The Next event no.27!

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Some of you may remember that way back when the site was still young, I made a post called A tournament in the works. Six months later and we finally have the first Marvel Crisis Protocol event hosted by The Honest Wargamer!

It’s great to see some of the bigger wargaming names getting into MCP, and it looks like there is going to be a great group of players today! There is a handful of the Illuminati heading up, and some of the players from Element too.

With us today and as the designated driver in the Slatchmobile, Slatch is coming down for what’s going to be his third event, and with him he’s trying out the Midnight Sons – So I’m going to quickly go over his roster.

Blade (L), Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Voodoo, Black Cat, Ghost Rider, X-23, Ghost Spider, Bullseye and the Hood

Team Tactics cards
Siege of Darkness, Heroes for Hire, Mission Objective, Hood’s Gang, Deal with the Devil, Medpack, No matter the cost, Patch Up, Advanced R&D and Sacrifice

Extract crisis cards
Research station attacked – 16
Skrulls infiltrate world leadership – 17
Fear grips city as worthy terrorise Citizens – 18

Secure crisis cards
Gamma Waves sweep across Midwest – 15
Portals overrun city with Spider-People – 18
Daemons Downtown! Has our comeuppance come due? – 19

Until yesterday Slatch had only played with Avengers, but at the last minute he decided he fancied a change – So between him, Dan Hughes and I we put together a Midnight Sons roster. Despite only playing for a month, Slatch had already bought everything we needed for the team.

At the core of the list are six of the affiliated Midnight Sons characters – To get the most out of Siege of Darkness. They currently have some of the best models in the game as part of their affiliation, so it’s no surprise that they take don’t mind taking lots of affiliated models. Siege is very similar to Wakanda forever, and to get the most out of it taking as many Midnight Sons as you can cram in is definitely a good shout, and it can make for a huge swing mid game.

As their leader, your always going to be bringing Blade along – And like all good vampries, Blade loves it when people Bleed. Thanks to Vampiric Immortality, at the end of Blades activation he gains power and heals damage for every bleeding character within range two of him. Blade himself hands out Bleed like cupcakes, and with both Bullseye and X-23 in the list you can guarantee a blood bath – With options to dish out bleed everywhere.

Of course I couldn’t help build a roster and not include at least one Web Head, so Ghost Spider made her way into the ten. Gwen is one of the best control pieces in the game, and Lifesaver can be huge for a last minute save on an injured character. What really makes her shine in the Midnight Sons is the way that their leadership combines with her builder – Spider Technique. If Gwen has been placed or advanced during her turn, then after Spider Technique is resolved she can Advance Long. So, if you bump first, you can use Spider Technique and then Advance Long, before doing it again, and advancing long, again. So there are definitely some funky things Gwen can do with the Sons.

Hopefully it goes well for Slatch, and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how we all get on!

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