The first events of 2022

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So if you happened to see my last post, you’ll know that over the weekend we had two great events – The first a 16 person tournament at Board in Brum, and the second as a 10 person event at Sanctuary Games, as sadly a handful of people had to drop out. Nevertheless it was still a great weekend, and I was lucky enough to come away with a 4-0 result from both events! I just wanted to quickly summarise some of the games, as well as talk about how the changes have, well, changed things now that I’ve had a good amount of tournament games with them.

The roster that I was running was of course Web Warriors, and although I’m sure anyone that has read any of my past posts already knows what I take. Nevertheless, I’ve added my roster in once more for anyone who isn’t familiar.

Web Warriors 2022

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Toad, Hood, Iron Man, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality Gem

Team Tactic cards
All Webbed Up, Advanced R&D, Medpack, Climbing Gear, Lethal Protector, Mission Objective, Marked for Death, Web Barrier, Patch Up and Helios Laser Bombardment

Extract crisis cards
Montesi Formula Found! – 17
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership – 17
Fear Grips World as Worthy Terrorize Citizens – 18

Secure crisis cards
Riots spark over Extremis 3.0 – 17
Portals overrun City with Spider People – 18
Mutant Madman turns city centre into Lethal Amusement park! – 18

Board in Brum Marvel Mashup

So on Saturday the first event was a 16 person tournament at Board in Brum. They’re going to be running monthly Marvel Mashups from now on, so make sure to check those out using the links at the top and the bottom of the article! I had the pleasure of playing against MODOK in my first three games, and despite his changes the big floating head is still a pain in the… Back to what I was talking about, I had four great opponents and to just quickly breakdown each game –

Round one – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate

Round one I played against Oz Goff from Rampage Games, who if you haven’t already heard off you should definitely check out as he sells lots of MDF accessories for MCP! Oz was running his Criminal Syndicate, and he won the roll for priority, so he chose Extracts! We ended up with Skrulls and Spider Portals, which is a great set up for the Web Heads. I chose seventeen threat, and after a few bloody turns, which included a KO’d MODOK round three, the Web Heads managed to pull out the 18 – 10 win.

My team
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Hood and Toad

Chris’s team
Kingpin (L), MODOK, Bullseye, Black Cat and Deadpool

The Criminal roster is getting bigger and bigger… with Daredevil and Elektra now on the way!

Round two – Web Warriors vs Cabal

In the second round I was paired up against Christopher Williams – Who seemed delighted to be playing me! It seems myself and Chris just meet once a year at events, so we told each other after our game that we would see each other in 2023. I lost priority again, and Chris chose to take his Secures as he wasn’t a fan of mine. The final set up was Demons Downtown and Hammers – Which meant we were in for a much more violent game. I chose eighteen threat, and we built our teams. After another early KO on MODOK, the Web Heads were able to out manoeuvre the Cabal and pull away for a 20-9 win against the evil Red Skull!

My team
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Venom and Toad

Chris’s team
Red Skull (L), MODOK, Baron Zemo, Doctor Voodoo and Bullseye

If Red Skull keeps showing up, I might have to call in the big three!

Round three – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate

Going into the third round, I knew that I was very likely going to have to play one of the fellow Illuminati as a few of them had gone 2-0 so far. When the pairings went up, it was me against none other than Elliot himself! Ell had been running his Criminal Syndicate after taking a break from Sam led Avengers. I lost priority, again, and Elliot went for his secures. We ended up with Skrulls and Terrigen Gas as our mission, and I went for the lower threat of seventeen. Once more coming up against the big head that is MODOK, it was obvious I needed to get rid of him asap. A lucky kick from Miles had Dazed Bullseye round one, after R&D had given him enough to Web Swing. This led to Bullseye being KO’d round two, and MODOK being dazed due to the onslaught of Rapid Fire from an All Webbed Up Moon Knight, plus Hood. My Toad found the Skrull, and this meant I had six characters left to face Elliot’s four. With all of mine over on the left holding a Skrull, and Elliots remaining models really out of position on the right side of the board, Elliot decided to call it there as there was no real way of the limited Criminal Syndicate to come back after losing MODOK and Bullseye so early on.

My team
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Hood and Toad

Elliot’s team
Kingpin (L), Bullseye, Black Cat, MODOK and Hood

I was expecting to see the Green Goblin in Elliot’s team… Instead I got the FACE!

Round four – Web Warriors vs A-Force

The final round we ended up with another Illuminati face off – This time with me against Big Ron Walker. Ron had bought his A-Force, and for the first time of the day I won priority. I took my Secures as I was relatively happy with Ron’s Extracts, so we ended up playing Mutant Madmen and Hammers! This took away Ron’s ability to choose a threat value, and once we revealed our teams I was very surprised to see that Ron had only gone four wide! My ever faithful Moon Knight went off to face Gamora on the right side of the board, and it became apparent very quickly that the deadliest woman in the galaxy was more than a match for the sole avatar of Konshu. Nevertheless, over on the left Ron had some unlucky rolls on the back off Special Delivery, meaning Angela and She-Hulk didn’t do very much. My last activation of turn one was to use my Black Cat to stagger She-Hulk, which was huge as Ron was already down so many activations. As we went into round two, Angela tried once more to push through some damage on Miles, but thanks to cover and lots of rerolls she didn’t succeed.

Sorry She-Hulk!

My Venom went, damaging Angela before pulling and throwing her far, far away from She-Hulk, leaving her bleeding with one health. The staggered She-Hulk was stuck between Black Cat, Miles, Toad and Gwen, and with Ron having no one near to use any healing cards on She-Hulk, All Webbed Up meant I was able to take down the green rage machine. Miles and Toad both had Hammers, so in total I think She-Hulk took the best part of fifty five attack dice before finally going down, the relentless Web Warriors just doing all they could to get rid of the biggest threat. Round three started with my Moon Knight being KO’d by Gamora, and in response my Toad heroically hopped towards Ron’s Black Cat – Dazing her in one hammer fuelled hit! This left Ron’s bleeding Angela who only had one wound left to try and take on Miles, Gwen, Venom and Black Cat, but despite her best efforts there was nothing Angela could do. With four activations left to go, I moved and was scoring two of the Mutant Madmen and holding three hammers.

Round four Ron’s Angela finally managed to do some damage, but thanks to lifesaver and Lethal protector I was able to mitigate any real issues. My Toad ran away from Ron’s Black Cat, and Gamora tried her best to fell Miles. Miles survived, and after using a Venom Blast to steal the Hammer Gamora had been running around with, we decided to call the game there. The Web Heads had all four Hammers and three of the Mutant Madmen, so the score ended 16 – 10 to the Web Heads.

My team
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Hood and Toad

Ron’s team
She-Hulk (L), Angela, Gamora and Black Cat

The final standings from the day, it was a surprise to see so many Defenders!

Sanctuary Games

Due to some issues with server maintenance, Longshanks was down during the event at Sanctuary! This means I don’t have the missions or threat value that we played each game – However Dave from Sanctuary was there and prepared, so we switched over to using instead for the pairings. The final standings and the rounds can be found here for anyone that wants to take a look!

Round one – Web Warriors vs Midnight Defenders

For the first game I was pulled up against Kieran – And he was running a mixture of Midnight Sons and Defenders. I can’t really remember a lot about our game, but I remember that he went with Midnight Sons and Ghost Rider going down pretty quickly in round three left a huge gap in power between the Web Heads and the Midnight Sons. My Moon Knight had an absolute field day, using his throwing crescents to pepper the Sons from a distance. I think the score ended 20-9 to the Web Heads, but as I said due to Longshanks being down and my lack of notes I can’t recall a lot from this game.

My team
Miles Morales (L), Gwen, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Toad and Hood

Kieran’s team
Ghost rider, Blade, Moon knight, Toad, Black Cat

Gwen was sure to Lifesaver some of my characters away from the Siege of Darkness

Round two – Web Warriors vs Guardians of the Galaxy

So due to there being quite a few dropouts due to COVID and other medical issues, there were only ten players instead of sixteen. This meant that after myself, Dan, Elliot and Ron all won our first games – It was inevitable some of us would meet again. This started straight away in round two, with me being paired up against Ron. Ron was looking to get revenge for his loss in the final, but today instead of his A-Force he bought the Guardians out to play! I won priority, and went with my secures. We ended up playing Mutant Madmen and Hammers, and from the very start of the game Ron’s dice were incredibly unlucky. He tried to claim the two Mutant traps in his half, failing to get either! This put Ron on the back foot from very early on, and after I was able to steal a third hammer, followed by a fourth with Miles and Black Cat, the Web Heads ran away with the points very quickly. It was a shame as the dice were genuinely that bad, with Ron rolling seven dice attacks that got no successes. Nevertheless it was a good laugh as both Ron and I are good friends, and I’m sure the next time we meet he will have something new to challenge me with!

My team
Miles Morales (L), Gwen, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Iron Man and Hood

Ron’s team
Star Lord (L), Gamora, Nebula, Rocket, Groot and Ronan

The Guardians are definitely much better now, but Ron’s dice are what let him down!

Round three – Web Warriors vs Sam led Avengers

In the third round I was matched up against my Padawan – Dan Scott himself. Dan has only been playing for just under two months, but he has picked up the game super quickly after myself and Elliot have put him through a number of crash courses and training rituals. I won priority this time, and we played Riots Spark and Hammers at eighteen threat. At the end our game was super close, with the Web Heads grabbing Hammers and running for the hills!

My team

Miles Morales (L), Gwen, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Hood and Iron Man.

Dan’s team

Sam Wilson (L), Iron Man, Lizard, Doctor Voodoo, Iron Fist and Black Widow

I’m sure Jameson delighted in telling the world how Spider-Man beat up Captain America!

Round four – Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate

For the final at Sanctuary, Elliot and I locked horns again! I won priority, taking my Secures as he was still running his Criminal Syndicate. We ended up with Spider Portals and Wakandan Herbs! Elliot chose to go with Fifteen threat, and it was clear it was going to be a funky game. I decided at the start to try and completely ignore the Herb and to stop Elliot from scoring his, and instead aim to just dominate on the secure. Elliot had some unlucky rolls, having both Kingpin and Black Cat teleported back from the Portals that they interacted with. This let me take a 3-1 lead at the end of round one, as I was holding all of the Portals except for the one near Elliot’s deployment.

Rounds two and three were very similar, with me focusing on Pushing and Throwing Elliot’s models so they couldn’t take back the portals. Going into round four the score was 9-3, but despite this in the last couple of rounds Elliot was able to close the gap slightly – With the game ending 12-7 to the Web Heads. Venom had been the absolute MVP, sitting on one Portal all game and keeping Kingpin and Voodoo at bay, whilst the other Web Heads ran around and kept on top of the other points. It was a really great game and if it had carried on it could of been even closer.

My team
Miles Morales (L), Gwen, Black Cat, Toad and Venom

Elliot’s team
Kingpin (L), Doctor Voodoo, Toad, Bullseye and Black Cat

As always, everyone’s favourite Symbiote pulled his weight!

Overall both events were great – It’s a shame there was an issue with Longshanks during the second, but considering this is nearly my 20th event, and this is the first time I’ve known there to be any issues with Longshanks, I’d say that’s pretty good! There are plenty more events coming up soon, and check out the events calendar to see if there are any that are coming up near you soon!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you’re interested in video content, then check out Wargaming Luke on YouTube as he shares his weekly Marvel videos!

If you’re looking to expand your roster with some new Heroes for Hire, or want to start off and take the dive into Marvel Crisis Protocol – Check out Board in Brums Marvel section here, for all the MCP goodness you need! Thanks again for reading!


  1. Argentbadger says:

    Impressive stuff as always – your sheer consistency is just amazing.

    I’ve noticed that you haven’t used Corvus or Proxima as much lately. Do you feel that they fit less well in your team now that Moon Knight and others have been released? Or are they present as specific tech that just hasn’t needed recently?


    1. Hey man! So I think the games has shifted to a much wider play style and wider scenarios. Corvus and Proxima are great on them – But in against some opponents for 8 threat that opponent brings three models. So it’s more about matching numbers really lately which is why I haven’t used them. I think when Juggernaut drops and more tall lists show up again the Deadly duo will be put again some more for sure!


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