The results are in!

So I recently posted a poll in one of the Marvel Crisis Protocol groups on Facebook, and managed to get quite a healthy response! In the poll, I asked;

*Seen… It wouldn’t let me edit it after posting!

It was great to see that the post got a decent response. In total, I got 38 responses, which was more than I had expected! The results were

– Criminal Syndicate – 11
– Web Warriors – 6
– Guardians of the Galaxy – 4
– Avengers – 4
– Defenders – 3
– Midnight Sons – 2
– Spider Foes – 2
– X-Force – 2
– A-Force – 1
– Asgard – 1
– Black Order – 1
– Brotherhood of Mutants – 1
– Inhumans – 1
– Uncanny X-Men – 1
– Cabal – 0
– Wakandans – 0

So, with almost twice as many votes as any other faction, and nearly a third of the overall votes, Criminal Syndicate was the most popular choice for me to go through and review first. I’m a big fan of Criminal Syndicate, and have a few friends who are currently playing them. I’ve played at least ten games against them, and a few of them have been in a competitive environment, so I’ve got a pretty good handle on how they work and some experience using some of their members.

Our top two leaders

I was happily surprised to see the Webheads coming in at second, but just flat surprised to see Guardians at third. Sadly the Guardians don’t see too much competitive play, although I’ve played against them quite a bit. They have an interesting core set of characters, and who knows, maybe we will find some hidden gems!

The Avengers fell just short of the top three, followed closely by the Defenders. Midnight Sons and Spider foes were tied with two, and then A-Force, Asgard, Black Order, Brotherhood, the Inhumans and the Uncanny X-Men all had a vote each.

I was pretty shocked that both Cabal and Wakanda had no votes, but as they are too of the earliest factions, I suppose people might want to know about newer stuff, as I imagine they already have lots of established content through other creators.

So, I’ll be working through the affiliations, doing breakdowns on the Leaders and their leadership abilities, as well as the characters in each affiliation. For characters that show up in multiple affiliations, I’ll be doing them under the first affiliation they pop up in, but won’t be biased to any one affiliation and make sure to discuss them in all of their available ones.

Now that we have our running order, we’ll be starting with everyone’s favourite mobsters, thugs and thieves. For anyone who doesn’t know about our favourite shadow organisation, Criminal Syndicate is the underworld element to Marvel Crisis Protocols streets, led by Kingpin, who is quite a tank on the table top. The current members are

There’s a decent selection of characters here, and I’ve used quite a few of them myself, including Bullseye! So in the next couple of days I’ll be posting up ‘Kingpin, Criminal Syndicate’ and begin the long journey of working through characters and affiliations. I’ll try to slot in any new releases we get whilst I work through them, but I’ll catch up with them all eventually, I’m sure!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment any thoughts you have! Dom is going to be continuing this series here on the blog, so please follow the blog if you want to see his and my own future posts!

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Loving the blog and I have been told that I need to try the Web-Warriors out as it might suit me better. I have been looking for a list and might try one of yours out. It’s great that you have not only provided the list but you giving some explanation behind it too. Keep up the great work.


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