The Next event no.28! And Crisis Selection!

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If you’re reading this then it means we have actually managed to make our way over to Boards and Swords for the event! It’s been a bit of a hurdle, after Slatch who was meant to be driving had a Covid scare earlier in the week. To top it off, my partner’s car decided to give up on life so she wasn’t able to take us – But in the end after retesting it turns out Slatch is negative!

Dan is bringing along with him a lovely mix of the Black Order and Brotherhood and Slatch has bought Midnight Sons – Whilst I’ve gone back to the roots of my roster with a more aggressive Web Warrior build. I’ve got on fine and gone undefeated with the roster I ran last weekend, but I think with tall and super aggro teams making a return, it’s good to be able to go toe to toe with them.

I also finally picked up the Mad Titan himself, so I’ve got a third Secure with the D shaped deployment in the form of Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth! It’s a bit of a mouthful, but Web Heads definitely like the D shaped missions for their secures, and now I’ve finally got it I’ve slotted it straight into my roster.

Not having to pay to flip is also pretty useful, as the Web Heads do like their power. For those that don’t know, this is one of the missions where you simply need to stand within one of it to contest and score it, with each one being worth one VP. During the Power Phase though, each portal can radiate cosmic energy – So starting with the player who has priority you have to roll a dice for every character you control that is standing within range one of a Cosmic Vault. If you roll a Crit or a Wild, then the model being rolled for gets pushed small away from the Portal and gains two power – and the opposing player resolves this push.

For the Web Heads this isn’t a huge issue, as a lot of the characters are quite fast like Ghost Spider and Black Cat. Other Web Warriors have abilities that let them place like Miles Morales with his Web Swing, so it’s only really Venom that gets upset if he gets pushed away. If you set up Venom so there isn’t really anywhere for him to be pushed then he’s going to love staying relatively still and getting the extra power.

Whilst we are on the subject of Crisis cards, I’ve still not really found a third Extract mission that I really like. I’ve got Hammers and Skrulls in there as the two that I really like, and I’ve played so many games of each now that it’s almost muscle memory to set up for them at different threat values.

For the third extract I’m still not too sure on what to take. For those who remember the way Crisis selection used to work, you would discard one of your three at random and then choose from the remaining two what you wanted to play. This would mean you could have one Crisis card in your three that you would never have to play if you didn’t want to, or that you could just take it when you felt the match up was more favourable. Now however, as you could be playing any one mission at a time it means you need to be prepared for all of them – And I’m not too sure on my third. Someone asked me how I made a perfect roster, so I thought it was worth me saying here that my roster is in no means perfect, and I’m always trying to improve it!

So the first candidate for the third mission is Montesi Formula. Which is what is currently in my roster. Montesi Formula is an extract that has three tokens that you need to pick up and hold onto. These are Spellbooks, and during the Cleanup phase players score 1 VP for each Spellbook held by a character they control. A character can only ever hold one Spellbook at a time, and characters holding them can use the Mystic Beam attack listed on the Crisis Card once per turn. This is a beam three, six dice energy attack.

So overall Montesi is a mission where you can score a decent amount of VPs, and the attack can be very nice to have. All Webbed Up bumps this up to an eight dice beam, which for no power is very strong. The only thing I find is that like with all odd numbered extracts, the person with priority has a slight advantage as they can make a dash for the middle point first. Overall though I like Montesi and it is a solid mission.

Another strong contender for the third Extract spot in my roster is going to be Deadly Legacy Virus Cured?. This is a really funky mission, that doesn’t get played that much. Much like Montesi, there are three points and for each one that one of your characters is holding during the Cleanup Phase you score 1 VP. There are however a bunch of extra rules to go along with this – The first of which is that a character must spend one power fo each Legacy Cure they’re holding before Interact to pick up another one. So if you’re already holding a Legacy Cure, picking up another will cost you two in total. If you’re already holding two then you’ll need to spend three.

At the end of a characters activation, if it is holding one or more Legacy Cures it may remove one Special Condition from itself. This is really handy, as it stops any objective runners from having to waste actions shaking conditions. This isn’t the reason that the Cures become so expensive to pick up though – The final part of this card is

‘If at any time a character is holding all three Legacy Cures, the character is immediately KO’d and its controlling player scores 8 VPs. Remove all of the Legacy Cures from the game.’

So this is pretty bonkers. 8 VPs is huge, especially when you consider the fact that the first to sixteen wins. This can make the game very tense, as dropping one of these tokens can be brutal. Once all three have been removed, the total number of VPs available on the board becomes extremely limited – So it’s very hard to win if your opponent pops the 8 VPs and removes the tokens. The trade off of course is that the character that was holding them is KO’d, but I’d say it’s very much worth it.

The reason that I’ve been generally trying to avoid this mission is because it can just be so swingy – And Criminal Syndicate are frighteningly good at passing around objectives. A wrong move when playing this against a veteran Criminal Syndicate player can really cost you, as once they’ve got a token it is a nightmare to get it back. So I’m not too sure whether I want to take that risk!

The final card I’ve been looking at more recently again has been Spider Infected Invade Manhattan. This is an Extract that places five Civilian tokens on the table, using the F deployment. Just like Montesi and Virus, players score 1 VP for each of the Infected held by a character they control during the cleanup phase. One of the nice little rules that punishes really tall rosters is that a character can only hold on Infected. So if your able to go wide like my Web Heads can it means you’ve got an upper hand in terms of being able to score the points.

There is a chance that your characters might get ragged around by the Spider Infected they are holding. During the Power Phase, starting with the player with priority, players roll a die for each character that they control holding an Infected. If the result is a Crit, Wild or a Hit, then that character is advanced Small before rolling for the next character – And the opposing player resolves this advance.

What this basically means is there is a 50/50 chance of each of your characters holding a civilian being moved somewhere you might not want them. For the Web Heads though that isn’t a major issue, as a lot of them have the tools to get back into position like I said earlier. Even the Splash characters I have like Toad and Sam have some tools that mean they wont have to waste Move actions to get back into position.

My only concern with this Crisis is that there is a potential of Five VPs on the board. Combine this with a high scoring Secure like Scoundrels or Gamma Wave, and there is a potential for some huge swings in VPs, as there are just so many points available to be scored. Nevertheless though I do feel my Web Heads have the tools to be able to deal with it!

So after looking at the three different options, I think that of the three Deadly Legacy Virus is way too risky. I think it definitely can be played well by the Web Heads, but there is that potential for another team like Criminal Syndicate to have the slight edge – Just like Midnight Sons now have the edge on Daemons Downtown with all of their immunity to Incinerate. Of the other two, Spider Infected is the one I’ve probably got the most reps with, so although having slightly more VPs on the board I think it does edge it out over Montesi at the minute with all of the Tall rosters popping up.

So with the murder duo of Corvus and Proxima making their return, my roster for this event with the changes to Crisis now looks like

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Moon Knight, Black Cat, Venom, Bullseye, Toad, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality Gem.

Team Tactics cards
All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear, Medpack (R), Patch Up (R), Advanced R&D, Mission Objective, Lethal Protector, Sacrifice,

Extract crisis cards
Spider Infected Invade Manhattan – 17
Skrulls infiltrate world leadership – 17
Fear grips city as worthy terrorise Citizens – 18

Secure crisis cards
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth – 16
Riots Spark over Extremis 3.0 – 17
Portals overrun city with Spider-People – 18

This turned into quite a deep dive into Crisis Selection, so I’m hoping that I haven’t made the wrong decision with my changes. I’ll be sure to make sure to let you all know how I get on!

I try and pick fitting photos for the posts, but today I felt like a huge explosion. So, here we are!

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