A Strike for Doc’s Claws left Miles barely hanging on for life, with just one point of health remaining. Gwen fired off an Impact Webbing at the evil doctor, before Med packing Miles – She is the Lifesaver after all!

Demons, Spirits and Illusions all mashed together as the Web Heads and Spider Foes clashed!

Now feeling much better, Miles having only taken one damage, a battle of Demons, Spirits and Illusions unfolded on the right side of the board. The Hood and Moon Knight moved on to the right Terrigen Gas Cloud, and Ghost Rider revved his way towards them. Both Marc and Parker took a couple of damage each, and were set ablaze by the burning Beams of the Ghost Rider.

On the other side of the board, Green Goblin already had his eyes on the prize. Moving once before hurtling a Pumpkin Bomb at Miles, Ron and I were both just as surprised to see four hits and a Wild from the green menace. Miles rolled one block, and managed to bump that up to two with his re rolls. Green Goblins Oscorp Weaponry made Miles reroll a success which turned fittingly to a skull – Ron had done the four damage he needed to put the Web Head down. Over amongst the Demons and Ilussion, as Miles fell Mysterio moved up and finished the Hood. The round ended with myself still scoring both Terrigen Clouds and two Spider Infected, whilst Ron had the other three Infected – So the score went 6 – 3.

The second round started with Green Goblin getting ready to shoot Miles, who was Life-Savered out of range by Gwen. Black Cat was then Marked for Death by the Goblin and Mysterio, before a Hit and Run Pumpkin Bomb left Black Cat with two health remaining. Goblin surged forwards, and now that he was in position he unleashed a Night of the Goblin into Miles – Leaving him with just one wound left. If Goblin hadn’t of used his reroll against Black Cat, that could of been it for Miles! Nevertheless, the two devastating set of rolls from Goblin had basically removed Miles from the game.

Miles swinging away!

Desperate to hold onto my Leadership, Miles Web Swung and Climbing geared to the back of the board on my side. In hindsight I think I would of been better moving Hood over and using his inbuilt Medpack to save the Spider. Instead the Hood healed Moon Knight, and the two let loose with their Rapid fire weaponry into Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider went down to having one wound left, before Mysterio Med Packed him back up. On the left side my Toad and Mystique tagged Ron’s frog, and once more the round ended with me with a healthy lead. I still had one Terrigen cloud and two Spider Infected, and I’d Managed to match Ron for numbers on the other Terrigen. Ron stilled had held onto three Infected, after I’d made his Toad drop one right next to an eagerly awaiting Doc Ock, forgetting he was lurking out of sight behind a building. So, the score moved 10 – 6 to the Web Heads. 

The third round was pretty brutal too. Hood was finally KO’d, as were Mysterio and Ghost Rider. Black Cat grabbed and ran away with a Spider Infected, staggering Ghost Rider as she did. Mystique KO’d Ron’s Toad and Dazed Lizard, with Gwen then moving pulling Doc Ock off of the left Terrigen cloud. Finally seeing a chance to move Miles back in, he moved twice, before swinging to secure the Cloud over on the left. The score jumped up to 15 – 9 to the Web Heads – Miles had the left Terrigen cloud and Moon Knight had the right. I only had one Spider Infected after my Toad was dazed mid round by Goblin, whilst Ron still had three Spider Infected. Ron used one of the Terrigen Clouds to finally KO Miles, so I went into the last round leaderless.

It’s not very often Miles gets taken out.. But when he does, it really hurts!

I had priority for the first time, so Toad quickly grabbed a Spider Infected and ran for the back of the board. I was sure Ron couldn’t get to 16 this round, so after Goblin dazed Gwen, my Black Cat ran away with another Spider infected to the back of the board on my side. No matter what Ron did, he couldn’t catch either the Toad or the Cat. What he could do however was play the ace up his sleeve that he still had off to the side of the board with his other tactics cards –Well Laid Plans. To my horror, Ron told me it wasn’t limited to any range, and so he picked up his four dice. He rolled for Toad first, rolling three blanks and a Crit! This meant Toad dropped his Infected, but I still had enough to win with Black Cat on the other side of the board. Ron picked up four dice again, and this time had two blanks, a block..  And a Wild! I was left holding no Spider Infected, and on neither of the Terrigen Clouds as I’d run for the hills. I’d completely forgotten about Well Laid Plans, and it looked like it was going to keep Ron in the game one round longer. That was until Mysterio realised he could just about reach a Spider Infected, and so the Sinister Illusionist moved in and secured his target. Now holding both Terrigen Clouds, and three Spider Infected, Ron’s score jumped to 16 and I was left one shy of matching him! For a few seconds I was in shock, completely gobsmacked that I’d forgotten Well Laid Plans! And, well, they definitely were Well Laid!

I won’t make the mistake of letting Doc Ock live again!

Ron was a great opponent – And is a great player. He had played an absolute blinder. We went outside and talked back through the game, Ron echoing lots of my own thoughts. Looking back on the game I definitely think I would of been better going with 17 threat, as Ghost Rider was an absolute menace. Mystique really underperformed, as she had done now in quite a few games. Hood and Moon Knight together were amazing, but at 20 threat I think I’d of been better going six wide rather than seven. Ron’s early Alpha strike on Miles left me struggling to babysit him and keep him alive, which punished me at the start of the final round when a Terrigen Cloud finished him.

The takeaways were that Mystique isn’t worth it as a three threat splash, especially without Deception. She brings a similar rapid fire to Hood and Moon Knight, but doesn’t offer much else and provide anything late game. Quad stealth is a nice build to have, but I definitely think someone much more consistent like Zemo would have been much better. 

As I said – I think Hood is amazing. Very consistent with four dice Mystic, even in the bad situation earlier where the matchup he was against Ghost Rider and Mysterio, where he struggled a little against their higher defences. Being able to heal in a similar way to Medpack every turn is amazing and Invisibility cloak was great. Hoods Gang TT card was very poor, I never felt there was a time where I’d activated Hulk and felt it was worth playing. I definitely felt not having a better card in its place, such as Patch Up, which might have kept Miles in the game.

It had been a truly brutal match between the Web Warriors and Spider Foes

The last takeaway for me was Spider Infected. I’ve had it in my missions for a while, but mine and Ron’s game showed me I much prefer missions were there are fewer objectives and I can control the scoring and stop huge swings. I might swap it out for something else, but this was the first time it had hugely been against me. Well Laid Plans is a phenomenal card that I really underestimated, never really playing against it before and not realising just how good it could be 

As a general rule I think avoiding high threat is the best choice now for a lot of teams. I will be doing an article shortly about the new and updated wave of Monster Mash characters like Ghost Rider, Juggernaut, Hulkbuster and Hulk – And how they are just so hard to deal with. They may even be the answer to Sam Spam and other wide lists!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you’re interested in video content, then check out Wargaming Luke on YouTube as he shares his weekly Marvel videos!

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  1. Mike Cadieux says:

    I very much appreciate your written content and look forward to each release. It is nice to be able to read a well written, tactics oriented article in a short amount of time. Thank you for taking the time to write. I know it takes a lot of time and effort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Got to say that’s one of the nicest comments I’ve had! Really appreciate it, and glad people appreciate the content 👏


  2. Eee says:

    Is Well laid plans not a 5 dice roll?


    1. Your right – It is! For some reason Ron only rolled four, he still got what he needed though!


  3. RoockieBoy says:

    I know that feeling. I once lost a game I was leading by 5 points in the final turn when well laid plans was played, and I dropped tbe 4 I had collected and ran away with. Dock ock’s medium move on a medium base meant he was able to get there and collect them all. I lost something like 17-14 or so. Feeding him with power the turn before didn’t help at all…


    1. In future I’ll be making sure to take either him or Goblin out early on so that it can’t happen again! It’s a solid play, one we haven’t seen much of due to Spider Foes being dormant for so long


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