The Infinity Series

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As I’m sure many of you are aware, the tournament scene for Marvel Crisis Protocol is booming. The events calendar is quickly filling up each month, Longshanks now has over 5000 recorded games and Season Seven on TTS is absolutely rammed full of players. It’s time to add a new series of annual tournaments to the events calendar – The Infinity Series, where players can gather their own collection of Infinity Gems.

No one event organiser can handle the power of all six Infinity Stones, so between myself and some other familiar faces we’re splitting the burden of the Gems. The BOBO boys, Jon Green and Jonny Statham will be hosting two of the events, with the one and only Tony Moore taking on two more. The last two will be hosted by Web Warrior Protocols – So to gather them all and fill the Infinity Gauntlet you’ll have to be willing to travel far and wide!

We are currently talking to Redsam from Longshanks about getting some specific badges set up for those who run the Infinity Gauntlet and do all six events – And Cog’O’Two who are friends of Web Warrior Protocols will be helping us with some great prize support. At each event you attend you will collect an Infinity Gem, and the collated results from all six events will let us create an overall podium! Do you have what it takes to collect all six Gems? Are YOU inevitable?

As with all things involving the Infinity Gems, things can change and reality is a malleable clay in the hands of such raw power. Using the Time stone, we’ve been able to give you a glimpse into what might be the dates and locations for this year’s events – They’re almost set in stone but we’re just finalising some details.

Sunday 12th June – The Mind Gem
– The BOBO boys, Nottingham University

Sunday 10th July – The Soul Gem
– @thecountmoore, Element Games

Saturday 13th August – The Reality Gem
– Web Warrior Protocols, Board in Brum

Saturday 17th September – The Space Gem
– @thecountmoore, Element Games

Saturday 29th October – The Time Gem
– The BOBO boys, Nottingham University

Saturday 26th November – The Power Gem
– Web Warrior Protocols, Board in Brum

Who are the BOBO boys?

For those of you that don’t know, Jon and Jonny are the BOBO boys. Anyone who has been a part of the Age of Sigmar community will have heard of the famous BOBO – Bravery One British Open – At one point it was the largest Age of Sigmar event held in Europe, and later the second biggest of the year with 200+ players. So the BOBO boys know a fair bit about running events, and it’s going to be great to see them tackling tournaments for Marvel Crisis Protocol! You can find Jonny over on Twitter @ageofhobby and Jon @marvelcrisis

The BOBO boys also have an illustrious modelling career…

Who is Tony Moore?

Tony also used to play lots of AoS, but more recently he’s become one of the most regular faces to see at an MCP tournament. He’s been pushing the MCP scene over at Element, and hosted the biggest Marvel Crisis Protocol event so far, with fifty four players! More recently he’s began teaming up with Rob from The Honest Wargamer, doing a weekly takeover about Marvel Crisis Protocol over on their podcast! Tony is also the founding member of an exclusive and elusive club that apparently drinks fine wine and eats caviar… Something to do with beating me at an event! You can find Tony over on twitter @thecountmoore

The count himself and I!

So keep an eye peeled for more information about these events, where to buy tickets and how YOU can become the next bearer of the Infinity Stones!

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