Feature article no.3 – Chris Young

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Today we have another feature article from Chris Young, and where he previously talked about Asgard, today he is going to be taking a quick look at the updated Guardians of the Galaxy and a roster he took to an event. So, without further ado, I guess Chris is Winging It!

Winging It

As I suspect many of you are, I’m a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy – or if you want less of a mouthful, the GotG. When they first came out, I sadly ended up selling my Guardians as they just didn’t feel anything like what I have read or seen on the big screen – Plus getting rid of a tactics card for rerolls took away from the fun of the game for me. Other teams were well represented, and their characters really felt like how they should when you used them. Over a year later, and with the big updates Atomic Mass Games have answered my prayers – Changing the leadership so that I now get to keep my tactics cards and still have the rerolls, providing what I like to call Kingmaker guardians

Hopefully we will get more Guardians to add to the team in the future!

Previously a GotG roster seemed to consist of as many models as possible, and then hoping you rolled well on your attacks. Now, similar to the movies the new leadership gives you 3 camera focuses a turn – As I imagine the rerolls look something like the scene at the start of GotG 2 where the camera moves to each character for their time to shine

This made me think about what you can do with them as a roster and if they could help me get over my age old enemy – the dreaded bad dice. This meant old characters that I had previously written off as unreliable due to no reroll/modify mechanic were back on the table. So now I present to you the characters from my Kingmaker Guardians V1

Kingmaker Guardians V1
Star-Lord (L), Angela, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, Nebula, Hulkbuster, Hela Queen of Hel, Ghost Spider and Scarlet Witch

I like to build my lists initially with what I would take at seventeen threat, and then add what I would need to make other threat values. So the standard seventeen list would be

Kingmaker Guardians V1 – Seventeen threat
Star-Lord (L), Angela, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Gamora.

The rest of my roster choices are options for if the threat increases or decreases, or if I have a match up where I want different types of attacks – So Scarlet Witch might swap in for Angela to bring in the Mystic Damage, or Hela instead of Gamora. Ghost Spider was included in my roster as I really want to test her out – She has some access to displacement, a throw based on damage done from her spender and of course her Lifesaver mechanic is invaluable with so many bigger models on the table – As pulling the Hulkbuster to safety just before he would get Dazed will be the perfect use for Gwen.

There are of course other options for the roster. A lot of people would argue that it would be worth swapping out Hela for Voodoo, and I would, but I don’t have the model yet. It might be worth swapping the Hulkbuster for his big green counterpart the Hulk himself, but I’ve been more than happy with what Tony brings when he calls in Veronica

The Hulkbuster is a big deterrent for anyone planning to go after the smaller guys like Rocket

After a couple of test games the roster has shown what I thought it would, which is that the rerolls help the bigger models be consistent in what you think they should do, and the increased damage leads to more options due to the power increase generated. As you tend to put the rerolls on your more important models what I have noticed is that they actually tend to get used for Defensive rolls as well, as when your opponent sees the potential they will focus them. This has helped to keep them alive long enough to increase the reprisal due to the power generated by the damage that does slip through

My list of Tactics card is very fluid generally due to the GotG ones being kind of ok and quite gimmicky. You have to laugh when your opponent uses Wakanda Forever or the Siege of Darkness tactic card – then you do your Loveable Misfits and just stun yourself or Star Lord just starts moving and dancing around. I’ve recently had an event at Justplay Games in Liverpool, which was the perfect place to get a good number of games in to test out the team against different opponents and see how the roster shakes out. If there is interest, I’m happy to write up a report of how it went and cover the tactics and Crisis I used on the day. Thanks for reading, and until the next time I’ll be opening YouTube and playing Amazing Mix Vol 1

It’s been great to get another article from Chris, and hopefully we will be hearing more about his and others Guardians of the Galaxy as the changes continue to shake up what we see at events!

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  1. Big Rich says:

    Last 2 games I played of M:CP I used GoG and I really like the revised cards.


    1. They are definitely much better now!


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