The Next event no.13!

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Today I’m at the second Marvel event here at Asgard Games, and this time I’ve made a couple more changes to my roster. I’ve dropped Doctor Voodoo, as although I love his character I don’t find a situation where I would want him over Venom – As I already have access to some objective shenanigans with Black Cat. So, that means the return of Iron Man and Helios Laser Bombardment! Cheesy, I know! The Invincible Iron Man has been really good in the games I have used him in – especially for pushing around big size four models. As I had expected, he really does become quite tanky when he gets that Web Head reroll on defence!

I also decided to drop Spider Infected in favour of Montesi Formula. This lets me keep control of the game a lot easier, and the slower scoring stops any crazy swings in VP like in some of my previous games. Hopefully the Web Heads will get on well, and I’ll be sure to let you all know! Rumour has it that the winner gets a big, angry green rage machine, so he might be coming to a Web Head roster soon!

“So many SNACKS!” – How could I ever justify another four threat?!

So with the couple of new additions, my current roster looks like this. I still don’t think it’s perfect, and once there is a restock I’ll be swapping out either Iron Man or Mystique in favour of the Hood – I guess I’ll just have to see which of them pulls their weight!

All new, All different – Updated rules Web Warriors

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Toad, Hood, Iron Man, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality Gem

Team Tactic cards
All Webbed Up, Advanced R&D, Medpack, Climbing Gear, Lethal Protector, Mission Objective, Marked for Death, Web Barrier, Patch Up and Helios Laser Bombardment

Extract crisis cards
Montesi Formula Found! – 17
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership – 17
Fear Grips World as Worthy Terrorize Citizens – 18

Secure crisis cards
Portals overrun City with Spider People – 18
Mutant Madman turns city centre into Lethal Amusement park! – 18
Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? – 19

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