Asgard Games – Web Warriors vs Spider Syndicate

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So moving forward I’m going to try and do one in depth game write up from each event, rather than just brief write ups from every game. Hopefully this will make for more interesting reports, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Over the weekend we had the third event of the year. Originally there had been twelve tickets that had been sold, but due to COVID we had a lot of drop outs. In the end, there were only four players who were able to make it! Asgard were still happy to run the event, and even kept the same prize support which was really good. This meant that we were going to be playing a Round Robin – Every player would eventually play everyone else. In the end I won all three of my games, but I had decided to do my first game as the match for todays write up, as it was with Luke Morgan who I’ve known for years – And the rosters were quite thematically matched – Web Warriors facing off against Criminal Syndicate and Spider Foes.

Asgard games – Round one – Web Warriors vs Spider Syndicate

Luke and I were matched for the first game – And despite knowing Luke for almost half my life, this was the first time we had played a game in years. Luke was running in his roster a cross between Spider Foes and Criminal Syndicate – So we were basically playing in the Spider verse. Luke won priority and took his Secures – I think after weighing up the odds he didn’t want to play Spider Portals. We ended up playing Mayor Fisk Witnesses and Hammers – And although I wouldn’t normally, I chose sixteen threat. This is purely because I felt at the lower threat value I could outmatch some of the stronger and more expensive models in Luke’s roster.

My team
Miles (L), Gwen, Venom, Black Cat and Moon Knight

My tactics cards
Medpack, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear, Advanced R&D and Lethal Protector

Luke’s team
Kingpin, Green Goblin, Black Cat, Bullseye and Kraven

Lukes’ tactics cards
Shadow Organization, All According to Plan, Medpack, Trip Up and Brace for Impact

I’m just going to add this image of the board, so you can see what I mean when referencing my Left, Right and Home points.

My high-tech editing skills allowed for this masterpiece.

Round One

Luke started off by activating the Green Goblin and moving over to grab the Hammer on my left, ending within one of the Witnesses. Naturally my response was to send one of my own models to fetch the Hammer on my right, so my Moon Knight went and grabbed it. Moon Knight rolled extra attack dice for his split personality – Although the extra move or power would have been ideal.

Luke’s Kingpin took his home Hammer, before starting to move up towards Moon Knight. I knew Luke had nobody who could run over and cheekily grab my home Hammer, so I also went with my leader – Moving Miles over to contest the witness Green Goblin was securing. Before the end of his activation I used Advanced R&D to give Gwen his one power – This might seem like it was a waste but it was essential in stopping Luke from taking a turn one lead.

Luke now used Kraven to run up and contest Moon Knight, and so my Black Cat went to contest the point to the left with Miles. As the Criminal Syndicate leadership meant Luke’s models counted as two, my aim was to just stop him taking a lead at this point – But also putting Black Cat in a position to steal Lukes hammer later on in the game. Luke’s Bullseye moved so he now had Kraven and Bullseye on the right witness, whilst I just had Moon Knight. 

I went with Venom who grabbed my home Hammer, and then moved up towards Kingpin. Luke’s final activation was to go with his Black Cat, who started the journey to support Green Goblin on the right against my Black Cat and Miles. I only had Gwen left, and at the minute Luke was securing the Witness to the right. Gwen moved twice onto the point – Before using the power she had got from that early R&D to pull Kraven off of the point. This meant I now had Gwen and Moon Knight to just Luke’s Bullseye, so both points were now contested. This stopped Luke from taking a lead on points round one, and the round ended 2-2 – With Green Goblin holding a hammer over on the left, whilst Venom, Moon Knight and Kingpin all had Hammers on the right side of the board.

Goblin was setting up to be a menace for the game

Round two

Luke started once more with his Goblin, shooting Miles with a six dice Pumpkin Bomb. Whether he chose Physical or Energy, it didn’t matter as Miles had three for both Defences and I had no reactive plays. His first Pumpkin Bomb dealt three damage to Miles, but luckily the second attack from Goblin didn’t do any – So Miles survived with just two health.

My Moon Knight activated, praying to the Moon but only getting one power in return. He started with a Throwing Crescents into Bullseye, dealing one damage, and then two with the rapid fire. Bullseye moved away with a Parting shot, but the Moon Knight managed to finish him with his second set of throwing Crescents. As Luke already had Priority and All According to Plan, I wasn’t worried about Dazing out of order as it was unlikely I’d see priority any time soon.

For the Moon.

Seeing Bullseye drop, Kraven went with a Kukri strike into Gwen – And with a full five out of five successes and a bad roll for Gwen, he Dazed her! Kraven had rolled a Wild which meant he was able to advance back onto the nearby Witness, before he threw a Spear Thrust into Moon Knight – Which dealt two damage. This left Gwen Dazed and Moon Knight with just two health – And to top it off Kraven set an expert Tracker on the Moon Knight – Meaning all of Luke’s team would be rolling extra dice into him. 

Seeing that Moon Knight was about to go down, Venom moved towards him to try and get the power to Mepdack Moon Knight. He put a Symbiote Tendrils into Kraven, but even with the extra dice from the Hammer he fluffed his roll and dealt no damage. This left Kraven out contesting Moon Knight on the Witness, and Moon Knight in a bad position.

Although normally I can rely on my favourte Symbiote, he just wasn’t feeling that attack!

Unfortunately because of where Venom had finished, Kingpin was able to shoot a beam into Venom and Moon Knight. Luke decided to hit Venom first, to try and bait out Lethal Protector. I did end up with the power, so I did use Lethal Protector to jump in the way of the attack into Moon Knight. Venom tanked both hits, and after was left with two power – Just enough to counter attack Kingpin. Kingpin reduced the incoming damage and only took one in the end, despite Venom having a half decent roll! 

Kingpin let fire another beam – The first doing one damage to Venom. Moon Knight was now on his own and even Konshu couldn’t save him – The beam attack into Moon Knight went Crazy! Luke got three Crits and two Hits on his initial roll, followed by three more hits! This left Moon Knight without any hope of surviving, and he dropped his hammer which Kingpin grabbed. The combination of Kingpin holding a Hammer and expert tracker meant Moon Knight was probably doomed to begin with.

The shift in control on the right side of the board now meant Luke was holding two Hammers and the Witness. This meant again I wasn’t aiming to take a lead again this round, just to match Luke and keep the scores equal. 

So on the left side of the board my black Cat did two Strikes into Green Goblin, dealing three damage! I could have Grappling hooked and stolen his hammer, but thanks to the damage Miles had taken earlier on he could use his Venom Blast. This meant I was able to bank the power on Black Cat for if Miles lost the Hammer later on! 

Black Cat has become a menace to all games of MCP

Luke’s Black Cat doubled back on herself to Stagger my Venom with a Troublemaker, and because she got the Wild she needed she was able to lurk back out of his counter attack range. 

My Miles was the last model to activate, so he used the Venom Blast to make Goblin drop his hammer. Thanks to him rolling quite well, Goblin was only left with one health. Miles picked up the Hammer that Goblin dropped, and with his second action he used a Web Kick to Daze the Green menace. This gave him a little extra power, but more importantly it meant that from the next turn he would no longer be able to interact with or score any points. I now had a hammer on Miles and Venom, and the left Witness, whilst Luke had two hammers on Kingpin and the right Witness. The scores went to 6-6.

Round three

Luke still had priority – And started with Kingpin! Kingpin let off a six dice beam into Moon Knight and Venom – But Venom was pulled to safety by Gwen. Moon Knight luckily was able to block all the damage from this attack! Kingpin’s second action was to let off another beam – This time just into Moon Knight. The Moon Knight took three damage, but most importantly he survived.

I had a tough decision now as Moon Knight was close to being KO’d, and Miles had just one health left before he would be Dazed and drop his hammer. I decided to go with Moon Knight, as he had the power to do something big. The Moon gave him two extra attack dice with his split personality roll, and it was time for Moon Knight to use some Tactics cards. Firstly he used Climbing Gear to move between Bullseye, Kingpin and Kraven. He then used All Webbed Up, giving slow to all three of them. Moon Knight used his first action to do a Rapid fire Throwing Crescents, with the second shot KO’ing Bullseye. This then meant he had the power to use Avatar of Konshu into Kraven. This Dazed the hunter, but more importantly it let Moon Knight place within one of him – And onto the point. This now left me with a huge advantage on the right as I still had Gwen and Venom to activate, whereas Luke had Kingpin who had already gone and a Dazed Kraven.

On the left side of the board, Green Goblin activated. I’d had to choose whether to sacrifice Miles or Moon Knight, and so Luke was ready to make sure one of them went down. Miles had taken three damage early on, and one from when the Witness moved. Luke started with a Glider ram, and Miles was unable to jump out of the way. Miles dropped the Hammer, which Luke put on top of the witness as Goblin was unable to pick it up. With his first action Goblin then let off a Night of the Goblin into Black Cat. Rolling seven out of seven with two crits – Black Cat quickly went down! Goblin used his second action just to move back from Black Cat and Miles, ready for the next turn. 

My Gwen activated – And she pulled Kingpin in with a Web Line. She then used a freestyle beat down – And thanks to All Webbed Up making it an eight dice attack she did an explosive six damage! Kingpin reduced it down to five so he was able to survive, and then negated the damage from the throw at the end of the attack. Gwens second action was to do a Spider technique kick, which was boosted to nine dice. This finished Kingpin who dropped two hammers – but Gwen only had the power to grab one. 

Assassin Gwen strikes again

Luke’s Black Cat moved to secure the Witness on the left, picking up the hammer that Miles had dropped. On the right side of the board my Venom shook Stagger and used Medpack to Patch himself up – Paying the extra power for the Hammer he was holding. He then moved to pick up the other hammer that Kingpin had dropped. It was important to do it in this order, as otherwise I wouldn’t of had the power to pay the extra hammer tax for Medpack. The round ended with Venom holding two hammers, Gwen holding one and Lukes Black Cat holding the other. Moon Knight still had the right witness and Luke had the left – So the score went 11-9

Round four 

Luke started with a kukri strike into Moon Knight – But got five blanks! His second attack however KO’d the Avatar of Konshu! Kraven Marked Venom with his expert Tracker, steadying himself as he stood still securing the Witness.

My Venom struck Kingpin – Dual wielding hammers – And also got no successes! This only seemed fair after Kraven’s first roll! His second attack however dealt four damage, and Venom used what I like to call “Get out of here!”. With a combination of Web Snare and Klyntar Rage, Venom moved Kingpin to a point where he was no longer able to have any real impact on the right side of the board. This is a great combination of the two powers that can really punish slow characters like Kingpin. I’ve added a photo, and although you obviously can’t use both movement tools at once, I told Luke I was going to do it and that it was just so I could demonstrate it with a photo!

So the Miles Morales movement tool shows where Kingpin is pulled to using Web Snare, and this then leaves him within Range two of Venom. The painted movement tool then shows the distance Kingpin will be thrown with Klyntar Rage – Putting him right on the edge of the board and out of the game.

On the left side of the board, Luke’s Goblin attacked Miles with a Pumpkin Bombs, rolling five successes! Miles got a crit and a block in the initial roll, then with the first rerolls another block, and with the final reroll one more Wild – So he only took one damage! The frustrated Green Menace let off another Night of the Goblin – but thanks to a similar defense roll from Miles he was able to survive. Green Goblin finished with a Glider Ram that left Miles on one health! Miles was lucky to survive, but what was going on on the right side of the board meant that the Web Warriors had already pulled away.

My Miles activated, losing a Venom Blast into Lukes Black Cat. Miles only got one success! Luke blanked out on his defense roll, so she still did take one damage. She dropped her hammer. Miles grabbed the Hammer, before using a Web Swing to line up a Kick into the Black Cat that would mean I could throw her into a building! 

Miles came through and finished Felicia!

I rolled my attack and was worried as I only got three two Hits and a Wild from my seven dice – But once more Luke blanked out. This was exactly enough to Daze her as Miles kicked her into the building! This left me scoring the Witness on the left and holding the one hammer.  

Luke’s Kingpin activated – moving twice to just manage to get back in range to secure the Witness. All he could do was throw my Venom at Gwen – and as she rolled no blocks it was enough to KO her! This changed the game a little as now Luke had got a hammer back and had the right witness, but thanks to the efforts from Miles I was still lined up to jump to sixteen points. 

My Black Cat ended the round trying to chase Kingpin – But couldn’t quite get over to him. The efforts of the Web Heads were already enough though as my three hammers and one witness meant I scored five VP’s and went to 16 – Whereas Luke got three points and went to twelve! It was a super close and super thematic game – And I think it was a great choice for this event’s write up! 

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  1. Mike Cadieux says:

    Great format! This is valuable from a tactics used during a game perspective. Thanks!


  2. plasticcraic says:

    Excellent article Arun! The map is a great addition and really helps me visualise what’s going on. Maybe a status quo shot at the end of the round would be good too?

    Love that Venom play too. Very nice!

    I do however have one request. I really like Black Cat, and if you keep playing her you’ll get her nerfed, so if you could please leave her for us mortals that would be swell 😉


    1. Yeah might have to do the end of round photo – Good shout! And haha she is so good though! I can’t see her being nerfed personally

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris says:

    I learned so much by reading this. I prefer this over videos on YouTube. I’m able to follow your thoughts and decisions. I’m still new to this game.


    1. Hey man! Glad it helps!


  4. Oskar says:

    Thanks for the battle report! I´m trying to learn more about how to play WW, and this is very useful!
    Just a quick question: looking at the pic explaining the combination of Venom powers to move Kingpin, shouldn’t he stop when moving along the first ruler because his base touches Venom base?


    1. Hi mate! So the first superpower used would of been Web Snare – Which is a Push. When a character I.e Venom pulls another model, they can pull them through their own base. Same as when Ghost Spider uses Lifesaver, she can pull models to safety through her own base


  5. RoockieBoy says:

    Nice write up! And congrats on the win! I’m also loving this format. The pics also help understand a lot better what’s going on.
    I have a question, though. You said that an injured Green Goblin couldn’t score any points, but the card literally says: “This character cannot interact with, or hold any objective tokens”. I’ve always played it like he’s unable to pick up any extracts, and cannot interact with control objectives, but he still counts in secure objectives… is that right?


    1. Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to read and the feed back!

      I should of been more specific – At the time it meant he wouldn’t be able to grab any Hammers or score the secure due to him being unhealthy – However once the characters I had contesting it were Dazed then he could indeed compete with them for it! Sometimes I forget to mention and explain such little details!


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