The Next event no.14&15!

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It has been quite a while since I’ve done any posts, as over the holiday I was lucky enough to get Covid! So, that was fun, but now that the majority of the ‘Long Covid’ symptoms are going away I’m getting back to gaming – And what better than a double tournament weekend to start it off! I’ll also be going through and filling out the event calendar, you’ll just have to bare with me as Covid threw a bit of a spanner in the works!

If you know any tournament organisers, or are one yourself, please get in touch over social media with the names, dates and locations of any events your running and I can get them added to the calendar!

Tomorrow I’ll be at Board in Brum for their first monthly Marvel Mash Up, and on Sunday I’ll be going over to Sanctuary games for another singles event! I’ll be taking the same roster to both events, and hopefully I can kick the year off with a couple of solid Web Head showings!

We’re back!

This is pretty much the same roster I had already been running, but I’ve made a single swap with dropping Daemons Downtown for Riots Spark. I’ve always been in the small boat of really liking Daemons Downtown, but I think that Midnight Sons just excel at it in a way that I’d rather not give them that extra upper hand, so I’ve jumped overboard.

Playing Web Warriors I always felt that I could deal with the Incinerate, as the reroll for defence helped mitigate it a little. However with Midnight Sons having two great characters that are both entirely immune to the Incinerate condition – Ghost Rider and Doctor Voodoo, they definitely have the edge in that match up. Riot Sparks brings the D deployment that Web Warriors can quite comfortably play, and not having to pay to interact is always great. Being able to heal from the objectives also leans into the Invincible Web Heads style that I’ve been enjoying, as with the Hood, Medpack, Patch Up and the Consoles, surely no one will die… Right? I might go back to Daemons at some point, but I just wanted to give Riots a run out to see how I get on.

Someone also asked if I had considered dropping Advanced R&D now that it has to be played by the active character, but I honestly still think it works perfectly fine with Moon Knight. The man, the meme, the dream that is Marc Spector always is able to get a couple of power turn one for me to play the card, and I think R&D is really important to get Iron Man started with his power generation – As well as the Web Heads like Black Cat and Gwen. Having Iron Mans first attack of the game benefit from Friday AI means he can usually get the power to continue using that essential superpower later on.

Web Warriors 2022

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Toad, Hood, Iron Man, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality Gem

Team Tactic cards
All Webbed Up, Advanced R&D, Medpack, Climbing Gear, Lethal Protector, Mission Objective, Marked for Death, Web Barrier, Patch Up and Helios Laser Bombardment

Extract crisis cards
Spider Infected invade Manhattan! – 17
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership – 17
Fear Grips World as Worthy Terrorize Citizens – 18

Secure crisis cards
Riots spark over Extremis 3.0 – 17
Portals overrun City with Spider People – 18
Mutant Madman turns city centre into Lethal Amusement park! – 18

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