7th City Games pt.2

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We had yet another Marvel event yesterday, this time at 7th city games! It was a good event and each player walked away with something – As every player got a goodie bag that had a comic, a Freddo and some other goodies in! Even though I lost my first tournament game, but I managed to still podium and come third, and the game I did lose was against Tony – it was a super close game that could of gone either way!

In my goodie bag I even had a Web Head comic!

Game one – Web Warriors vs… Web Warriors

Round one I was matched against another Web Head – Dan, and once we had rolled for priority I won and picked my secures. Dan put forward Cosmic Cubes, and I picked Spider Portals. I picked eighteen threat and we both built our teams.

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Dan’s characters

Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Ant-Man, Rocket Raccoon and Taskmaster

Dan’s Tactics cards

Medpack, Brace for Impact, All Webbed Up,

Turn one started with my Miles running to the center of the board to grab the middle Cube. Dan then sent his Ant-Man to get the portal to my left, and rolled to take portal but failed – Getting a skull which meant I could move him away. Corvus took the Spider Infected on my left, before moving to get the Portal Ant-Man had failed to get. Dan used his Gwen and Venom to pick up his Cubes, and my Venom picked up the last cube on my side. My Proxima moved to the far right and managed to steal back the portal from Dan, so at the end of the round I had three cubes and three portals to Dan’s two cubes and one portal – So the score went 6 -3.

Turn two started with Corvus dazing Ant-man, before moving back to be sat securely on the left Portal with his back to a cargo container, so Dan’s Gwen couldn’t Impact Webbing him away. There was lots of swinging and pulling from both sides, and between Dan’s Taskmaster and Miles he managed to take my Proxima down to one health. Dan had just Rocket and Gwen to my Proxima. Rocket moved out and unleashed a shot into Proxima, dazing her, meaning I had no one to activate and he still had Gwen! His Gwen double moved to my back portal, and stole it! The score went to 11 – 7, myself still holding three Cubes and the two Portals on the flanks, whilst Dan had two Cubes and both central portals.

Both Venoms were having a field day with so many Spider Snacks!

Turn three started with my Venom, who was very nearly dazed with just two health left, moving and doing a We Are Venom into an unsuspecting Rocket. Rocket only blocked one, and as Venom had rolled an obscene amount of successes the Trash Panda went down. In response, Dan’s Ant-Man did an Uppercut and Barrage into Corvus, but only rolled three successes in each roll – So Corvus batted most of it aside and ended up only taking one damage – But this didn’t stop Ant-Man from rolling two successes to steal the portal. My Proxima activated, using a strike into Taskmaster to gain one power and an Advanced R&D to take a power from Corvus, before doing a Quantum Starburst into Dan’s Venom. Dan’s Venom was left with a couple of health and lots of conditions, and his counterattack only did one damage against the Martial Prowess of Proxima.

Dan’s Miles kicked my Venom, getting no damage through – and I counter attacked doing no damage. He then decided to kick my Miles, which didn’t do any damage but threw him away. My Corvus activated, finishing Ant-Man off and taking back the portal. Dan had Gwen and Taskmaster left, and went with Taskmaster. Taskmaster used a Mnemonic technique to finish my Venom, who dropped a cube. I just had my Miles left, who used a Web swing to kick Dan’s Gwen into a wall, dazing her! Miles stole her cube and moved to take the portal she was had been standing on in my half, which he got, meaning I once more had three portals and three Cubes, whilst Dan had his home portal and two cubes. The score went to 17 – 10, and we shook hands and got ready for our next games – Dan telling me he recognised me from some MESBG events!

It never gets old!

Game 2 – Web Warriors vs Avengers

Game two it was myself and George who had bought Sam Spam Avengers. George won priority, and chose to go with his extracts. George put forward Spider Infected, and I chose Spider Portals – Lots of Spiders! George picked eighteen threat and we built our teams

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

George’s characters
Sam Wilson (L), Luke Cage, War Machine, Baron Mordo, Ant-Man and Hawkeye

George’s Tactics cards

Medpack, Field Dressing, Heroes for Hire, Avengers Assemble and Follow Me

War Machine started by getting George’s left cube, so my Miles went and got the centre one.  Corvus took my right portal, and Proxima toom the one to my left. Ant-Man and Hawkeye nearly dazed Proxima, but they couldn’t take the portal. As she had taken a bunch of damage, Proxima used Advanced R&D to give Miles, Gwen and Venom a power, meaning they would all be able to use their two cost powers in turn two. Turn one ended with me going 6-3, and we got ready for the second round 

My Turn two I started off with Proxima doing a double strike into Ant-Man, but she only dealt one damage. Proxima Medpacked herself, which meant she had only taken one damage. George used a Hook Arrow to place Hawkeye at range five of Venom, and once he had declared his attack I used Gwen’s life saver to pull Venom towards him – Putting me within three to be able to counter attack. Hawkeye dealt no damage and even though I had the power, I chose not to counterattack. Hawkeye did his second attack into Proxima, which dealt one damage. George went with Ant-Man, who rolled three successes on an attack into Proxima. Even though I’d used martial Prowess and blocked three, I used my Web Warrior reroll to reroll a success, which seemed to confuse George. What this meant though is that I took one damage, and then had enough power to use martial Prowess again on the second attack, which then blocked all of Ant-Man’s damage and dealt two damage back to him

Captain Sam in all his glory!

Luke Cage and Sam Wilson teamed up to daze Corvus, who dropped a spider infected, but George had no one left who was able to pick it up. At the end of the turn we both had two spider infected and two spider portals, so the score went to 10 – 7.

Corvus started with a 7 dice Glaives Edge Deaths Blow into Sam, which Dazed him! He used the flurry to strike Luke Cage, and then struck him with his second action. He only did two damage to Cage, but it gave me the power to re take the portal and pick up the Spider Infected he had dropped. 

Ant-Man nearly dazed Gwen, who in response played all Webbed up. She pulled Hawkeye towards her, doing a strike followed by another strike into Hawkeye. With all the extra dice, Hawkeye went down. George in reply dazed Miles with Mordo. At the end of the turn George had just Luke left to go, who moved twice to field dressing Hawkeye. Hawkeye moved twice and used a hook arrow to get in range of my home Portal which he managed to steal, despite his two dice. As George had managed to hold on to two Portals, and have two slider infected, he scored four to my five, taking the score to 15 – 11

Turn three started with my Venom KO’ing Ant Man. George went with Hawkeye who shot Venom, but Gwen once more used a lifesaver to pull him within three of Hawkeye. Venom counterattacked, dazing Hawkeye who only had one health after Luke had used Field Dressing on him. With our remaining models, we moved around and rolled for Portals – And I ended the game holding three portals and three spider infected – Whereas George had only one portal and two infected. The score went to 21 – 14 in my favour, and we both got ready for round three. 

Game three – Web Warriors vs Wakandans

For the third game Tony won priority, and although we had played twice in events before, Tony told me that no one beats him three times in a row. Tony put forward Infinity Formula, and I put forward Skrulls

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Toad and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

Tony’s characters
Black Panther (L), Shuri, Storm, Enchantress and Black Cat

Tony’s Tactics cards
Medpack, Wakanda Forever, Mission Objective, Advanced R&D and Climbing Gear

As I saw Tonys team I realised I’d made a mistake taking Skrulls. Because of Advanced R&D, Tony would be able to steal the Skrull round one with Enchantress if I found it. Nevertheless, turn one after Storm looked, Toad found the Skrull – And as he was able to interact from range two he was safe from Enchantress.. Black Cat secured Tonys Formula to my right, and Miles took mine. I used R&D to give a power to both Gwen and Toad from Corvus, so I could Lifesaver Toad away if need be, and Hop with him next turn. At the end of the turn the score went to 4 – 2 in my favour.

Turn two started with Tony’s Enchantress using R&D to Siren’s Call Toad in before stealing the Skrull and running away, and I realised just how bad taking the single extract into Tony’s roster had been. The rest of the turn consisted of my roster running around and chasing Enchantress, with very little damage going through, just lots of pushes and pulls from both sides. At the end of the turn, as Tony still had the Skrull, the score went to 5 – 5 – I’d negated Tony’s two Infinity points he was securing and still got one with Toad.

Pushes, pulls, throws… Wakandans and Web Warriors were flying all over the place!

Turn three and the wild goose chase continued. I couldn’t risk simply dazing Enchantress, as Tony had mission objective, so if I were to Daze Enchantress he would of given it to Black Panther – Which then would of been really hard to get back. There were lots of pushes and pulls, and amongst the chaos Corvus, Gwen, Enchantress and Shuri were all dazed. I scored three Formulas with Miles, Toad and Venom, and Tony had the Skrull and one Formula which he held with Storm – So the score went up to 8 – 8.

Turn four started with Gwen being KO’d. I finally managed to manipulate Enchantress to a spot where Mission Objective wouldn’t save her, and Miles used a Web Swing and a Venom Blast to both Daze her and take the Skrull. Corvus took three damage from Black Panther, and didn’t do very much in return – Panthers Vibranium Armor taking the brunt of it. Once more the scores were neck and neck – I now held the Skrull and one Formula, whilst Tony had moved to take the other three Formula points – So the score went up to 11 – 11

Turn five I was a character down, and as I hadn’t done much damage to Tony early on, the war of attrition was very much in his favour. I had to move Miles away to safety, lest Enchantress or Black Cat steal the Skrull back. Tony seized the opportunity, and KO’d Corvus with Black Panther after rolling four Crits and a hit for one of his strikes! Losing Corvus really hurt, especially as he hadn’t done an awful lot! Tony couldn’t catch Miles, but as he had the model count over mine he had the ability to cap three infinity Formulas – Other than Miles I only had Venom and Toad, who I had to be really careful with as if either of them dazed it would cost me the game. At the end of the turn, Toad out contested Shuri as he was still healthy and she was injured, so I scored one formula and the Skrull – Whilst Tony had the other three infinity Formulas. The score went 14 – 14 and although time had finished on the round, the TO said we should play the game out to get a result

Panther standing over Corvus, ‘That all you’ve got?’

The sixth turn started Black Cat staggering Venom with a Troublemaker – Which really hurt. I passed where I could, and it finally came down to whether Miles was able to throw Panther off of an Infinity Formula. Luckily he did, so once more we scored three each and the score went to 17 – 17.

As we went into the final turn, I realised I was only delaying the inevitable. Tony had the model count over me, and it was only a matter of time before Miles or Venom failed to push or throw Tony off of an objective, or Toad was dazed by Shuri and Black Cat. Venom activated first, my only real hope that he would be able to KO Enchantress. She was left with one health, and Tony solved the problem of the waiting game by going with Panther – Who rolled a strike into Miles. He had five successes after his re rolls – And Miles finally went down – So Panther grabbed the Skrull. Enchantress moved my Venom off of a formula, and even though my Toad was able to stay on one – Tony had the Skrull and the other three infinity Formula – So the score went up to 24 – 18 and the stalemate was over! This was easily my most memorable game of MCP, and Tony had just stopped me from getting my big 40 in a row streak! Nevertheless, me and Tony had a great game – I’d beat him twice before in events and as he said earlier, no one gets to beat him three times in a row! 

Myself and Tony after our game! I’ll get him next time!

Game four- Web Warriors vs Criminal Syndicate

I got paired against Elliot for the last game – for the third time in a row at an event! We rolled for priority and I won. I put forward Spider Portals, and Elliot put forward Spider Infected. I chose eighteen threat as always, and we built our teams

My characters
Miles Morales (L), Ghost Spider, Venom, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive with the Reality stone

Tactics cards
Medpack, Advanced R&D, All Webbed Up, Climbing Gear and Lethal Protector

George’s characters
Kingpin (L), the Hood, Taskmaster, Black Cat and M.O.D.O.K 

George’s Tactics cards

Medpack, Hoods Gang, Bitter Rivals, Climbing and Shadow Organisation

Turn one I sent Miles to the centre of the table, to grab the middle infected. Thanks to Miles stealth, Elliot was only able to make one attack into him with his M.O.D.O.K – Which dealt no damage. Elliot had taken the portal to my left, the home one and both of his Infected, and I’d taken the one on the right, my home one, and my two infected. So at the end of the round the scores went to 5 – 4.

Turn two started with my Miles moving off to the right to safety, after almost all of the Spider infected pulled people around. Over on my right portal, Venom, Miles and Corvus were all now stood within one of it, meaning none of Elliot’s characters could take it. There were a few attacks – Hood into Venom, and M.O.D.O.K into Proxima. Venom moved behind Kingpin, before throwing him Medium and completely out of the fight. Kingpin moved back in, and at the end of the turn we scored the same again – the scores moving to 10 – 8

Elliot’s game face is very similar to M.O.D.O.K’s, in case anyone was wondering!

Round three started with my Miles using two moves and a Web Swing to move to the opposite side of the board – Which caught Elliot off guard. There were lots more pushes and pulls, and Venom was thrown away and staggered by Kingpin. With the power he now had, Venom Web Snared both the Hood and Kingpin off of the right portal, meaning I was able to move over and steal it back. My Proxima ran across the board to take the Portal in Elliot’s deployment, which forced Taskmaster to move in and take it back, or else I would of scored six and won. Once more the scores went up, this time being 15 – 12 in my favour. The final round started with Miles running into the corner of the board, holding the one Infected that would guarantee me going to 16. Before Miles activation ended, Gwen used All Webbed Up to slow Elliots Black Cat – Meaning she wouldn’t be able to move anywhere to steal an extract. Elliot’s Taskmaster tried to finish Proxima, but once more she was saved by her Martial Prowess. Venom Pulled the Hood and Kingpin yet again, before moving twice to sit back on the portal. With Hood and Kingpin having to move twice just to get back into the game, we played out the rest of the turn. At the end of it I had three portals and three spider infected, whilst Elliot just had the one portal and two infected – So the score moved to 21 – 15

Prizes from the event!

It was yet another great event, and even though it was my first time not going undefeated, it was a good day thanks to my opponents and the games we managed to get in. Although my streak ended with 39 wins in a row, I’m sure I’ll be able to start a new one now and aim even higher! There couldn’t of been a better person to end my streak than Tony, as I’d never live it down if it had been Elliot or the Quinn!

As always, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading, or a thumbs down if you didn’t! Please feel free to comment with any thoughts you have! If you’re interested in video content, then check out Wargaming Luke on YouTube as he shares his weekly Marvel videos!

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