Playing Spider Foes – Mysterio

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Carrying on with the Spider Foes coverage, today it’s time to take a look at Mysterio! The final affiliated three threat for the Foes (Until we hopefully get Vulture and Shocker!), Mysterio is the Master of Illusions, an expert in Tricks and Traps and a connoisseur of Smoke and Mirrors. I’ll be breaking down Mysterio’s character card, taking a look at his character specific Tactics card The Grand Illusion and talking about his place in the Foes!

Quentin Beck – Mysterio

Mysterio is quite a confusing character to understand, but I’m going to try and explain what is behind the mist and magic. First of all on his healthy side Mysterio has six health, dropping down to five on his injured side. This is the only thing that changes on either side of his character card, leaving him with a reasonable health pool of Eleven overall. He is size two, and only has a small move. As he is on the smallest base in the game at the minute, this ties him for the slowest character with Crossbones when you just look at his speed and base size. Mysterio has plenty of Tricks to help him get around, which I’ll explain more later.

At first glance Mysterio only has a defence line of 1/1/5, which on its own is definitely not that good. One of his Superpowers gives him a pseudo version of 5/5/5, which on the other hand is very good. We’ll get to that shortly as we wade towards the Smoke and Mirrors! The most important thing to remember is the things Mysterio can do outside of his own activation, which is what really helps to make him work. I’ll take a quick look at his attacks before moving into his superpowers.

Mysterio’s character card by Atomic Mass Games


Mysterio has two attacks on his character card. The first is his builder, which is Hypnotic Gas. For zero power, this is a range three, four dice Mystic attack. Mysterio gains power equal to the damage dealt, and if the attack deals damage then after the attack is resolved Mysterio may Advance the target character Small.

This special rule is great, and the only downside is that it is relying on a four dice attack to do damage. If you do manage to push the damage through, the Advance can be phenomenal – As very few models in the game have anything that can stop them being advanced by enemy models. Furthermore, there is no size restriction, so Mysterio can Advance the Hulk just as easily as he can Black Widow.

Mysterios second attack is one that I’ve found myself not using that much, but in the situations where I’ve been flush with power, I have used it and had some good results. For four power Curtain Call is a six dice Mystic attack that is range two. If the attack deals damage, and the target character is size two or less, then the target may be thrown Small after the attack is resolved. If you roll the trigger of a Wild, then the target character gains the Stagger condition, which can really hinder an opponent’s options. Sadly for me this attack is quite expensive, as four power for Six dice just isn’t that great – But it definitely can be worth it in the right situations. If the Stagger was guaranteed like Black Cats troublemaker, then I could definitely see it being used a lot more.


Mysterio has a whole host of Superpowers on his character card and they are where he really starts to shine. On his character card he has a total of five different superpowers – One Reactive and four that are Innate. His first superpower is Tricks and Traps, and for three power it is an Innate superpower. Mysterio can use it when an enemy character ends a movement within range three of him, and its important to remember that this triggers on any movement – So when an enemy model Climbs, Advances, Places or is Pushed or Thrown.

When you use this superpower, you roll four dice – And the enemy character suffers one damage for each Crit and Wild rolled. If this superpower deals at least one damage, then Mysterio may advance small. This is really helpful for helping with Mysterios manoeuvrability, as the extra small moves can really add up.

The best part of this superpower is that it triggers on any movement. So that includes if one of your other models throws an enemy character, if they place themselves with a power like Web Swing and even when the game moves them with things like Spider Infected and Cosmic Portals. To top it off, a lot of the time this superpower only really costs you two power, thanks to…

Master of Illusions. This innate superpower means that whenever Mysterio rolls dice, after the effect is resolved, Mysterio gains one power if he rolled at least one Blank. This works for whenever Mysterio rolls dice, so this includes Tricks and Traps, Attacks, Interacts, Defense rolls and even Dodge rolls. Speaking of Dodges, additionally thanks to Master of Illusions Mysterio uses his Mystic Defense when making a dodge roll. This only adds to his survivability, which is really boosted by…

Smoke and Mirrors. This is another innate superpower that means when an enemy character targets Mysterio with an attack, Mysterio may use his Mystic Defense regardless of the attack’s type – Unless the attacking character pays two power. Early in the game a lot of enemy models wont have the power to pay this tax, so Mysterio is going to be very hard to take down. Later on in the game enemy models might have the spare power to get around this, but you’re still adding extra costs to their power economy.

As you can probably tell, these three superpowers all work together very well to make Mysterio very tricksy and tanky. Even if Mysterio isn’t dealing huge amounts of damage from his builder, he is able to steadily gain power just through rolling dice with Master of Illusions. You do have to be careful that someone might pay to ignore Smoke and Mirrors, as Mysterio can go down fairly quickly when only rolling one defense dice.

Mysterios last two innate powers are Stealth and Flight. Stealth is an amazing superpower to have on anyone, but with a tricky character like Mysterio it is even better. Having an enemy model move into range to be able to get past Mysterios stealth, for him to then just trigger Tricks and Traps and skulk away can be really frustrating for anyone trying to hunt him down, and as I’ve already said early game it is hard to pay to get around his Defenses.

Overall Mysterio can be tricky to play, as you need to remember to gain your power for Blanks and when to use Tricks and Traps. His early game movement and deployment are super important, as you’ll usually be moving twice in his first turn to get him into position. One thing Mysterio really hates it being thrown or pushed away, so its worth avoiding putting him into one on one match ups where he can be easily manipulated.

Playing Mysterio in Spider Foes

Mysterio has some great synergies in Spider Foes. Characters like Lizard and Venom who are able to throw enemy models really help to let Mysterio get a lot of triggers for Tricks and Traps, and if Kraven uses Corner the Beast on a model, whenever they advance they take a damage – Which includes if Mysterio moves them with his builder.

Having both Green Goblin and Mysterio together can create a real minefield for your opponents models to walk through, as you can trigger Tricks and Traps and Trick or Treat to really punish a model for where they move to. This out of sequence damage potential means that both you and your opponent need to be aware of Mysterios power and positioning.

If you have the spare power, The Grand Illusion is one of the best area effects that there is – And for an opponent it is horrendous. It’s an active card, but it doesn’t have to be played during Mysterios activation. For four power, until the end of the Cleanup Phase, when an enemy character makes an attack, defense or dodge roll while within range three of Mysterio, it does not add dice to the roll for Crit results and Mysterio changes all of its Crit results to Skulls. This is like a super buffed up version of Hex, except it affects everyone in its aura.

Grand Illusion by AMG

When timed correctly, it can really shut down an opponent’s big turn, and there are lots of other debuffs that work really well with this card. If you combine it with Bitter Rivals, then your opponent’s entire team will feel very pillow fisted for the round. This is a big investment, as it requires you to be bringing along Mysterio and filling two of your tactics card slots up – With Bitter Rivals being restricted. But when you use this combination, you can be sure that your opponent is going to really struggle both offensively and defensively for the round.

Bitter Rivals by AMG

There are certain matchups that Mysterio prefers to others. Central missions like Daemons Downtown and Gamma Waves are really good, as Mysterios zone of control will cover the majority of where the game is happening. On more spread out missions like Spider Portals or Infinity Formula Mysterio can start to struggle, but if played right and put into where he needs to be he can still be a menace.

He definitely makes it into any Spider Foes roster I’ve made, and can really perform well alongside other staples like Kraven and Doc Oc. If there are any other combos for the Mysterious man then please let me know, as I’ve still only had around twenty games with him!

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  1. Gaz says:

    Brilliant !! Il start using mysterio and trying some of the strategies


    1. Definitely worth trying him! Where do you play as your local store?


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