Operation Element – Spring into Marvel

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So this weekend was operation Element – And with a lift from Dan, some free accommodation at Quinn’s Mom’s and a whole lot of last minute planning, I somehow managed to make my way over to Element for their first ever two day Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament! I managed to snag second place, narrowly missing out to Pat who went 7 – 0 and grabbed first place! It was a great weekend to meet lots of different people, and finally put some names to faces!

All of the top players from each bracket!

Across the weekend I won six of my seven games – Only losing to Pat who got the big 7-0! Our game was super close, and it came down to the very last activation – a 50/50 roll!

I finally met Pat when we played – And our game came down to Toad rolling for a SWORD base!

It was 12-10 to the Web Heads, with myself holding two Spider Infected and Pat Holding three. I had two of the SWORD bases, and with just his Toad left to go Pat made a dash for the one on the far right – Rolling the hit and flipping it to his control! This meant the scores jumped to 14-16 to Pat – and looking back there were a couple of mistakes on my half as I didn’t realise Toad could get back into the interacting range! I’m sure Pat and I will meet again at some future events, and we will be joining RichMid Gaming for a YouTube video as well as me jumping on to join Pat on Across the Bifrost.

There was a great selection of Prizes!

It was interesting to see such a huge surge in Guardians players – As well as the Mad Titan Thanos popping up more and more as an eight threat splash character.

The top ten from the event

It’s nice to see that others have moved on and left the Web Heads behind, as for a moment I expected to just be playing a bunch of mirror matches! I was actually super lucky, as I think almost every one of my games was a different matchup! As part of the rules pack VPs were capped at 16, which was a bit odd as MoV was the secondary tiebreaker! On Longshanks this means any game where you score above 16 was reduced down, but I did keep track of the actual scores from my games!

Round 1 – Web Heads vs Asgard

In the first game I played against Dan Humpage – Who wasn’t the happiest after he had given me the lift to get there! We played Skrulls and Cosmic Invasion at seventeen threat, and the game ended 16 – 3 to the Web Heads who managed to go toe to toe with Asgardians! Sorry Dan!

Round 2 – Web Heads vs Avengers

For the second game I was paired with Ged Ollerenshaw, who was running super tall Avengers. We played Spider Infected and Daemons Downtown, and at nineteen threat Ged had bought Steve, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and the Hulk! This was a very bloody game, that ended 20 – 14 to the Web Warriors!

Round 3 – Web Heads vs X-Men Gold

Round three and I were matched against Chris Abbot – It’s not an MCP event if you don’t play at least one Chris! He was running the Uncanny X-Men, and we played eighteen threat Spider Infected and Mutant Madman! During the early rounds Chris had a slight points lead thanks to First Class and To me, my X-Men! but later on I was able to control the X-Men thanks to Hood putting in an absolutely show stopping performance. The score when the game ended was 21-15 to the Web Warriors after I was finally able to get hold of four of the five Spider Infected, as well as controlling three of the Madmen points!

Round 4 – Web Heads vs Cabal

For the fourth round it was a throw down between myself and Chalmers from Tales of Crisis – Who also snagged the best Board award! When we played he bought out his Cabal, with Red Skull, the Hood, Mr Sinister and Cassandra Nova! It was Riots Spark and Research station, which definitely made for an interesting game! The score ended up at 16 – 4 after the Web Warriors managed to walk over the Researcher.

Chalmers getting his Board Award!

Round five – Web Heads vs Guardians

For the first game of day two, Pat and I were paired against one another. Pat won priority, choosing his Secures – So we ended up with SWORD base and Spider Infected. I absolutely detest SWORD base, so I decided to jump down and take fourteen threat to make sure that the Mad Titan didn’t decide to make an appearance.

This was the closest game I had all weekend, with it ending on a single dice roll. If Pat took the SWORD base, the score went to 16 – 14 to him. If I’d of held onto it, it would have been 13 – 17 to the Web Heads. Pats Toad knew what he was doing, and managed to get the Hit to flip the SWORD base. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play Pat again at some future events!

Round six – Web Heads vs Convocation

For round six it was Sasa and I – And he was running his Convocation. I’d met Sasa at some other events, but we hadn’t ever played before. We ended up playing Alien Core and Riots, and after Corvus found the Core round one it became a game of chase for Sasa to try and take it back. The score ended up being 16 – 8 to the Web Warriors, as Sasa wasn’t able to ever steal the point back – Despite having Voodoo and Strange chasing after Corvus!

Round seven – Web Heads vs X-Men Gold

The final round of the event was the first time that I’d had to play against an affiliation I’d already faced – With Cathal bringing out his X-Men. This ended up being another single extract mission, as Cathal had taken Senators. After Miles found the Senator early on, once he was dazed he passed it over to Gwen thanks to Mission Objective. Gwen spent the rest of the game using her Spider Technique attack to get free long moves away whilst holding the senator, and my Toad had left the fight and was running around capping Spider Portals. The game ended 19 – 11 to the Web Heads!

The top player for every affiliation got some cool acrylic tokens!

The event overall was very solid – There were some odd choice rules with the capping at 16 VPs and the Dice Downs that meant some people ended up with draws – But a great atmosphere, group of people and set of boards meant that it was an amazing weekend. I want to give a huge shout out to Marcus Gill too, as although the Twitter war meant he didn’t win best board, he had bought along eight boards – all of which were amazing!

I came second – Which meant I was the highest ranked of the two 6-1’s

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  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice going, you’re an MCP machine. I’m not sure if your notes go this far but it would be great if you wrote which characters each player picked for each round, along with why you picked your team based on the match-up.


    1. For this event in particular I didn’t take any notes – Seven games was just a lot to keep up with! But for smaller events it’s definitely something I try to do!


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